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    The Thought or Theta Universe

    The final prison universe built below Symbols Universe was was called, by its inhabitants, the Thought or Theta Universe (depending on how you want to translate it) They considered themselves to be Thought People in contrast to the Body People of the next lower prison universe (which they built) But they were not the thought people in true sense What they really were was energy beings So maybe we should call this the "Energy Universe"

    The transfer incident down to this universe sends you down a sort of 4 dimensional spiral staircase It basically lays in the idea, that you are an energy unit and and can be affected by energy and it gets you to built what Dianetics and Scientology refer to as the reactive mind From here on you can be effected by force and you tend to accumulate incidents of pain and unconsciousness which further abberate your behaviour As you go down the staircase, things seem to shrink strangely in the distance while remaining near by This is because you are curving off in a 4th dimensional direction With each step, the staircase disappears and in blackness and you get an implant item Then it reappears and you're taking another step downward The implant includes the materials run in the clearing course

    Clearing Course materials >

    The body here is a circle or globe of energy and it can be trapped and hurt by energy And unfortunately, we were stupid enough to think that we were these energy bodies and therefore could be kicked around and conditioned by the use of force This is the era of the Thetan as an energy unit and it is pretty high and powerful compared to people living as bodies, but it is far lower than the Thetan living as a "god" And here we have the endless abberations of energy and the abuse and misuse of force But we also have what is still a very thought oriented society with a tremendous level of creation and aesthetics

    This universe starts aroud 4,5 Quadrillion years ago The goal of the universe seems to be to create effects on others especially through the use of emotion There was some sort of whole track word for this which I will translate as "To Emotionate" People could kick into each other so heavily, that the next lower prison universe was built fairly quickly, maybe around 2,8 Quadrillion years ago At this point, beings were still coming down from the symbols universe Throughout our history, we had been projecting mockups of bodies but had never really been restricted by them But now we actually believed ourselves to be energy bodies and the next logical step was to condition convicts being sent down to the next universe into thinking that they were physical bodies made of matter

    From "The Pied Pipers Of Heaven" by L Kin (Elkin) 

    "Incident 1 occurs at "start of track" To explain, why this incident marks the beginning of the time track, we'll have to look first at everyday life 4 quadrillion years ago and then at the actuall occurence of Inc 1 itself

    There were no bodies then, no organic life, no planets, and no physical universe There were thetans and theta creations, and that's all there was Thetans looked like invisible or or perhaps clightly colored energy fields They weren't entirely amorphous but had, depending on their wishes, definite shapes Some actually made their fields look like human bodies Back at the beginning of time, everyone's mental images and creations would have been noticed by everyone around Nothing was "real" in the sense of today's mest universe solidity Yet an imagined table was to the thetan then, with their superior "theta perceptions", as real, visible and tangible as a wooden table would be to you Any mental image picture was visible to everyone

       Glitter of quanta flashes

    Thetans would individually create three dimensional light objects and play with them Or they would co-create things Everything consisted of conglamerations of theta quanta One thetan would create something, show it to another who would add to the creation or change it and they would play with it Finally they would get bored, drop their toy and go away Whole universes were dreamed up that way, gigantic and complex game cycles, and as well everyday things such as bodies and plants and houses Thetans played "real life" in the same way as children do today - all make believe with no consequences Much of what was dreamed up then came true as our history, our life today, and our future, too

    In the course of time, things became more and more solid - the way they are now As we know from the chapter 1, there is only one way to take the creation apart for good(to un-mock it) - restoring the individual theta quanta to their rightful owners Anything else is but a transformation of energy into other forms and states But one didn't always bother to unmock the things one had created, and so they stayed and became more solid

    To give an example - imagine theta quanta to be little colored plastic building blocks Supposing ten children each had differently colored blocks and were building a toy house, with each of them adding his blocks to this co-creation When they get fed up with their game, they leave their creation and go elsewhere The house is left standing Any attempt to undo this co-creation, like burrying it, burning it, crushing it to powder or dumping it, wouldn't work Only when each of the ten creators feel accountable for their individual building blocks, take them back and make them vanish, would the creation disappear They have mocked those blocks (theta quanta) up, now in order to end the cycle of action - they would have to unmock them But usually they didn't Why? Because the more thetans play with creation, the more theta quanta are added to it and the more tedious it becomes to take the thing apart again

    So instead of un-mocking creations, it was much less trouble if one dumped them No shortage of space, after all And no shortage of theta quanta, either, since all you have to do is to get them is to create them A thetam, as we saw, is an "energy-space production unit" There is no scarcity, unless he considers it so If he doesn't, there is unlimited supply This wide-spread irresponsibility was to lead to a lot of trouble Yet without Incident 1 it wouldn't have become as bad, as it did Inc 1 plays a key role

    Magic Charioteer - Remniscent of Xenu Mujick Multimedia Show (in tent in the sky, where enturbulated stolen quanta lumps were attached)

