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    Akashic 'Hall of records'

    'Lemuria' on 29th of August, 2008
    This thread is for me to share with certain people here on the boards an experience that happend to me the other evening whilst i was relaxing on the bed (cooling off in the fans breeze) with my wife and little one.

    We were just gently playing about and talking baby stuff when i started to feel very 'weightless' and really chilled out / relaxed and at ease. I looked past my wifes shoulder and there at the edge of the bed was a being, a humanoid being.

    the only way i can describe it is as follows; it was like looking into a multi faceted rainstorm of diamonds. Opaque and yet 'solid', there but yet not there. It was truely the most stunning creature / being I have ever, ever seen.

    It 'smiled' at me and bowed gently as if it was a pleasure to be with us in the room, and I just smiled back, and reached out to 'touch' the colours that flew from its every movement.

    Then, without any warning as my hand passed through 'into' this creature, I was at once in two places at once.

    I was 'on the bed', and yet stood next to this being, this super massive being made of diamonds and light.

    I turned around to look at where i was, and words just stopped in my mind. It was an assault on the senses it was so beautiful.

    Imagine if you will a hallway 1000 miles long, with the roof out of sight so far above you that clouds drift through the 'room'. Then see that every surface is made of diamond or crystal material that shimmers and acts like a prism or mirror, or both. Its ice blue, like the blue from a frozen sea, tinged with beautiful shades of green and pinks, and yet shimmers as the light plays through each individual diamond surface or being. It really is a room filled in every sense with love and light. It is simply awe inspiringly beautiful and yet so serene even though hundreds of these giant beings walks about its floor.

    Light bombards the senses in every direction that you look, and yet, in amongst all of this light, hundreds of these beings moved about in such a serence peacelike manner, moving from surface to surface, watching, looking, never stopping but never looking bored or tired.

    It was then i saw that on every single surface was a moving image. Trilluons of images flashed across every surface in the 'hall', including the pillars and ceiling.

    Now, the being i was with stooped down and stood me in the palm of its hand, and raised me upwards, upwards towards a part of the pillar where there was a 'shelf' miles above the floor where i had been moments before. I watched my entire life from when i was born, to when I was sat on the bed with my wife. I watched every pain, every hurt, every joy, every happiness and moments even I had passed away as forgotten. I was then shown a view that was near me, but far enough away to see around me. Like a CCTV image, but crystal clear. It watched every thing I ever did, every thing I ever have done.

    I was speechless. There in front of me was recorded every single moment of my life so far. Every thing.The life of a flawed human being.

    (I looked at this being, and it didn't judge, didn't even seem to watch as i stood staring at 'my' life as it passed across the image. It just accepted it as it was. Just as the others never seemed to judge what was in the records, just content to be there doing what they did, never stopping, and yet they grow / shrink at every surface, never the same size for more than the time it takes to do what ever it is they do at each of these facets, each of these individual records of a life passing by).

    Time passed although i am not sure how much (light passed across the hall, so some time must of gone past) and i was at a 'window' in the hall way. I looked at the being stood there next to me (although shrunk in size it still towered way above me) and it just stepped out of the window into a cloud. Just like that, out and gone.

    I admit I was scared at this point, but some thing just made me follow it. I was not in a craft, not in a ship of any sort, I was pure light energy as were these beings. They use these 'cloud ships' as a method of gently watching the world pass below it, watching, keeping records, tracking time and space itself, watching those they 'overwatch'.

    I asked them why they did this, what was it for, and this being held out its very hand, and its hand was an image just like the walls and pillars of the hall.

    In it was a very dark black being, more like those typical grey goblin like aliens.the being showed me an image of a deep and dark cavern with those insectoid 'shukra' alien beings as it called them. It showed me that the 'shukra' despised the light these crystal / diamond beings emitted, almost like an antidote to their 'dark nature' it was explained to me.

