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    Resolution (example)
    of encysted postulates (ideas or intentions, represented by mind, body, spirit or combination of these)
    Purpose + importance  =  significance

    Significance is made of considerations to reason (or 'to encyst' significance for something)

    Reasonable consideration of significance  (A = A)  purpose + importance  (of 'tidal ebb wave' , for example)

    How to resolve encysted mind, body and or spirit ? - question all of the reasons to consider the significance of 'tidal ebb wave'

    While resolving encysted (mind, spirit, body, etc), if reasons of considerations for significance (of 'tidal ebb wave') is not noticable or obscure (mind, body or spirit or all of these parts are hiding out of fear to loose their significance), see either:

    importance + ? (purpose is hidden by the mind, body, spirit or combination thereof)
    purpose + ? (importance is hidden by the mind, body, spirit or combination thereof)

    For while purpose always justifies importance & importance always justifies purpose, missing ? can't hide when these justification are found

    Adding missing part (either or both of ?), you get significance, which is actually, combination of importance & purpose

    When significance is fully visible, reasons to consider it become obvious

    Vanishing considered obvious reasons (merely by their inspection) neutralizes and removes any significance (of 'tidal ebb wave', for example)

    Without significance, combination of importance & purpose (of 'tidal wave') doesn't hold stand anymore and resolves immediately 

    Decision to resolve the reason's to consider (given specific significance of something) is, factually, effortless

    When all reasons to consider significance and latter as such are gone, there is NO MORE NEED or SPECIFIC IMPORTANCE of or for 'tidal ebb wave'
    From Ken Ogger's e-book 'Book Of Self-Enlightment'
    The beings senior ability is to have things exist simply by postulating that they exist, or to have things happen simply by postulating that they are happening This is almost like wishing things into existence But it is external rather than internal It is not hoping for something or desiring it very, very strongly It is the actual and active projection of thought so that it becomes manifest To work it must be done without considerations and counter intentions and it requires responsibility for indirect ramifications It is very easy to make your postulates work with your own mockups

    Visualize a door. The door is there in your "imagination". This is a postulate Visualize the door opening Because it is your door in your own mocked up space, it does open without problem This is a postulate Note that if you just sit there wishing that this door should open, you simply sit there wishing about the door, which remains closed Instead, you wish to have the door open and then you have it open It is the actual "having it open" which is the postulate When you try to make a postulate stick in the "real" world, there is a bit more difficulty There are other people, and all of us are holding reality synchronized together There are many people postulating or holding things various ways even if they are no longer conscious of doing so

    There are various ramifications and consequences and counter intentions At this late stage, with the being so deeply enmeshed in material reality and with so many considerations and counter intentions buried out of sight, the being will rarely make a postulate stick in the real world And yet when he does, it is unbelievably easy A postulate is not done with force When it happens, it happens effortlessly These things are done in a total bypass of physical laws The biggest thing that affects a being's postulates are his own considerations So let's see if we can do some processing on this


    Postulate Sticking

    a) what postulate were you glad to make stick

    b) what postulate did you regret making stick

    Postulate Working

    a) what postulate worked completely

    b) what postulate only worked partially

    c) what postulate didn't seem to work

    47.3  Mocking up Postulates

    a) mockup a way to keep your postulates from sticking

    b) mockup a way for you to keep another's postulates from sticking

    c) mockup a way for another to keep other's postulates from sticking

    d) mockup a way for another to keep their own postulates from sticking

    47.3.1  Stopping Postulates

    For this one you can just mockup another person making a postulate, but it seems a bit more effective if you go to a crowded place and pick out actual people and imagine them making the postulate These 4 commands are done in rotation, one after the other

    a) Put out a postulate, something you would like to have or to have happen

    b) Reach out mentally and stop the postulate

    c) Spot (or mockup) another person and imagine them putting out that same postulate for themselves

    d) Reach out mentally and stop their postulate. Various old jealousies and such will probably come into view and blow off End at a point where you are willing to allow others to make postulates that stick.

    47.4  More Mocking up Postulates

    Here is a set of processes that you can run on a specific postulate that you would like to make stick Pick some light and interesting and pleasant thing that is not too far out of the realm of possibility and which is not harmful to others Try this with a few things just to see what considerations you can dig up and to see what happens. Do it as an experiment and don't be too disappointed if one doesn't stick

    a) get the idea of (postulate)
    b) get the idea of (reverse of postulate)

    a) from where could you mockup (postulate)
    b) from where could you mockup (reverse of postulate)

    a) who would be willing to mockup (postulate)
    b) who would be unwilling to mockup (postulate)

    a) spot a reason for making (postulate)
    b) spot a reason for not making (postulate

    a) spot a desirable consequence of (postulate)
    b) spot an undesirable consequence of (postulate)

    a) mockup an acceptable history leading to (postulate)
    b) mockup an unacceptable history leading to (postulate)