    * - Organic Kristiac (that is Elohei-Seaphei-Brahma lineage) Merkaba Vehicles begin with supposedly 'natural' 33 1/3 - 11 2/3 spin-speed rotation of a single set of 2 counter rotating vortices (male-electrical clock-wise, female-magnetic - counter clock-wise)

    This double star-tetrahedron can be trnsferred into other('s) natural geometrical shapes (ie, dodecahedron in 5D, etc), as shown in this following video >


    Above we have sketched the general picture - unending space with thetans busily playing their games and usually having a lot of fun Then, roughly 4 quadrillion years ago, word spread that Xenu (alias Yushkipondrec or Prelate Hecate Mogul Udex or Jesus The Psychiatrist) had prepared a marvelous super gigantic multi-media show Absolutely smashing! One had to have seen it All about angels, as usual (Don't we know old Xenu), but really worth attending A must

    So you went there It looked like a huge circus-tent floating in space (Circus tents are indeed a dramatization of this) As you came closer, frequency detectors picked up your personal energy pattern and played music to you that that harmonized perfectly with the vibrational fabric you consisted of An aesthetic experience of sorts! Smiling lackeys ushered you in and you took a seat in the most unbelievable of all possible attractions - an artificial body of impressive and unheard-of solidity (Today we wouldn't even see it, so transparent it was As if made of glass But to thetans then it was as solid as a shop window dummy would be to us) The function of this "astral doll body" was very important in that it gave you a definite location Lacking that, the things to come wouldn't have been possible

    The show went off as described in the introductory quatation - first loud cracks or snaps shocking everybody, then lovely waves of light, then a three-dimensional light chariot with a mighty angel on it holding a trumpet and blowing it as he drew nearer All very novel and exciting Then a second, shattering series of snaps, more shocking than the first one Then the cherub faded back and all went black This imagery is familiar to us because it was dramatized since Look at Roman charit races, at high priests and god-kings standing all in their white garb; look at renaissance paintings and barogue churches - they contain enough chariots and trumpeting angels to do another Incident 1 with

    But where is the implant? The show seems fairly soft, doesn't it; so where is the bad part? The truth of matter is, they didn't even know it was an implant In fact, some thetans queued up for a second and third treat and afterwards told their friends about it Such a good show! Really shocked you all the way through! (actually, the "astral doll body", not the being - admin) Very impressive! The implant part of the show is cleverly hidden indeed It occured during the "snaps" Imagine yourself sitting in a movie theaterjust before the movie starts Your attention isn't focused anywhere in particular Suddenly there is a loud snap, like of a gun You'd turn around to see where it came from, wouldn't you? Then, as the show starts, you concentrate on the screen and become absorbed by what you see - and suddenly another series of snaps! Panic and confusion break out And the lights don't go on! All black

    This is what happened during the snaps - theta quanta were stuck to the thetans in their doll bodies To compare this with the movie theater example - it's like someone in the middle of all this confusion would stick a piece of chewing gum to your coat You wouldn't notice You might not even notice afterwards , if the piece were small enough, and nobody else would, either Of course you would take your coat off eventually and be free of the blemish - and here is the catch - thetans can't take their coats off - They are their theta fields or "theta bodies" The "chewing gum" had become stuck to them It had become embedded in their very vibratory fabric

    It consisted of theta quanta Prafabricated lumps of theta quanta were shot at the thetans during the snaps, at thetans who had taken the position of a doll body for the duration of the implant show and therefore had a definite and known location (That thetans took their viewpoint inside foreign-made body at this occasion, instead of using some other shape or form serving the same purpose, is extremely significant as it eventually led to the condition of today where one wals about inside a solid flesh body and doesn't usually get out except at body death)

    At the end of Incident 1 there was blackness It wasn't literally "dumped" on the thetans, although it felt like it The sensation of blackness stemmed from total withdrawal, from trying to evade shocking snaps If you pulled in your attention units from all around, there would be but blackness"

    And so we built what we then thought of as the "MEST" or "Physical" Universe as a prison where everybody would be in a body and subject to physical laws But since it was not the current universe, and since we also think of this one as a MEST or Physical universe, it will avoid confusion if I give this some other name Based on the subsequent events, I will refer to it as the "Conflicts Universe" And the implant which took us down from the Thought universe to the Conflicts Universe laid in terrible compulsion for using bodies, but it was otherwise defective and the prisoners broke out and counter invaded the Thought Universe from the conflicts universe resulting in the Thought - MEST Wars

    The Theta - Mest Wars (Mind /versus/ Body conflict)

    In the Conflicts universe the body type is a body as we know it, althought there were no internal guts or biochemical processes Externally it may look human, but (or whatever), whereas internally it was more like a homogenous mass with a few gizmos (electrical coils or whatever) inside of it And imposed into it would be an energy pattern of golden globes etc, used by the person (who thought of himself as an energy being) to control the body