    We drifted across the sky, over an ocean, past real clouds until i could see stretching out below us was northern scotland, then it was over my city, then my house, then I was 'stood' on the top of my room, and floated to the floor.

    I watched as my little one turned and waved at me, but the wife stayed unaware of my presence, but was gently watching my form as it appeared to be 'asleep' on the bed.

    As soon as I stood back 'into' myself, I was like 'oh God, that was so beautiful!', but also, I was like ' i have taken a good long hard look at my life, and realise that now I have another path to travel, not the one i planned for, but a very different way has been shown me'.

    I will say i am apprehensive, i will even say it causes me consternation.

    But the way I was shown is the right way. I just hope I am up to the journey ahead.'

    Visiting the Sun

    'I was stood so high above the earth it looked like a shining blue marble below me. The radiant glittering shimmering light beside me reassured me that all was well, and that with them I was totally safe.

    I was 'stood' in space. I was also just a shimmering 'version' of myself, spirit like in essence.

    The first thing that struck me was the noise.

    The sweetest, deepest, most strident sounds were making every molecule of my being vibrate, filling me with a soaring waves of euphoria and feeling so 'alive' and 'energetic' I wanted to dance. The streamer with me tugged lightly at my arm, and like shimmering cloud of diamonds turned and started away from me.

    I started to call out, but it just looked back at me, and I felt so foolish that i panicked about being 'left alone'. I just swept up towards the streamer, and we started off into the space towards the sun.

    I felt every now and again a breeze, and small pin pricks of energy hitting me, and looking down i saw that every now and again a small light would flare on me. The streamer pointed at the sun and in my mind gave me the reason. We were being buffetted by the solar winds - and its energy was passing through us or colliding with us. After a while I started to glow like the northern lights, all greens and blues, and then a bright bright white.

    We passed by rocks and debris, watching and i saw far off a silver orb passing through space. The streamer saw it to, grew to many many miles long and wrapped me in its form. I got a 'mental' picture of a shukra being, transforming into an orb and floating off into space. Its how they travel within our system, not deep space.

    It was then i heard the noise for the first time.

    I was starting to hear a deep base roaring drum like beating, a rythmatic duuum, duuum, duuum sound, and saw that we were passing a rocky barren planet, Mercury.

    I started to lose space as the sun took up more and more of the 'space' skyscape, and i really started to feel very anxiouse. the streamer however filled the void with whistles, clicking and huge long blasts of noise. It was like a whale deep under sea meeting its family again after a long seperation.

    We fell down and down towards the surface of the sun. Huge, super massive arcs of energy threw themselves up from the suns surface, passing miles and miles over head, only to crash back down into the sun in massive super massive amounts of raw noise power and fury.

    then we were on the surface of the sun. Stood actually 'on' the surface of the sun as it roared like a primevil fury and yet sang like an Angel as it tossed and turned and churned its surface up.

    Then the streamer took my hand, and dove into the actual sun itself.

    We passed furies of unimaginable intensity, as if the very inners were trying to destroy themselves, and yet all the time this blissful sound rang out... a paradox of awesome size, as the fury was home to such beauty.

    Then the noise stopped. dead. Absolute. Silence, total and utter silence.

    There in front of me was a molten surface, liquid metal rolling around, throwing of super massive sparks into the inner areas of the sun, like a plasma ball but only a billion times more furiouse and energetic. yet the sound had died, totally.

    On the surface of this metallic sphere was was a door, shaped like a whirlpool, always going inwards, but as soon as it vanished in the centre, the material would appear at the edges.

    A garden gate was shown to me in my mind, and I was pushed through the whirling 'doorway'.

    I was 'stood' in a room. perfectly spherical, no floor, just a sphere, and I was floating with the streamer next to me.

    In front of me was a small man sat in a crossed legged position. He was bright blue, like a deep sky blue but with radiance. he was smiling at the streamer, and the streamer rolled around and around him, much like a cat would roll around its masters legs in pleasure or greetings.

