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      CROSS-OVER TREADMILL ('death')
    CROSSOVER TREADMILL (General Information)

    10 June 1990 Prison, 8040 Galaxy

    The treadmill was build in the Games universe for use as an punishment for troublemakers I believe that it was used as part of the procedure for sentencing people to the Motion universe, but this is still under investigation (it might simply have been used on people in the Games universe) A simplified mockup of each of the 64 penalty universes was used A universe dramatizing a negative goal was appended to each of the 64 positive penalty universe mockups The penalty universe crashed the positive goal down to zero which is a point of complete overwhelm and solidity Then the negative goal is dramatized to unmock everything outil you go out the bottom At the end, you've destroyed everything so that there is no universe left and you get a false native state This is then made to equal the native state at the top of the next positive goal

    The bottom of the final negative goal was connected to the top of the first positive goal (To Create) so that you just keep going round and round through the cycle of 128 goals (also 128 are Infinity The Big Splitter programming items, more > Getting this keyed in seems to give one a spinning sensation In the treadmill, the positive goal begins with Platen 1 (just like the original penalty universe) But the symbols etc are not used Instead, the implant goes straight into: "TO (goal) IS TO POSTULATE BEING THE (terminal)" (i.e., TO CREATE IS TO POSTULATE BEING THE STATUE etc) Then a limited subset of items duplicating the penalty universe are done But the positive goal ends differently Once the terminal's body dies, you are allowed to exteriorize from the grave Once your floating above the grave, then the items in the Crossover Platen are done This has you abandon the goal and then swings you into the negative goal for the purpose of getting even with everyone etc

    See the crossover platen Item 4 on this platen is the end of the positive goal When running it, you should spot the top of the goal (NATIVE STATE) because BT and Clusters are sometimes hung up at this point trying to to avoid the start of the negative goal Crossover item 11 is really many individual items and there may be other items such as wealth, revenge, satisfaction etc But you only need to glance at this portion lightly and then spot the negative terminal on item 12 Originally I had lots of trouble spotting the top of the positive goal while handling the negative goal The entire weight of the positive goal having been collapsed down to zero is sitting on the top of the negative goal But by itself, this was not enough What really nailed this down was later implants that ran a short series of items on the positive goal and swung it around to the negative goal This sort of implant was done often This restimulates abandoning of the positive goal (the point of crossover)

    The original version of the Hellatrobus Implants, done around 2-3 quadrillion years ago during the theta-MEST wars is the heaviest of these later implants It shows you a scene (in an old style Kansas like environment) with the positive terminal, runs a small number of items against the positive goal, and shifts to the negative goal (the terminal changes to the negative one) This is the inversion scene reffered to in the crossover platen and described in the master list ( Spotting it relieves considerable stress on the positive to the negative inversion After spotting the inversion scene, you can spot the treadmill implant making you abandon the positive goal Once you've done this, it should be possible to spot the top of the positive goal from the negative goal

    Griffin from treadmill of To Randomize (with 3 heads)

    About Griffin's legend >

    In the implant, following the crossover platen you become the negative terminal and go around unmocking everything one way or another (depending on the negative goal) Finally everything's gone This creates a tremendous amount of unreality and loss of havingness This makes you want to go on to the next goal so that you can have something The loss of mass and unreality in the negative goal is probably the reason for low TA Note that a low TA has represents a body that has less electrical resistance than a dead body (see E-meter essentials) This should be impossible But it happens anyway Apparently, the mass of the body is not-ised so heavily, that it ceases to impede the the flow of an electrical current I have seen the TA drop below 1.0 briefly while going around the dial through 7.0 on an item, and that is such a low resistance level that I see no way of attributing it to some minor effect Low TA can come from out-lists It would make sense for this to be due to restimulating the abandonment of a goal (wrong item given to PC means that the right one is invalidated and abandoned)

    Heavy glare-fight level TAs and invalidation of the PC would also seem to be pushing the PC down into the zero point of abandonment and unreality If a person is mishandled to the point where he wants to get even for real or imagined outrages, the TA probably crashes I have noticed the treadmill spinning sensation and feeling of unreality during those times when my TA was really low (generally due to the two reasons above) I did have the TA crash once on seriously mishandling a positive penalty universe goal due to errors in running it Getting the TA back up required both fixing the errors and also running the crossover platen (because the treadmill had gone into heavy restim) Note that most errors will not crash the TA even when mis- running a positive penalty universe goal It probably only occurs on goals that are already heavily submerged and weighted down with later overts (I.E., you are already stuck in the inversion of that goal) Even so, it takes mis-running on top of that before the TA will dive on you Unfortunately, our platens and procedures are not yet perfect so that the materials themselves might occasionally cause an error (this level releases so much free theta that usually you just barrel through things)

    With this new insight, we might eventually find some quick way to blow a low TA up into range the way we can handle a high TA most of the time Past experience has been that once TA goes low, it is slow to come back even after the error has been fixed This is because of the not-isness stemming from the inverted goal which makes it hard for the person to as-is the error and get back on target There might even be low level techniques such as assessing for what dynamic has been abandoned (or "What has been abandoned?" run in the same manner as "What has been overrun?" can be used on a high TA) Of course, if it crashed on an error, you have to fix the error first This is highly experimental since I don't generally have a low TA to try things like this one