    Because of the defective nature of the implant, the prisoners escaped and counter invaded the Thought Universe This is the Theta - MEST wars with body people invadinf against the thought people Most of the theta line incidents described in Elron's History of Man are from this time period The war went on endlessly (only the big super long wars are worth mentioning in this history since they are the only ones that had any significant effect on everybody) with people switching sides occasinally so that everyone has experience of being the thought people fighting back against the invading body people and vice versa

    The only people who were not involved initially were those last few who were still up in the Symbols Universe But the war got very interesting and went on and on and gradually these Symbols Universe people became avid spectators Around 2,48 Quadreillion years ago, the final crew came down as Gods and from the symbols universe and joined the war Everyone was tossed through the universe shifting implant many times and eventually we all wound up in the Conflicts universe as body people

    Near the end of the wars, the crossing back and forth between the 2 universes became very great and more and more transfer points and common anchor points were established until the 2 universes sort of collapsed together This formed a sort of layered universe with a material plane and a thought plane (where you went between lives) One was quite aware of living physical lives and being an energy being between lives (in an energy body which kept re-incarnating in the physical)

    Conflicts or MEST Universe

    After the collapse, there is a long period of living in the resulting "MEST" universe The goal of this universe was to gain bodily experience and sensation The environment is mostly flat worlds in space (continents in the sky) The wars had been so extreme, that we feared to build a lower prison universe for fear of starting the whole mess over again

    Again there is a long and interesting creative period building societies and civilizations But as always, there was an undue amount of conflict and people wouldn't leave each other alone Some people just wanted make slaves of their fellow man Others were trying to make everybody good But in either case, the effort was to make people obey and walk in straight lines and the counter effort was to have revolutions etc And everyone who tried to step aside from this and cure the insanity was stupid enough (thanks to the misleading information of jewel of knowledge) to try to do it by implanting even more conditioning, which only made matters worse

    Since bodies were of tremendous importance, but the person carried on in an energy form even after the body died, it was possible to push someone into a body, kill it off, and then pull him out, push him into another body, and then kill that one too So the predominant factor of conditioning used here consisted of repetative deaths and heavy pains and sensations Here the person can be mauled around by force and it is used either to make slaves or to force people to be good depending on which team you were playing on Here you might suffer endless car crashes or be thrown out of the door of an aircraft and go splat on the ground over and over again while thay try to lay in various stupid orders and conditionings

    Near the end, group formed that was going to take care of everybody once and for all It would bring about peace by holding everybody under its sway and would solve the social problems by having a rigid social structure This was the "Magic Kingdom Of Giliead" (approximate translation) It had the innocous appearance of a castle beside a lakeon one of the continents drifting around in the sky But they salvaged some of the higher dimensional technology from the earlier universes and internally this castle went on infinitely with the 3 dimensional corridors curving off slightly at 4 dimensional angles so that the castle was quite capable of housing the entire population of the universe

      Gilead Lothain
    "Magic Kingdom Of Giliead"

    Giliead was set up as a "pyramid society" where new recruits came in as servants and everyone else bumped up a level in the social hierarchy when enough people came in to fill the lower strata In other words, social status and privileges were based on how early you joined the society and when it began to look like they were going to take over all of the civilization, there was a tremendous influx of recruits who were quite willing to work temporarily as servants with the expectation that they would be overseers later as the rest of the population joined But of course this tapered of when the remaining people saw that they would be forever stuck in the lower positions And so the Knights Of Giliead (armed with energy weapons and riding flying horses) sey out to conquer the remaining peoples of the universe

    This pattern of stratified pyramid society trying to take over the universe and make slaves out of the majority of people has been followed frequently Our modern day Htlers are but the tiniest shadow of these super organized societies that live by continual expansion and enslavement But they inevitably collapse when their expansion is blocked either by running out of new people or by a determined military resistance The three really big ones were Alpha Prime in the Symbols Universe, Giliead as discussed here, and Arslycus in the current universe All of them had populations of trillions and their collapse always has a bit of the feeling of the collapse of the Home Universe even though none of them were really nice places for anyone who wasn't at the top of the heap

    Eventually, around 200 trillion years ago, we did build a lower prison universe This was probably done to provide a fitting place to dump the rulers of Giliead after its collapse But we still had a great deal of worry about a prison breakout triggering something like the Theta - MEST wars again So this time, the prison was intentionally made a fairly nice place so the prisoners would stay there The trasfer implant used a volcano on a flat earth copy of the original earth A path lined with statues of the penalty universe terminals (the bear, the tiger, etc) lead up to the peak where one was tossed in and went on down to the prison universe

    People were weary of the constant conflicts, so around 181 trillion years ago, there began a wave of mass suicides where everyone threw themselves into the volcano to "die" as beings and be reborn in the next lower universe Eventually this next prison universe came to be known as Magic Universe

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