    'do you know why i am sat here?' he asked me, and I am shamed to say i just couldn't talk.

    'This is the only place in a solar system where a being can meditate on the creators will in total silence'.

    I stared at him.

    'This is where a soul can hear him, feel him, and do his will. It is supreme silence'.

    he gestured to me.

    'You have seen my home, as I have seen yours. The creator makes all and is all, but we, we are the guardians of the four points of matter'. he stretched out his arms, and he had four of them, in each was a symbol I didn't understand.

    he came closer to me and i could feel utter sublime happiness radiating from him, like all he knew was joy.

    'each step you take up or down is of yor own free will, that is the creators gift. Follow it upwards leads to eternal energetic bliss, follow it down leads to solidness and decay. Your gift is great, for yours is your own to travel, no one elses'.

    he embraced me, and i just felt an upwelling of sheer joy. I also saw many, many epochs passing by as he held me.

    'I was a soul of light before mankind even came out from the caves he dwelt in. i shared light and love with you till you decided you could walk and wage war and spread darkness across the creation yourselves. You war like ways drove us souls to spread and leave you, and yet it is the creators will that we are never far away'.

    He let me go, and sat back onto thin air.

    'Go, go with the streamers out into the night skies, realise that your own way is the creators way, and that you can go upwards towards the light if your free will so chooses. You have seen our home, our city and the halls, so now it is your own choice to stumble back into the darkness, or to leap and follow the light'.

    he shoved me with two hands, and i felt a falling sensation. i was travelling back out of the sun, the noise deafening me in its hugeness, its ferocity, its absolute power.

    I 'fell' far from the sun, watching it as it dwindled into a small ball of light. I realised I was far enough to turn around and try to see earth.

    I did, and i thought 'I need to be home', and the very next second I was snapped back into my body, laid as I had been on the bed.'

    Between lives memory orbs (spheres)


    By Scott Douglas

    This is the result of a regression on July 22, 1998. My objectives were to relive my last lifetime’s death incident and the ensuing between lives experience.

    I have provided three vehicles for you to explore the results of the session:

    Summary of Session

    Synopsis of Session

    Transcription of Session Audio Tape


    I recall the last day of my last life, the incident of my last death, and the experiences immediately after death. I then proceed to an environment in which I have a discussion with a being about Life.


    Resume of Life

    This lifetime began in 1925 in the Chicago area. Little of consequence occurred until 1939, when I decided to enlist in the marines at the age of 15. I was big for my age and it's highly likely that I lied to get into the marines. I served in the Asian theatre during my entire stint. When I left Chicago for boot camp, I left my girl with a buddy to take care of her. I never saw her again.

    The Death Incident

    During this regression, I went to August 1945, the last day of that lifetime. I was on an atoll. There were 2-3 islands nearby. The job of the crew I was with was to clear the island of any Japanese still holding out in preparation for a landing force. We arrived the day before and had taken care to bunker-in before clearing the island. We had done this exercise before. We decided there were Japanese holding out on the other side of the island. While searching for them, we walked right into an ambush. In the first two minutes of the firefight, our sergeant and medic were taken out. In the next few minutes, we were down to me and one other badly wounded enlisted man. Having heard about how the "japs" brutalized prisoners, I decided to pick up a heavy machine gun (designed to be used with a stand) and take out as many japs as I could before I was killed. I believe I killed a few before being shot to pieces. After I dropped my body, I became aware of one that had dropped his. I also became aware the japs were as afraid (if not more so) of us as we were of them.