    Do Not Run This With A Negative Goal Item It is at the very end of the negative gola run and will restimulate the weight of both the positive goal being caved in and the negative goal crashing downscale below that Run the Crossover platen instead (that is the start of the negative goal) This is only included here to show how the negative goal was swung around into the next positive goal in the series This is only included here to show how the negative goal was swung around into the next positive goal in the series

    This platen covers the items used in the treadmill at the point where the positive goal is abandoned and the negative goal comes into action For more information see the write-up on the Treadmill At this point in the incident, your floating up above the grave containing the dead body of the terminal

    1)  To (goal) is to withdraw

    2)  To (goal) is for there to be NO ....value, meaning, beauty, truth, love, communication, reality, space, mass, time, energy, agreements, postulates (these are 13 separate items)

    3)  Before the beginning, now and forever, is the urge and the urge is to (goal)

    4)  To (goal) is for there to be no beginning

    5)  To (goal) is the urge toward nothingness

    6)  To (goal) is to be the static

    7)  To (goal) is Native State

    8)  There is nothing

    9)  There is no Time

    10)  There is no Space

    11)  There is no Energy

    12)  There is no Matter

    13)  To be nothing is Native State

    14)  To (next positive goal) is Native State

    And at this point comes platen 1 for the next lower positive goal


    This platen covers the items used in the treadmill at the point where the positive goal is abandoned and the negative goal comes into action For more information see the write-up on the Treadmill At this point in the incident, your floating up above the grave containing the dead body of the terminal

    1) TO (goal) IS TO REGRET EVER HAVING (positive goal-ed)

    2) TO (positive goal) IS TO ABANDON THE GOAL OF (positive goal)

    3) TO ABANDON (positive goal) IS TO SURVIVE

    4) TO ABANDON (positive goal) IS TO FORGET EVER HAVING (positive goal-ed)*
    * - spot the top (NATIVE STATE) of platen 1



    8) YOU (I) CHOOSE TO (negative goal)


    10) TO (negative goal) IS THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE

    RESPECT, etc
    12) TO (negative goal) IS TO BE THE (negative terminal)

    At this point the negative terminal appears Then spot the following

    a) The inversion scene (used in later implants)
    b) The implant making you abandon the positive goal
    c) The top of the positive goal (native state)
    d) The action of the negative terminal in doing the goal
    e) The Incident 2 location (they're given in Penalty List >
    f) The Pyramid location (they're given in Penalty List ^)
    g) The "THIS MEANS AN END TO" said by the terminal
    h) The Survival statement said by the negative terminal
    i) The repeat steps a to c The action of the negative terminal in doing the goal

    At this time comes the main section of the negative implant You run around as the negative terminal, destroying and unmocking stuff until nothing is left, and then it ends with the reverse platen as described earlier

    Spiral Decay & Death

    In History of Man and the tapes of 1952, Ron discusses the thetan living in "spirals", going through stages of being a "young" and then an "old" thetan and then dying and then beginning a new spiral. This usage of "spiral" came from the idea that the thetan was on a declining spiral and each of these young to old periods represented one turn around the spiral. These turns around the spiral appear to be the lifespan of a theta body which the thetan has his energy, machinery, pictures, etc. wrapped up in. To the best that I can determine, there are a number of layers of these things and they to some degree mimic the later series of universes that we have come through. In metaphysics they also have some idea of levels of spiritual bodies with the astral body being the lowest.

    Of special significance is the "energy" or "theta" body which goes back to what I refer to as the "thought" or "theta" universe which is 3 universes back. This is where the person thought that he was an energy production unit and this theta body is a simple cloud or sphere characterized by having an energy level and an energy production capability. At that time, the thetan believed himself to be one of the "thought" people in conflict with the meat body people who were breaking out of the conflicts universe and invading. This body type has much of his identity and also his energy production capability tied up with it. And because it is in agreement with energy, it slowly decays (grows old).

    But it was not actually a pure energy body because energy (at least on the later track) requires particles in motion. The actual structure was more like a cloud of golden specs constantly dancing around, and as it ages, these specs slow down and eventually collapse into a condensed point of mass. The thetan's idea when this happens is that he is dead and it ends up as some sort of theta gravesite, usually out in deep space somewhere or at the bottom of a trap. Of course its boring being dead, so he projects out a bit of himself which picks up another theta body, but deep down, he still thinks he's dead and just dreaming about a new life until the new one gets so distracting that he forgets about being dead. But even with this, only his awareness has moved on, he still leaves part of himself and a good bit of his stuff behind in the dead theta body.

    Now most of this is pretty speculative, and there's lots of work yet to be done on the subject of processing these theta bodies, but I have found one thing that I am quite confident of, and which is extremely beneficial and workable. And that is to find these points of spiral death and blow entities and split pieces of yourself out of those locations. And that is actually a good technique for any level of dead body including the meat body. Blowing BTs out of the grave in France where I was buried last lifetime significantly opened up my recall of that lifetime

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