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    Home Universe Matrix

    This occurs in the mid-point of our existence and in some respects it was the peak of our efforts By this point, we have gained enough experience to develop very complex and sophisticated mockups , and we had not yet decayed too far It continues for a long period of wonderful creation and the final collapse of the home universe was probably the first big loss that we experienced This was actually a collection of individual universes linked together in a higher level space This higher space was a sort of matrix of gateways leading down into the individual universes However, as time passed, it gradually expanded until it had much the appearance of the night sky full of stars Except that the "stars" were the gateways into the individual universes and if you went up close to them, these stars might look like big golden balls or even symbols such as a flower or an object hanging in the sky

    It is a mistake to think of this as a single universe, with little balls in which each thetan (being - admin) dwelled (there's a later implant which presents it that way) You would enter one of these spheres and find an entire infinite universe It would be as diverse and complex as the creating thetan (or thetan in the case of agreed upon universe) had chose to mock up It would not necessarily share physical universe laws or anything else (except the primary entry point) with the other universes in the matrix It could also contain further subordinate universes below it

    Besides the individual universes, there were agreed upon universes used for games or meeting places These were quite numerous and varied These were also "story" universes, much like movies These story universes contained sequences of 3 dimensional pictures arranged in a fixed time track that told a story and anyone could go into one of these and enjoy the drama There was actually quite a bit of aesthetics competition involved much like the academy awards But unlike our Holywood productions, these were build as universes and seemed just as real, as our life here on Earth

    The development of the "stars" mockup at the top level is probably due to the problem of managing an ever growing number of entry points Just lining the entry points up along the sides of a tunnel is too inefficient So we expanded the top level outward and started arranging the entry points in a 3 dimensional space Without a wall to place them against, an oval thought pool is better mocked up as a sphere And so we have a sea of "stars' at the top level

    Wthin the individual universes, it became common practice to bring this top level display of "stars" into view in the surrounding sky

    The home universe matrix had been built to keep people from messing up each other's creations As such, it was a bit like sending the children to their rooms because they are fighting But this only works if you can keep them out of each other's home universes, and without any means of enforcement, it was not long before pranksters were sneaking into each others spaces and making trouble again And so we came up with an idea of punishing people for breaking the rules Everyone agreed that this was a good idea and intended it purely for use on the bad guys Nobody expected that it would be used on them It was typical stupidity of that has carried us ever deeper into this trap

    But we were still immune to force and there was little that one individual could do to another However, by working as a group, it was possible for us to built a complex series of sub-universes that would at least make somebody feel uncomfortable and unhappy for a little while And so we created the penalty universes These penalty universes laid in the idea of descending down through a scale of emotions beginning with a high exhilaration and working down through anger, fear, etc The scale is the emotional tone scale observed by Elron Hubbard in the early days of Dianetics and extensively researched and documented by him in 1951 And everybody is going up and down that scale to this day, but it is arbitrary and has no other reason for existence save that we picked this pattern (almost at random) to use in building these penalty universes

    A thorough discussion of the penalty universes needs it own book For now, lets us just say, that they were full of all sorts of interesting symbols and body types which caught your interest combined with all sorts of new degrading ideas such as sex and eating which were presented to the person as interesting goals to pursue Since these were actual universes that you went through, the experience was real, and yet it was all carefully orchestrated and twisted to give you experiences which would convince you of all sorts of ridiculous and aberrative ideas (such as needing to eat) which later became part of out everyday life At first, these penalty universes hardly bothered us at all And they were not very effective at reducing the amount of mischief being done But we kept tossing each other into them for an extraordinarily long time and eventually we became quite compulsive about dramatizing the arbitrary and degraded ideas that they presented

    Throughout the home universe era, we built game playing universes in which people could compete with each other But there was always a desire for rougher, tougher games And there was always the sticky problem of keeping people from sneakily overriding the rules and cheating Since beating others at the various games had considerable status attached to it, this became an area of considerable interest and importance And so eventually we tried to build a powerful and constraining game And to achieve this, we built the Games universe and for a playing field, we built the original Earth And it is not a matter of chance that we are living on a copy of that world It is a commonly used planetary design because of its history And because it was involved in the fall of home universe, it is known to be a disturbing and restimulative place So any time a prison or a dumping ground for undesirables is needed in this galaxy, they go looking around for a copy of the original Earth There are probably thousands of them among the millions of of planets circling the stars of the Milky Way and any decent sized space empire would have at least one somewhere within its borders