    The Death Incident

    After rising in the air to see the island from above, I then became aware of a hissing noise that began changing to a higher and higher pitch. A tunnel then appeared. I became engulfed in the tunnel, but rather than rising up, I noticed that I was going sideways (horizontal to the earth) and ended up on an island off the coast of Chili. The only islands I see (in my atlas) in the approximate area are the Juan Fernandez Islands. I went into a between lives processing plant within a mountain in which I was placed into a series of electrical and electronic paths and told things about my location which were not true (such as I was rising and flying by the moon, not going to Mars but rather to Venus). During this process, I was hit with very high frequency energy and directed to my next life, which I was told would start in May (birth). I was also told I would know my mother from 3 lifetimes ago. I became completely mesmerized by this energy. Some phrases I remember are: "We are returned. You are not needed here. I cannot be consumed at this time." Quite simply, it’s an electronic implant.

    I break out of the pattern of the implant and start observing the environment. I see some beings (aliens) at the other end of a cavern, but they’re different. They’re (very skinny) drones. I merge with them to find out who they are and discover a world of one consciousness with multiple bodies. While moving through this collective consciousness, I discover a hierarchy which I begin moving through. The hierarchy feels like lines of control interfacing at key points. The drones I first observed had no awareness of these lines of control. At one point, someone asks me if I would like to read the Akashic record which I decline. I decide to try to get out of this (organic) environment. I was told the lie that if I get out, it will be difficult to get back in. I then get the impression that a contact has been made outside of this environment and my wishes will be accommodated.

    Exterior to the Physical Universe

    I suddenly appear in space. At first I was the size and shape of the solar system, then I start to grow into a spherical shape. I get tired of this and ask to be exterior to the physical universe. I exteriorize and become aware of a group of beings (implementers) who are praising god. This group gets very small. I become aware of a presence. My awareness changes dramatically as I become aware of this being. I am much more aware of the structure of Life: something always greater than me, something always least that’s the model I became aware of. I became aware of a Life model that showed ridges and flowing rivers and streams – apparently all inside of one body. The portion of the universe we know at this time is a very small portion of that body. (The body represents all of which this being is aware.) I was told there are multiple universes that we all get to explore. The being and I discuss this exploration. I ask, "Why? What if I don’t want to?" (explore these universes). The being replies that I will then evolve into a dead, living soul. When I say that I want a choice, I become enturbulated with random thoughts. That’s when I realize I can emulate harmony or not. I indicate that I want a 3rd choice: I want to create my own universe. I want to decide what will be in it, how it will be modeled. I was then provided with the advice that it’s the game, the interactions that make life interesting.

    The being and I begin conversing on multiple levels as I begin to regain more of my self-assurance. We have had these discussions before. I realize by my willingness to explore my last death, and my desire to fully experience life, I have become aware of some of the essence of life and an awareness greater than I would normally know. When I ask him his name, he provides a frequency and then goes on to tell me each person has a frequency (identification). Although the frequency changes as different experience occur, once you know an ID, the being can be contacted by going to the frequency you know and then following it to what it presently is (sort of like infinite call forwarding).

    I ask him about his communication with others. He indicates I should talk to others on my level (human?) and he does talk with others but it isn’t on the same basis as my communication. At his level, they merge to communicate. And, this basis of communication is repeated infinitely. I then move back into this time stream realizing I have reinforced our communication and broadened the basis for communication.


    (My regression partner’s occasional queries have been italicized.)

    I’m with a bunch of guys. It seems like a work detail...shovels involved. We’re all in a jungle. I’m very aware of the water. It’s August, 1945.

    Now how old are you?

    I’m thinking 19.

    OK And what are you doing with these men in this jungle?
    Well it’s a crew. It looks like we’re digging trees out, making space for a road or some sort of improvement.

    How do you know it’s August, 1945?

    The date just occurred to me.


