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       LIGHT & SOUND
    By Julie Umpleby

    The world we see around us is changing at such a rapid rate. Old structures are breaking down and we are being almost forced on so many levels to re-evaluate our life and the way that we live.
    Probably the greatest responsibility we have is to re-connect with our own personal power source or divine essence in order to bring about change to our planet. The speed with which we are being faced with old patterns and emotional energetic blocks is increasing rapidly as we open up more deeply to our own sense of source, prompted both from within, as well as being impacted upon by the energetics of our environment. It can easily feel as if we are being thrown from one extreme state of being or event to another without pause for breath in between. For many people, even those who have been consciously working spiritually for many years, it can be difficult to maintain a feeling of balance and flow in these times. Many refer to this as the Ascension process.
    I prefer to think about what we are experiencing as a massive transformation, and we are a part of it whether we consciously ‘choose’ to be or not!
    As my own journey has unfolded, I have been gifted with some deeply profound and esoteric information about a Diamond Light Grid, an Octahedral matrix of light that is a functional aspect of our new aura. The significance of this becomes very marked when we realise how this is a fractal pattern that is part of the very fabric of the universe and life as we know it.
    Did you know for instance, that galaxies in our universe arrange themselves in ‘superclusters’ that are octahedral in shape? Or that the heme molecule that is responsible for transporting oxygen around your body, is actually 4 octahedrons of iron surrounded by chains of enzymes. The diamond even exists right down at the level of your DNA. From the macro level of the Universe to the micro level within our own bodies, we see the diamond reflected.
    The Diamond or Octahedron is an energy tool that assists us in maintaining balance through the challenges we are being faced with, and also acts as an energy ‘container’ for the increased frequencies that both we and our planet is experiencing. (I use the terms diamond and octahedron as referring to the same thing – the sacred geometric form of the octahedron).
    It is a scientific fact that our planet is being literally showered with high frequency cosmic rays and the natural protective shields are weakening. The ‘quality’ of this energy is referred to in many circles as Diamond Light, or diamond consciousness. What is literally happening is that our energy fields or auras are changing, and in fact need to change, to accommodate this new energy or vibrational level of consciousness.
    This change is bringing a greater (higher) level of order or coherence to our auric field which will enable us to move forward through the shifts while holding a stable and balanced core of higher energy. The greater coherence is brought about through development and anchoring of an actual diamond grid of light in our energy field.

    This diamond grid of light facilitates the transmission of tremendous spiritual and healing power or energy.
    Orientation of the Diamond Field around the body. Note the diamond field is oriented such that the central point is aligned with the tailbone of the spine, which is the geometric centre of the body
    These individual diamonds ultimately link up forming a network or grid of diamond light around the planet.
    My journey into understanding why the diamond or octahedron is so important as an energy ‘shape’, has been fascinating and we have been given an energy technology now to not only prepare ourselves for the vibrational shifts we are experiencing, but also to imprint our DNA and the morphogenetic fields with this information for future generations. Our diamond energy fields are taking shape and they have an important role to play in taking us forward into creating a new earth.
    More recently I have come to understand that while the octahedron is a sacred geometric tool, all of the sacred geometries are significant and function as nested shapes – one can’t really exist without the other. The stability of other higher lightbody forms however is dependant upon a stable diamond at the core. In addition, our ability to hold and anchor the increased frequencies we are being bathed in is a specific function of the diamond. The diamond is our bridge to a Higher Level of Consciousness.
    The diamond is part of our current evolutionary process, and will help us to adjust to holding the greater electrical ‘charge’ of our divine essence.
    As we build our own diamond grids, we connect more strongly with the grids of our planet, and indeed the universal grids. It is also possible to help others to align their energy bodies and build their diamond grid which is something a number of complementary therapy practitioners have been finding is very grounding for their clients at the end of a therapy session.
    May the diamonds of your divine being shine forth so that together we create a higher and greater reality for all.

    For more information, learning resources, diamond healing services, workshops and events visit When you sign up for the free newsletter, you will also receive a free mp3 guiding you through a basic alignment to the diamond!
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