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    Those are some examples of hypnotic suggestions and pictures-trics from "Reality Wars", that are "deeply burdened" under the surface of later multiverses, universes & unimultiverses

    Goals (at the start of the realities in the context)

    Our earlier "difficulties" seem to involve inter-personal relations rather than creating or dealing with creations Although "To Create" has been popular in implants and penalty universes, this is all later on the track and we didn't seem to have a lot of trouble with it in the beginning Our earliest troubles had to do with dealing with each other This would stem from the jewel of knowledge which basically tricked us into conflict

    The earliest series of charged goals that I can find on the track seems to deal with affinity, reality, communication and may stem from the reality wars These goals are (approximately):

    a) To Make Them See (notice) Me

    b) To Make Them Listen To (hear) Me

    c) To Make Them Know Me

    d) To Make Them Like Me

    e) To Make Them Agree With Me

    f) To Make Them Admire Me

    g) To Make Them Worship Me

    Note, that communication is an outflow, while affinity and reality are inflows, which would guarantee an inbalance and lead to trouble I suspect that at basic these goals are consistent from person to person If so, that would imply some sort of implant There may also be a goal "To Make Them Admire Me" in this series (also To Make Them Worship Me)

    Later come degraded or inverted versions such as "To Make Them Leave Me Alone" and "To Be Unobserved" etc

    Also item: 'To be admired IS to create sex'

    There may be some kind of early aesthetic implant used in the reality wars to invert these For example, a story sequence in which you succeed in making everyone like you and then they all cling to you and it becomes suffocating and so that you start fighting to make them leave you alone I can already see that the earliest basics have to do with simple communication (probably simple decisions to ignore certain individuals, and that these predate the reality wars and come from the earliest universe building period right after the jewel of knowledge Notice, that this is communication specifically, rather and not the ARC triangle It is possible, that ARC (Affinity, Rality, Communication - admin) triangle itself is an interlocking condition that stems from the reality wars rather than being a basic mechanic Why should yu go into agreement or get sucked into somebody else's reality just from talking to them? That would seem to be an abberation

    They might, for example, have shown you that it was basically unfair to agree with a creation that you liked if you were unwilling to talk to its creator, and so you had to rise your communication if affinity and reality were increased This strange idea of interlocked A, R and C then leads to the implication that you could have your reality contaminated by talking to someone else (because reality and agreement would increase with communication) That's deadly, because you then start cutting communications to protect yourself, and once you've blocked communications, then you really can get into trouble If Hitler had painted a beautiful painting, wouldn't true sanity include the ability to admire painting while continuing to hate the man?

    This is all slightly speculative, because I still have a great deal of charge in this area and may be twisting things around and getting the details wrong But the implications are immense and it would be unfair of me to keep this to myself

    Aesthetic Implants & Hypnotic Suggestions (from Reality Wars)  >

    These were simply very aesthetic pictures which got you into trouble:

    a) The beautiful sadness of a being, who couldn't resist loosing freedom and trapping (going asleep) himself along with other (asleep) beings in order to wake them up, instead of waking them by use of force - beautiful sadness of loosing freedom because of responsibility

    b) A being who stupidly postulates (intents) away his abilities and then can't postulate them back again  So, you resist making the postulate, which eventually leads to making it compulsively

    c) The brave sacrifice of one for others

    d) Dying for the sake of honor

    e) The myth of great leader carying for all his citizens

    f) True unrequited, self sacrificing love This one causes you to postulate that the terminal will disdain you so that you can prove that your love is so deep that it can withstand rejection

    g) This one was the story of an evil dictator (Hitler like) who is killing everybody and then is saved by some girl falling in love with him and this brings him back from evil. And the twisted point of the story is that you wreck everything until somebody gives you love

    The story of Adam & Eve eating from the tree of knowledge and discovering that they were naked rests on the top of one of the aesthetic implants used in the reality wars Notice how they were perverted by knowledge The implant was intended to convince you that you had to not know things to avoid becoming degraded

    Other Abberative Goals (from Reality Wars)

    a) Beautiful sadness

    b) Glorious sacrifice

    c) Destructive knowledge

    d) Harmful play

    e) Degraded creation
    f) Selfish help

    Note that all of these are almost (but not quite) self contradictory, when you consider them very closely