    It’s hot. It’s a mainly sunny day. We’re an advance for a landing force. We are digging fox holes are what we’re doing, and improvements. We’re supposed to clear out the forest from any leftover japs. Now we’re going on to (unintelligible). I’m not directing things. I’m not the sergeant. I’m just a worker bee. We go into the forest and start cleaning out underbrush. I think there’s an infestation of japs over the ridge. Grabbing our rifles...our weaponry...we trudge off. (There’s some mass building up in my mind. I’m resisting going there.) We walk well into the forest. It’s late afternoon. We were sabotaged. The japs opened up fire. The pinned us down. We’re behind some logs (fallen trees). They got three. They got the gunny. He’s hurt and bleeding bad. We have a medic. Medic was hurt. I’m trying to patch up and trying to stay out of the fire. The japs get behind us. And there’s no way to hide, except down in the dirt underneath the log. It’s happening real fast now. I can almost see the bullets as they slip by. And I’ve got the heavy gun. It’s a machine gun that’s was supposed to be on a stand, but we’re carrying it. I must be hurt because I can feel pain in my face. Everything else seems to be fine. I fell down on a tree is what I did. We had to give up our position. But we can’t move...too many hurt. Can’t get us out. We don’t have effective return fire.

    Everything seems to be moving slowly now. A lot is happening, but it’s slowing down see you can see it. I really don’t think we’re going to get out of there. I mean 90% of our people are dead. I think I’ve got one buddy that’s not. Bill, that’s his name.

    What’s your name?


    What’s your first name?

    Samuel. And I’m a dumb shit for joining up in the first place.

    So where did you come from?


    It was the right thing to do at the time. That’s what I’m thinking about is Chicago and a girl I left. Probably married to someone else by now

    (Note: in 1945).

    I’ve been hit evidently. I’ve lost a lot of blood is what’s happening. My body is beginning to shiver. I’m either exterior and watching my body doing it or somebody else is doing it. They’re trying to get the gun up, then they’re shot down trying to return fire. And I just grab the gun and figure I’ll do as much damage as I can. And start spinning around in a circle without looking for a target...just spraying. ‘Cause all our guys are down. Not going to hurt them at all. And they finally hit me. Neck. Shoulder’s blown out I think.

    I’m exterior now. I don’t know if the body’s dead yet, but I’m exterior. Feels a little better. I’m looking at the japs and realizing they’re even more scared than we are. I hit a couple. One guy...he’s right beside me now. I realize I don’t want to go back to Chicago. I want the whole thing to be over with.

    I’m looking down at the island now. It’s actually a couple or three islands there. It’d be pretty now. Looking smaller. There’s a whirring. It’s almost like mechanical, then a higher and higher pitch. And then a tunnel. It’s a white tunnel with black streaks. I’m going slowly up. Actually it seems like sideways to me. It is sideways actually to earth. I’m being drawn to an island west of South America. I’ve visited there before in this lifetime. Multiple levels there. I’m being told this is fun. I’m looking at a contraption. It’s got multiple tubes in it. Twisted around. It’s actually electricity. It’s electricity without wires. Funneling from one container to another. There’s another one going straight up. I’m just trying to get the feeling of the electricity. It’s finer than electricity now. Electricity is real crude. This is finer...much finer. I’m trying to find out which station I’m going to. The moon flashed. I thought of Mars. Could go to Venus. I’m trying to bring into focus the structures on Venus. Some of them appear to be physical, some of them not. The important structures aren’t (physical). They look like bubbles. I’m inside one. I guess maybe they’re energy force fields. I don’t know. I’m looking for people. I’m going into a briefing. I’m being briefed. I’m not being debriefed. I’m being. The energy is shooting at me in broad band, not small bands. (Note: broad band = wide frequency range, large vector; small band = narrow frequency range; small vectors) It’s a broad spectrum of energy. I’ll be dipped. It’s a very similar, if not the same energy that I had when I went to the doctor when I was a young boy. It looks like these people are using (or in my case anyhow) doctors as reinforcements for these instructions. I’m trying to figure out what their instructions are. Asking for help to understand this. Recyclable. Being repeated over and over again. We are returned. You are not needed here. I cannot be consumed at this time. I’m getting an impression of being told I’m on Venus when I’m in a cavern. Inside a mountain. On an island. In the Pacific. And I’m being told I’ll be born in May. I know my mother. From three lifetimes ago. I’m completely in tune with this energy force thing now. I’m in harmony with it. Either that or I’m trapped in it. (chuckle) Or both.