    But the original Earth itself was a nice and interesting mockup After all, it was built as the ultimate game rather than a prison or a nasty place We played this game endlessly It was a subtle and complex version of the child's game where the rock can break the scissors and the scissors can cut the paper, but the paper can cover the rock Except that it was played with the huge variety of "identities" and endless complex interrelations between them Those identities were things like the "ruler" and the "Scientist" and the "Artist" etc But identity is not a good term for this since many different individuals would put on these packages of characteristics So will will use the Scientology term "Valence" (a package of personality characteristics) to describe these

    Example of The King Game-valence symbols


    These work like rock/paper/scissors, each beats the next in a circular pattern There are probably missing pairs The one you are now is the one you crushed The one before it is the one you played in the game

    Which item you're sitting on affects how fast you move through specific goals in the GPM (General Problem Mass - admin) pattern of the current universe (example, the scientist will rush through goals like "to be beautiful" and linger on goals "to be intelligent") Usually the game was played with the actuall valences covertly hidden and only revealed at the moment of impact

    The game was played on the original earth



    This is all highly speculative
    The rest of Home Universe text > And this valence game was quite subtle despite the simplicity of the rules Each of the valence had a strict series of privileges, duties, and constrains in relationship to each of the other valences But a character playing one valence might pretend to be another For example, an assassin might pretend to be a concubine and assassinate the ruler It was quite popular and eventually championship games even had crowds of spectators and commentators peering down from the top level of the home universe matrix

    The real liability of this game was the use of high powered conditioning to implant the form and constraints of the indentities or "valences" that were used to play the game on the original earth This was intended to make the game more interesting and prevent cheating But it lead to the building up of "mass" on these valences and eventually it lead to our downfall Unlike other universes, the Games universe had a complex series of rigid laws enforced by hitting the participants with "valence masses" on the original earth on their way into the game And we set up a sort of transparent copy of the original earth in the top level of the home universe matrix itself As a result, we wound up with a complex planetary mockup being used for a transfer point, rather than a simple golden sphere

    There was a great deal of status and havingness attached to placing mockups at the top level of home universe To persist there, they had to be mutually agreed upon It seems as if It seems as if one of the prizes for winning in the games universe was to put something up at the top level Various objects and body mockups etc wound up there as a result Eventually we even built some flat-Earth mockups at the top level to give us a place to keep all of this stuff Just quessing now, there might have even been "embodyment clubs" meeting in these places If you hadn't won the right to place a mockup at the top level, you could only hang around there in an embarrasing disembodied state Off course you could just mock something up at the top level illegally, but that was liable to get you tossed into a penalty universe

    We experienced abberation when when entering games universe, but once there we could leave easily and were only held by our interest in the game All of us tried every valence many many times There were different win and loss conditions for each valence Afterwards, we's go back up to the home universe matrix and analyze the play Eventually people began putting manifestations of their favourite valences up to the top level matrix For example, they'd win as the singer or as the scientist or whatever and they'd put an appropriate body type up at the top level as their price Some people might have even started trying to collect the entire set of valence manifestations up at the top One thing that happened from this is that people would expect you to follow games universe rules when dealing with the game universe valence manifestation Often they got compliance with this because this because we'd hit the rules so often, but somebody would always disagree and there were fights and upsets Another problem with this was that it gradually created more and more commonality of agreement between the top level matrix and the games universe

    Another thing that happened was the introduction of penalty universe mockups onto the original earth Many beings flinched a bit at these and so they could be and so they could be used as barriers It seems like people were beginning to cheat and sidestap some of the implanted conditioning on the way into the game and therefore something was needed to keep them to the proper path Also some of the hardier souls asked for penalty universe mockups as game prizes and placed these up on the flat worlds in the top level as well All of these factors caused an ever growing level of agreement and connection between the penalty universes, the games universe and the top level of the matrix The Original Earth and the flat worlds orbiting around it acted as the central point of concentration

    And then an idea began circulating around that too great of commonality of agreed upon objects or anchorpoints bridging two universes could cause those universes to collapse together There might even have been some popular story universes about this sort of thing happening And gradually people began to worry about the danger of having that original earth tied in so tightly to the top of the home universe matrix And some people wanted to get rid of it, but others, real game playing fans, were deeply attached to it and there was considerable fighting and tension And the tension kept building I'm not certain exactly what triggered the collapse (it may have been a war - admin) It seems something to do with the penalty universes Possibly they simply put one too many penalty universe mockups on the original Earth when the tension was at its peak Or maybe they actually tried to connect or merge penalty universes with the original Earth either to beef up the penalty universes or to enforce the rules of the game on earth more strictly Or maybe some group decided to "cure" the more anti-social beings by dragging them into agreement Regardless of the exact cause, what happened is that the entire matrix began to collapse together