    Declining Spirals

    There are many games which are designed to act as a declining spirals The general types of declining spirals include the following:

    a) Feedback - the less you lift, the less you can lift, etc

    b) Helpful - what aids your survival also inhibits it (drugs etc)

    c) Ethical (self-sacrificing) - if the upstats always sacrifice themselves for the sake of the downstats, we have a steady decay

    d) Agreeable - if the high toned people always drop down to average to stay in communication and agreement, then the average drops and the next group at the top edge feels that they should drop down to average etc So the average continues to sink

    e) Validating - you are rewarded of being downstat, unethical (nice guys finish last, etc)

    f) Powerful - absolute power corrupts, so you cut your power back

    g) Comulative - later incident build up on earlier ones

    Some old implant, probably from the reality wars, shows you that you'll miss out on things if you don't become degraded

    On The Original Jewel Of Knowledge

    a) The first misunderstanding concerned the purpose behind the original jewel of knowledge, which was intended to get us to trap ourselves rather than to enlighten us

    b) Early on, the dynamics don't apply There was only the individuals and groups and their mockups The basic problem was always the individual Vs the group Individual Vs individual or group Vs group are really games rather than problems Its the imbalance between one and many that never resolved But this conflict was also encouraged by the original jewel of knowledge The jewel had a sequence where the individual's mockup flickers and the group mockup persists The group comes over and helps your mockup stabilize and persist when it flickers And so you know that you need a group to survive But this, like everything in the jewel, is slightly twisted idea that leads to further trouble

    c) Predisposition by the jewel of knowledge, that there "should be limits to everything", "or any specific thing has it's own limits"

    Other Aspects

    a) Sometimes you split a piece of yourself to act and set it up as a sort of guardian angel This is supposed to protect you or watch over you when you're asleep or unconscious or being implanted or whatever It can help a bit, but it gets abberated on the button of "failed to protect" and then begins to influence one to avoid dangerous things etc

    b) From some old implant: a picture of locking your memories away into a jeweled golden box

    c) There are arly track games of trying to make a mockup interesting enough to a group to get the group to reinforce and perpetuate it

    d) One of the heavy aesthetic implants used during the reality wars shows you the glories of being the lone being fighting against the overwhelming odds and defeating thousands before you finally lose This convinces you that you will always lose, and encourages you to go it alone, for the glory, instead of gathering up a few friends to help

    e) Faced with odds of thousands to one, the lone being would sometimes solve this by splitting into thousands himself so that he would not be outnumbered Because of considerations of quantity and majority rule (a jewel of knowledge idea) and mass agreement, it became a race to see who could become more different people But it doesn't actually work because the split pieces all have the same blocked areas

    f) The mistake is in thinking that you are less than the whole Beings do not add or subtract, each is infinite (or unlimited)

    g) Worry over accidentally postulating away your abilities or destroying something you love causes a being to set up a ritual and postulate that his postulates (intents, decisions) will only stick if he does the ritual That way he wouldn't accidentally postulate something thoughtlessly But eventually he gets banged around enough that he forgets the ritual and then he honorably keeps his postulates from sticking so that he wouldn't accidentally hurt anything

    h) The only way not to confront something is to encyst it These things leak and also affect the physical universe so that it appears that the physical universe is trying to push your buttons, work you over, deliver motivators etc But it is really just leakage from your own encysted thoughts The apparent solidity, persistence, and unresponsiveness of the physical universe is due to encysted thought as the apparancy of a being affected by the physical universe


    On admiration

    (by Ken Oggers)

    '6. I suspect that there is early, prior to home universe, stuff about fighting for each other's admiration.

    One thing that I found in the home universe era was a sort of synchronization of parts of one's home universe
    with someone else's, giving spaces that were held in common. And eventually this deteriorated into the usual
    jeiousy and so forth that we see on the 2D now. Sort of like Bill synchronizes the creation of the right side
    of his home universe with the right side of Alice's, and then he changes his mind and syncronizes with Carol's
    instead and soon we have a sort of home universe era Peyton Place even though we are dealing with bodiless
    creators who are way above what we know of as sex'

    (Materials in preparation)
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