    Now I’m either becoming smaller or the cavern is getting bigger. I see some movement at the other end. Some light. They’re either seriously underweight or they’re very seriously skinny. They’re worker bees. They’re drones. Their bodies perform functions, but they’re not thinking individuals. They’re part of a greater collective. They can think individual thoughts, but choose not to. Their actions, their motives can be controlled from afar. (What I’ve just done is move from one end of the cavern down to the other and took their viewpoint. And now I’m discussing this with them.) I’m asking for his boss, the management. He doesn’t know what that means...explains greater collective. And I know he’ll do what I mean.

    Going into the collective. Moving through it...mentally, spiritually. It’s like one body with multiple cells. You can see through the various eyes at the same time. You can feel their motions...their individual body motions. It’s a hierarchy, but they’re not aware of it. Trying to find my path. I can feel the interface. It’s like roots going into the ground. I have no idea why, but Milk Duds...the thought just occurred to me. It takes time and I have patience. Someone asked if I want to read my book. I said no. I know what’s in the Akashic record. I get the feeling this is a garden. It’s all organic. And I wanna get out of the organic. I’m being told that if I get out of the organic...the body...that it will be difficult to get back in. I’m looking at...I get the impression (unintelligible). Wait awhile and slip back.. I’m being told that accord that will be extended. That’s not usual.

    I’m outside. Existing. I’m as big as the solar system. I was flat and now I’m becoming spheroid. I’m asking to get out of the physical become unaware of that...exteriorized from it. I’m collocated with it now. I’ve become aware of a group...coordinators...implementators. I praise god there’s so much. (just ran through my mind) The (unintelligible) just got very small and then disappeared. Somebody just asked me if I wanted a presence to speak. Yes. I ask, "How are we doing?" Just went well. Then I realize, we are the middle of creation. There is always something larger or greater above us which we are part of and there’s always something smaller which is a part of us. And we are always in the middle of an infinitely complex, yet extremely simple, creation. Simple as one thought. We are one thought...we and the rest of thought, of one being for a fleeting moment of time. How grand it is. I’m looking at a graphic. It’s in motion as a movie. An ocean, but it’s moving. You can see ridges, rivers, streams flowing. It apparently the inside of a body. And the portion of the universe, as we know it, is a very small and minor portion of that. There are multiple universes creating a hole or a hole is creating is creating multiple universes. And I’m being told we get to explore them all. And I say, "Why? What if I don’t want to?" The response is then you become a dead, living soul. If I had my least I can choose. With that, I’m floating in enturbulance. Randomized thoughts. Unthoughts. Nonthoughts. And then I realize I can be harmony or not. (This is a discussion.) I say, "That’s your two choices. My choice is to be able to create my own due time." As a response. There is no time’s mind. That too is a lie. To order imaginate my... There is no time. There is no energy. There is no space...unless I say so. And the response is, "If you want no space or time or energy, you can have it." It’s the game, the interactions that make life interesting. The woven rug. The interactions. Then the comment comes back to me, "You...I am...I like talking to you." It’s like two fingers, like the finger and the thumb, being held as function which makes sense and it’s natural and it’s talking to me in terms that I understand, not that are necessarily whole...good...yet all truths. It knows that I know and it knows that I know. I’m out of my depth but I have a feeling. An expansion. Now it’s like re-inflation of inflation to realms that I created at one time to healthy. Now he’s telling me it’s good to have me back...that he enjoys these discussions. But he’s telling me that now. I am what I am in 1945, but there is no time, so it broaches time. So he’s talking to me then and talking to me now. Observing what we had talked about, knowing that we were going to have this conversation. "Highly probable." he tells me. I just asked him what his name people referred to him. And it was all vowels. I could see vowels. I couldn’t hear it. And he tells me I couldn’t hear because I can’t pronounce it. It’s a warbling change of frequencies is as close as I can get. It’s his ident (identification). Everyone has one. It changes. But if you identify somebody at any point in time, you can travel through his time stream or streams and converse with him at any level. Because his consciousness is in existence through a changing frequency no matter when he is existing. You can communicate to the future within the past or now as well as. His later levels of consciousness up to the godhead. "Is having this discussion...normal." "It’s highly unusual." Now I will be in touch with him forever, because he is I and I am him. It’s much easier to communicate when my attention is not on the physical universe. I ask if he is with me on a nightly basis. He said, "Yes." He repeats, "I am you and you are me." I ask if we will be able to do this again and says, "Yes sir." I ask him if there is any such thing as future and he says, "Yes, from your viewpoint." I ask him "Is there such a thing as choice?" and he says, "Yes, that what makes parallel existence (I’m trying to get the concept) and probabilities of existence over a particular time constraint. I ask if he talks to others. He says, "In which direction?" (Communication is going very fast now.) He says I have to talk to others on my level. They are all he. He does talk to others on his level. But they are all...they meet at...I’m looking at the concept of a point but it’s not at a juncture. It looks like the structure is repeated infinitely in both directions. He says it’s time for me to come back into my own timestream. I have reinforced the communication and broadened it.
      by Hathepsut
    'I had discovered back in 1980 that a lot of us had a Buddhist sort of track. I could not figure out how I remembered getting out of this universe over and over again ...just to end up getting another dose of the treatment.