    Possibly you had the top level display on when the stars bagan to fall Or maybe you felt something strange and invoked the top level display The stars collapse into the original Earth All the universes collide there The mass builds and the whole planet explodes This is probably basic on the big bang the astonomers get excited about Each of our universes fell into the Earth mass and flew outward in the explosion But you at least held part of your universe stably around you during this It was really just the outlying mockups and envelope that shattered Even so, you saw your universe (or universes) scattered throughout the cosmos There is tremendous loss and grief in this When the piece you held together settled down, you probably moved from grief up to anger You'd already picked up the tone scale dramatization from the penalty universes and this was enough impact to bring about solid downtone emotions

    Somewhere in this incident, space seems to be filled with lighting and energy Your mockups begin decaying, getting corroyed and crumbling to dust This is mainly due to the influence of the penalty universes Your universe is no longer separate from and therefore is affected by agreed upon set of laws But the only commonly agreed upon laws were those of the penalty universes and the games universe which had become part of the universe you were in So these agreements take presedence And the biggest common agreement between all the penalty universes is the downward slide into decay You then tried to restore your mockups, but you failed, because others invalidate them and downscale agreements were spreading around and affecting you So you started using the games valences against others You worked to destroy their mockups and impose your own Eventually this settles down into a big game to make your mockups persist and others fail In other words, have for self and can't have for others

    The Games Universe

    To all intents and purposes, the whole big ruined mess left after the fall of home universes is the games universe vastly expanded with the residue of all of the prior creations And with the game twisted beyond belief by the introduction of the penalty universe materials and agreements This is what we reffered to as the games universe later on the track It is the first of the big compulsively agreed- upon universes where we were no longer in in full control of the creation of reality In spite of all this you were still a god, but a badly abberated one You were still immune to force and knew it, but your mockups could be hurt and you were now subject to counter-emotion to some degree, because you could really loose something In the home universe era, this wasn't true You could always mock something up again and your home universe knew no law, but your own

    The body types, styles and mockups, etc were quite varied in this period The penalty universes used 64 different body types of which only one was truly human Older styles such as people manifesting as clouds or whatever were also in use There was no pattern or organisation to the universe similar to the way our galaxy is structured It was just a hodge-podge of planets, flat-earths, pictures hanging in the sky, or whatever and it all just sort of drifted around Individuals claimed areas and marked them off by filling the areas with faint light of various colors so that space itself appeared to be a sort of patchwork quilt The old proponents of the one dimensional creation system also often filled their space with music of some sort or another These were not sound vibrations, but simply a musical telepathic wave that permeated these areas

    The games leaned towards the intelectual side since we were not yet very concerned with force and motion These included things that could be thought of as godlike equivalents of chess and cards and various strategy games They also included old valence game and various other games of one-upmanship, where the opponents tried to psych each other out in various ways Elaborate mockups were often built as prizes, or sometimes a period of service was wagered There is not as much motion as you might expect, because much of the motion was still non-linear (objects in motion might jump the way a knight only touches certain squares in chess without passing through the intermediate points)

    The Games universe goes on for a very long time Some characters are so bad that you want them out of the game, but you have no way of doing this Everyone thinks this, but of course nobody agrees on who should be thrown out Finally a solution is proposed A lower universe could be built and the undesirables sentenced to it But a mechanism was needed to fix the convicts up so that they couldn't just pop back up and cause more trouble

    So the remnants of all of the penalty universes were strung together Remembering the hate and urge to to destroy that occured during the fall of home universe, this is used at the end of each positive goal to attach a negative goal to it For example, the positive (but degrading) penalty universe goals such as the goal "to eat" were paired with their opposites such as the goal to starve The negative goal swings the victim around to the next positive goal and makes him go round and round through these penalty goals This is called the treadmill With the attachement of the negative goals it became a self-perpetuating cycle that is supposed to set the bad guys to do each other in forever This is a very popular idea It is probably the first time after the collapse of home universe that everybody agreed on something

    Needless to say, everyone builds this thing intending it for use on the bad guys rather than themselves, and of course everyone eventually gets tossed in The treadmill leads the person down into what we came to call the Motion or Motions Universe

    The 3 Earth Grand Experiments (Game) >

    The Motion Universe

    In the Motions Universe, we have the beginning of real sensation as we know it now These things were suggested in the penalty universes, but they didn't really have a kick until this period It was probably due, initially, to the spinning sensation that you get from the treadmill (which is very slight the first time you go through it) It was not particularly unpleasant at first and it seemed very interesting, so the games in the Motions Universe tended more towards experiencing sensations and having lots of complex motions

