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    This is symbols universe stuff, middle track bias on what should be an orientation point and what is the symbol oriented on it. The mechanism persists because you play both sides alternately(otherwise it would decay like GPMs), but it abberates because you force the flow to go one way only.

    This incident occurs on many polarized items. I ran it on male/female.

    It is seen first as a sphere, which then becomes like yin/yang and then the two separate out and one orbits the other.

    One side is the orientation point (in the center) and the other symbol circles it. It is your choice which goes in the center and which orbits. The incident actually pushes you to make a choice, and it can be either way. That sticks it because it is partially your causation.

    Let us call these two sides A and B, one selected to be in the center and the other selected to orbit.

    In life, you play both sides. When you are A, you try to be oriented on by Bs and when you are B you try to orient around an A. But it is arbitrary. Others have the reverse, having chosen B as the orientation and A to orbit.

    This makes a pattern of 4. A as orientation and B circling it and B a orientation and A circles it. You will be doing one of the 4 currently. Take the one diagonally opposite and alternate taking that viewpoint with taking the current viewpoint on the symbol mass. This breaks the pattern. You should be able to hold any of the 4 viewpoints at will rather than alternating between two of them while not-ising the other 2.

    Symbol Set 1: Male / Female.

    Either you have the males orienting on the females or the females orienting on the males. Spot which way you have it oriented and which position you are in right now. For example, you might have males oriented on females and currently be male. If so, you will also find that when you have been female in recent lifetimes, you tried to be an orientation point and have males orienting on you.

    The diagonally opposite would be to be a female who orients on males. If your item was as males oriented to females, then you will not have been a female orienting on males in recent times. This creates misduplications (out-comm), problems with the 2D, overts, ARCXs, and so forth. It is not basic source (out grades do go earlier, and are the more basic why), but it is a major generator of out ruds.

    So you would, for example, alternate holding the viewpoint of being a male who orients on females and a female who orients on males. Just get the idea of, alternately, that will kick the hell out of the stuck flow.

    After that is flat, run the opposite pair, which in this example would be a male whom females orient around and a female whom males orient around. This will have less kick to it than the one you are currently in, but will get some more charge off.

    Then run the first one again. The whole mechanism falls apart fairly easily, and tons of 2D troubles will vanish because you have been forcing the flow in one direction for a long time.

    The pattern of these is sort of by dynamics, but really only the lower 8, with more than one pair per dynamic.

    As an example, I noted in parenthesis the way I found these initially, but of course the bias dissolves as you run the alternations of viewpoint.

    Parent / Child

    (parent orients on child)

    Man / God

    (does man worship God or does God carefor man)
    (Creator orients on his creations)

    Teacher / Student

    (teacher orients on students)

    Thetan / Body

    (thetan orients on bodies)

    Matter / Energy

    (energy orients on matter)

    That last one is funny. Does energy locate matter (pushing it around etc.) or does matter locate energy (holding steady points that emit energy). And of course the truth is that both occur in the physical universe. But the implant gets you to choose one or the other, and so you never really handle things right or get at total cause because you always try to force it to be one way or the other. A big cosmic joke.

    There are lots more of these. But I tend to solve jigsaw puzzels by jumping around from area to area rather than trying to finish one section first and I got distracted by the the stuff I wrote up in "Home Universe Processing" which I think is far more significant.

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