    In the Egyptian period where there was all this magic, I had gotten stuck in some sort of GPM which included some false items. I was 'sent in' to this universe as part of an army of trained beings (zen-like) maneuvering into a delta to fight oppterms mocked up as Serpents. The result of the combat was that the two terminals got impacted into one by some electronics. Everything began in a tone enthusiasm for the mission but I always had an inkling that it was a 'set up'. How could God betray such well meaning and naive beings into this mess. It just couldn't have happened. In the beginning of the 'event' the entering beings were as 'new beings' again with old cycles totally closed out behind. So this was a SHORT cycle. From a new decision 'TO BE'..... to being fused with what you detest most.

    I cannot believe Ken Ogger spent years doing research into what had happened on the track just to end up the way he did. I exercise caution in letting myself get over the edge with this. But still Terril, it is interesting and aligns with a lot of what I was finding at one time.
    By Archetypes
    Just completed the "Between Lives Rundown" and here are the observations:

    Not So Nice Nuns and Nannies:

    Recently I've been running another case on his between lives experiences. He
    tells me that after he dropped his last body he saw light, became aware of
    himself as a being, decided he wanted to be reborn in the U.S., then a dark
    cloud came over, there was a golden door, was greeted by a warmly receptive
    nun, was ushered in, was given a special cloak, then was put through a school
    where he was taught how to behave and generally play the game of life by the
    rules in preparation for his next lifetime.

    He estimates staying between lives for 3 years. Upon further scanning, he was able
    to see a space ship there and an "assembly line" of people who had left their bodies
    and were being processed through. Throughout this there were pains being felt in the
    legs in present time. He said they felt like electric shocks.

    Then upon even further scanning, he discovered that there were gold colored metal
    plates one on each of the four sides of the head, with a bed of nails on the inside of
    them. He felt them pressing against his head along with electric shocks whenever he
    became disobedient. This matched up with pains he's complained about his entire life
    and which so far has eluded auditing.

    A couple of times during the incident he went exterior and noticed that the
    whole arrangement was a holographic mock up put out electronically, in other
    words, a heaven or hell or a limbo according to the person's expectations. It
    was at those times that they would shock him into accepting their reality.

    I'm still looking for a between lives manned by spirit guides with kind
    intentions. I hope I find them somewhere along the line, but I'm starting to
    lose hope.
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