    a) get the idea of making (postulate) stick
    b) get the idea of keeping (postulate) from sticking

    a) who would you have to be to make (postulate) stick
    b) who don't you have to be to make (postulate) stick

    a) what would you have to have to make (postulate) stick
    b) what don't you have to have to make (postulate) stick

    a) what would have to happen to make (postulate) stick
    b) what doesn't have to happen to make (postulate) stick

    a) what would you have to do to make (postulate) stick
    b) what wouldn't you have to do to make (postulate) stick

    a) spot people who could agree with (postulate)

    a) spot a time when you didn't want another to make (postulate) stick
    b) spot a time when you were willing to have another make (postulate) stick

    a) what agreement would prevent ___ from sticking
    b) how could that be adj

    47.5  More information

    You can go around with a lighthearted attitude, just making postulates and seeing what happens It doesn't work to struggle with or force these things Either they stick or they don't It usually messes them up to keep fooling with them after you have made them and it rarely helps to do so, so you just project the intentions and let it be If something is important, you postulate it occasionally from different angles, never letting yourself become concerned about the ones which didn't stick You can also spot what considerations you have in an area And you can spot counter intentions which prevent the postulate from sticking But this entire book could to some degree be thought of as the study of the considerations and counter intentions that are in one's way And so the factor of accessibility comes into play You probably can't reach the deepest considerations which prevent you from casually and consistently violating physical universe laws And yet you might occasionally let a postulate slip through anyway The easiest postulates to make stick are those which are made for the sake of others rather than yourself Even the most selfish and cynical person will have deep (and possibly unreachable) considerations which block him from highly selfish postulates For your own greatest benefit, postulate things for others which also bring you what you need as a deserved side effect The way out is to some degree by holding hands rather than by each of us flailing about alone in the dark

    47.6  An Advanced Process

    This one might be better left until the second time through the book You stop many of your own postulates by automatically mocking up a counter postulate. So let's try mocking up opposing postulates and then relaxing them. Pick some simple postulate such as reaching over and moving a pen or a pencil. First do this a few times, postulating moving the pen and moving it. Now postulate moving it and immediately change your mind and postulate not moving it, leaving it where it is. Now postulate both simultaneously, moving it and not moving it. Hold them for a moment and relax. As you hold the two postulates concurrently, you might feel a bit of mass or solidity which goes away when you relax the two thoughts. Practice this until you feel really good about being able to relax two postulates that you are holding in opposition. Then you might see if you can find some postulates that are currently (and perpetually) in suspension like this, spot what they are, and relax them.
    Postulates: Lies, Damned Lies And Statistics

    0. Let's go way back in the past and way high on the tone scale (Filbert's, not Hubbard's). Beginning at the beginning is what we usually call "native state." This is truth with a capital T.

    1. Just below native state is what we usually call "static." This is the singular beingness. It is what exists after native state declared "I am." At this level of the tone scale all theta is one being. That being is you, but it's also me! And everyone else too.

    2. Below/after static are the results of static playing a beingness game with itself. The game is played as deliberately not-knowing itself in various locations. This creates multiple thetans -- us. You and me.

    In the above, 0 is the only pure truth. It is the truth because it makes no postulates. Postulates are creative lies.

    The first lie told (at 1, static) is "I am."

    The second lie told (at 2, thetans) is "I am me."

    Native State * is no postulate and is the ultimate as-isness.

    "I am" is a first postulate (which acts as a second postulate to Native State) and is the original as-isness.
    "I am me" is a second postulate atop the first, and is the original alter-isness.

    "Native State" is a top of the Penalty Universes (Platen 1 of Penalty Universes >

    From a certain perspective it's all lies: all universes, all beingnesses, all games. But that's okay! Lies are fun. They are our creations.

    I realize that someone who has read the "Phoenix Lectures" might think of the first postulate as the as-isness which achieves erasure, but that's only an apparency. It is Native State which achieves erasure of the first lie in any series (the as-isness) by inspection.

    The truth is that any thetan is operating at all times everywhere on the scale, from top to bottom, from Native State to cold hard MEST. It is the processee operating at Native State (Sovereignty -- 400.0 ) while erasing in processing and meditation. It is the person operating at Static (Single Deity - 320.0 - Life That Is Not Being) who communicates with other persons (duplicates intentions) in a single "I am.". It is the person operating at what I call Thetans (Multiple Deity - 160.0 - Volition, Coexistence) who says "I am ME!" Below those highest levels are all the postulates, ideas, opinions, emotions, efforts, etc which any and every one of us create constantly.

    So please understand that the idea of a person being at a particular tone is an apparency only. It's just not true. We often get ourselves trapped in viewing only a narrow range of the Expanded Tone Scale, and are unaware of most of it. But you can change that, expand your awareness to include the whole range. And when you hit the top or near it -- this stuff comes into view. All our lovable lies.

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