    It was a bit like being in a gigantic three dimensional video arcade Of course we are talking about a near infinite universe which lasted a long time, so of course you could find just about anything somewhere in it But the predominant factor was big games of motion and sensation There was also more group activity than existed before The individual was weaker and so he did better playing as part of a team, and group effort was generally needed to build the more elaborate mockups and game playing areas

    And as people became more attached to sensation, it become possible to control and and confuse them by hitting them with waves of sensations And so we have the individual much more at effect than he was previously This was the first large universe that was built specifically as a prison to eliminate undesirables This was the beginning of a pattern that we have followed for the entire series of universes Since there is no way to kill an immortal spirit, the best way to get rid of him is to exile him to some sort of lower universe built as a prison Everybody works on building these things and then the game becomes one of tossing people into it and, if you have been tossed in, it becomes a game of escaping

    Usually the implanted conditioning used to force one into the prison universe and keep him there is not very effective at first One of the key ingredients is making the person forget that there is a higher universe to escape to Another is to make him forget that he is in prison and distract him with all sorts of interesting things within the prison universe itself But the individual is pretty tough and shrugs this stuff off after awhile and pops back up to the higher universe But as he keeps escaping and getting thrown back in and throwing others in, the conditioning gradual begins to have a stronger effect on him Also, as the centuries pass, gradually more and more people are in the prison universe at any given time and the game there evolves and becomes more complex and interesting And so we have the individual being tossed into the motions universe and playing there for awhile and developing some interest in motion and sensation And then he remembers that he is in jail and goes back up to the games universe and reestablishes himself there And then maybe he tosses some other people into the motions universe, either to punish them (because he has reformed and is now an upstanding citizen) or for vengeance (because they threw him in) or just as a joke Sooner or later, he gets tossed in again himself and get a bit more attached to motion and sensations and this time when he gets out, he feels something is lacking in the games universe So he is more willing to go back to jail again and eventually might stay in the Motions Universe by choice

    There are always a few people who remain at the top, and who stay in power and remain out of jail These are the winners of the game in the higher universe, so to speak Eventually the Games Universe empties out and all but these last few wind up down in the motions universe But without enough people, the Games Universe becomes uninteresting Furthermore, it is difficult to keep a large and elaborate universe properly created and cleaned up without a lot of people So the Games Universe begins to shrink and decay The last group sitting up in the Games Universe then sees that they have no choice, but to descend down into the Motions Universe along with everybody else But they have been avoiding going through the treadmill and getting hit with various conditions used on the prisoners and they have knowledge of the higher realities beyond what the convicts sitting down below are aware of So they choose to invade in style

    This again is a commonly repeated pattern The last crew in the higher universe comes down into the prison bypassing the implanted conditioning and using the technology of a higher universe to conquer and gain power and establish themselves as rulers or gods over the inhabitants of the lower universe In this case, where the Motions Universe was invaded by the "gods" coming down from the Games Universe, the primary invader trick was a "False Jewel Of Knowledge" ( which conditioned the inhabitants to be good and willing slaves by teaching them that they have been created to serve gods These false jewels were constructed based on an inmate knowledge of the treadmill (since the people in the Games Universe had the plans for it and the people in the Motions Universe had been kicked around by it and then made to forget) and the far better recollection of of the original Jewel of Knowledge that was available in the Games Universe A trip through a false jewel was promoted as a wonderful holy experience The entire invasion was fought as a holy war and prisoners of war were given the "enlightenment" of the jewel to make them into fanatics who would join the cause These false jewels also given out as prizes in competitions and pushed down peoples throats in every other manner that could be imagined

    And the "gods" grabbed power, but they never did manage to throughtly control the population Everyone was still too free and powerful and tended to shrug off even the most powerful conditioning fairly quickly and go into revolt In the end, these "gods" were defeated and their kingdoms crumbled But what was to be done with these horrible people and their most enthusiastic henchmen? The entire Motions Universe had been devastated with endless waves of fighting back and forth and te population was half crazy with strange religious ideas and rebellious counter reactions True organized warfare had come into existence for the first time and its creation was deemed to be unpardonable

    Instead of settling down to rebuild, the population of the Motions Universe made the fatal choice which had led us even downward Instead of simply treating the losers roughly for awhile or even forgiving them, it was decided that the only thing to de was to build yet a lower prison universe to hold these evil characters And so the Symbols Universe was built and they were tossed into it And in the fullness of time, it came to pass that others were exiled to the Symbols Universe as well And so the cycle repeats itself as we take turns being good guys and bad guys and throwing each other lower and lower down

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