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  • The only thing going on there is the 'circus of the mind'  Everything quiets down and then the 'three-ring circus' starts
    Anyway, in observing this circus one day I noticed that there seemed to be this stoppern or 'plug' in the center ring of the circus  Being somewhat curious about this, I went over and 'pulled the plug' The first thing that happened was that the 'ring' disappeared into the hole, followed by everything else Only consciousness itself remained  Even the idea 'I AM' was just a belief that floated away

    The 'plug' consisted of a certain 'truth', and it is the only 'truth' that I have ever been able to find that is not part of a belief system  The 'truth’ is that you experience what you believe It's not the other way around  Your beliefs determine your experience

    If you have ever bought into the illusion that you could derive your beliefs from the study of reality or experience, you're probably in your body backwards

    That's a joke, but it's like looking in a mirror It's a joke for some  The interesting thing about this 'truth" (you experience what you beliwe) is that if you do not believe that it is so, you experience it as being 'false' - which proves it is so Do you want to go through that again?  All right

    You experience what you believe  If you believe that this is not the case, you experience it as ‘not being a fact’, which in turn verifies it as being true It is sort of a play on words, but anything else involves a belief svstem

    Every other 'truth' is basically somebody saying, 'my experience is in accordance with my beliefs, therefore its true" Then you say, 'what's false?' What is false is 'it doesn't look the way I believe it ought to', or 'what I am experiencing is not what I beliwe I'm experiencing'

    Anyway, this was the 'plug' on it. Beings who had created problems for themselves had done so because of their beliefs  Beliefs were the key  A being that was believing that 'there's something wrong with me' experienced the reality where 'there's something wrong with me' He could look forever within that reality to try to flnd out wat was wrong with him and he would never find it

    To align (via agreement) is to know the meaning of Knowing Owl  &  Ignorant Owl 
    The Ultimate Static Trap from Last Time Around the Ring


    Courtesy of Xenu to keep Static Beings out of the Game:

    1 ) God created out ancestors

    2) Our ancestors created us

    3) Our ancestors are dead

    4) God is dead

    5) We are the only creators left

    6) All else is what God, our ancestors or we have created

    7) Our duty is to keep creating

    8) When we die, we go with our ancestors and God to a higher level of creation

    ... etc

    The Game Strategy Lectures, TROMology  >

    Recent events in Japan:
    Penalty universe - To Control of Frog King
    Huge tidal and ebb wave - THIS MEANS ENERGY (of control)
    Penalty universe - To Reason (with logics) of Cosmic Clown
    Flying Cosmic Clown - THIS MEANS YOU (in logic reasoning)

    Cosmic Clown hauled before energy god who is crackling cloud in power plant and he divides (the Clown) against himself - THIS MEANS EVIL (in reasoning)

    Crackling energy cloud in power plant - THIS MEANS GOD (in reasoning)
    Symbol of Agreements ('alignment') Universe - Faithfull Unicorn & Unfaithfull Unicorn
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