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    Ken Oggers about the dimensions

    The term "higher dimension" is really a misnomer One dimension is not higher than another If we are dealing with a 3 dimensional object, non of the 3 dimensions is senior to the others If we make some 2 dimensional drawings of the object, we can select any 2 out of the 3 dimensions for our portrayal It would be proper to refer to a 3 dimensional object as being of a higher order than a 2 dimensional object In a similar way, a 4 dimensional object is of a higher order than our normal mockups, but we could choose any 3 of its 4 dimensions for portrayal in this universe So the missing dimension is not really "higher", it's just extra Pick an object in the room and imagine that there is more of it extending off in an extra direction without it bumping into the things around it Another useful excercise is to pick an object and imagine it dwindling off in the distance without moving from it physical universe position The distance it is moving away is in a 4th direction which would require a 4 dimensional co-ordinate system to describe

    In an implant universe, an extra dimension is necessary to handle the fixed track time component This also applies to story type universes (eg enjoyable rather than harmful) If we have a two dimensional mockup, such as a cartoon drawing, we can stack many of them up in 3 dimensions and flip through them to get the apparancy of motion This is the way we make movies and cartoons We build a series of 2 dimensional mockups and make time the 3rd dimension

    Note, that term "dimension" or "dimensions" apply not only for number of spatial dimensions (of space), but also other types of dimensions and ways of dimensionalizing (ie, legth=width-depth for a combination of 3 quality dimensions) Actually, term "qualities of dimensions" does also fit quite well within this context, as "quality of space dimensionalized spatially" etc

    In the home universe era and later (Home Universe reference >
    ) we are operating in only 3 dimensions, implant universes are genarally 3 dimensional mockups stacked up in a 4th dimension In 4D blocking implant, it is 4 dimensional pictures stacked up in a 5th dimension (4D block > ) Note that using a time dimension is a very special purpose application It is done to record things Normal life does not utilize a time dimension In recent track, the mockups all seem to have 3 spatial dimensions

    Sometimes there are multiple 3 dimensional universes interrelated in a 4th dimensional frame, but the mockups are still 3 dimensional You can 'turn" into the picture and step into it (going off at a different angle) and then it's a 3 dimensional space and the other reality looks like a flat picture The same can occur with a 4D mockups in a 5D framework IE, you can turn in a 5th dimension and swing from one 4D space into a different one This maybe the "turn" that you feel as you shift between goals in the incident described as "4D block" (mentioned earlier with a link - admin)
    Another interesting thing to note is that an object with more dimensions can look like a near infinite number of different objects from a lesser dimensional framework Imagine a 3 dimensional sphere being seen from a 2 dimensional framework Consider the 2D frame to be a sheet of paper which cuts through the sphere There are an endless number of different positions and angles that the paper can be in The 2 dimensional reality would see the sphere as any one of an infinity of circles ranging in size from a point up to the diameter of the sphere Also, there would be many different circles of the same size cut from different angles through the sphere

    But in the case of the sphere, a single 2 dimensional plane would only intersect one of the possible circles Now consider a 3 dimensional coil of rope If you imagine a 2 dimensional plane intersecting it, you will see that the single 3 dimensional object intersects the plane many times and would appear to be a large number of separate circles in the 2 dimensional space

      Yet another example - animated standing-wave

    For another example of looking at a higher dimensional object which might seem like many separate objects in the lower dimension, consider seeing a chair from a 2D reality If the 2D plane cuts through the 4 legs of of the chair, it will look like 4 squares that are quite far away from each other and seem like they are separate objects
    About dimensions (world version)  >
    Language Of Math

    By Scott Douglass (from personal site)

    The language of mathematics is limited to one and two dimensions (in this world - admin): One dimension dua to its symbols; two dimensions due to its formulas (example E=mc2) By constructing a multidimensional matrix (length, breath and depth), many limitations of expression would be eliminated The matrix would be populated by multiple dimensioned symbols expressing, in and of themselves, concepts way beyond grasp of mankind today The symbols would encompass whole tracks of concepts such as philosophy, neurology, quantum physics (amongst many others) The dynamic relationships between these would be created using frequency shift mechanisms (sometimes known as light and sound)

    An example is an three dimensional matrix (symbol, length and breadth) A fourth dimension can be added by allowing depth Other dimensions could be added by using multidimensional symbols and by allowing significance based on frequency shift The frequency shifts would provide multi-dimensional syllogisms by providing connectivity and congruity for various dynamics and concepts

    Although the parrarel to 3-dimensional geometrics exists, however it is entirely possible to extend this to multiple other dimensions (for example, 4th, 5th, 6th etc dimensions) One example of this follows A specific symbol in the matrix is defined by another matrix of symbols This process can be repeated again and again - going in for more detail and out for higher levels of summary Although this example shows a 2-dimensional matrix, the process can be done with any level of dimensions

    Multiple possibilities are available using this system of organization Another advantage of this system is that entire subjects could be viewed at once in an overview format while allowing detailed and in-depth areas to be viewed easily It is possible to blank out non-impacting symbols and to clarify certain aspects of a specific discussion, as well as use frequency shifts which provide emphasis of specific portions and congruity to the whole

    Density-Dimension Scale  > 

    Yet another introduction (by Noel Huntley, Ph D) > 

          COMPLEX dimension via+versus SIMPLE dimensions
    Dimensional Shifts

    We have found within the human physical body - within eye-section f the face - the operating system that manifests interdimensional shifts Here is another perspective of interdimensional shifts and how and why they manifest - which has to do with the sound of hearing, though in this case - more so listening that actual hearing On either side of the face - the tempel - exists an 'implant' which looks similar to a micro-chip - allocated just under the skin, secured by a metallic box which surrounds it - to protect the contents of the implant itself as its manifested within and as the human physical body This micro-chip implant is festered within and as the muscle-tissue and is directly connected and linked to the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind of the mind consciousness system

    The two implants - on either side of the face, by the eyes - n the temples - are connected to each other through a pipe-line structure that runs through the eyes - in the temples - are connected to each other through a pipe-line structure that runs through the eyes - with wirings running from within and of the micro-chip through the pipe-line structure into the veins existent within the eyes and actually fuse with the veins of the physical eyes - and through the eyes manifest within and as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind - which is the entire human-brain as the manifested 'source' of the mind consciousness system The pipe-line structure - connecting the two micro-chips in the temples - through the eyes, is the main structure - then, upon and beneath the main structure - two more pipe-line structures exists - as though the main structure is duplicated - thus, there are three 'beams' - one centralized one - and two others, one below and one above and all there are aligned within and as the eyes of the human physical body

    To give more of a 'graphical-perspective':

    Take three beams - place them before you - one in the center - one on top and one below Then take another beam and place it right in the center of the three horizontally lain down beams - vertically - underneath the three horizontally lain beams Then, place two boxes on either side of the beam lying horizontally in the center - the 'main beam' - with wires running from within the boxes through the center beam This is the main structure - which exists within the eye-section of the human physical body There are holes within the center-beam from within the metallic-boxes of the micro-chips - they stretch through all three beams through the beam that connect all three together as the vertically-placed center beam as I explained in the graphic-illustration above The wires come together through all the holes - multiple holes - manifested within all three horizontally placed beams Thus - there are holes manifested on the above-section of the pipe-line structure and the below section - from the below-section, the wires immediately run directly through into the physical eyes and fuse with the veins of the human physical eyes straight into the brain - manifesting within the mind consciousness system as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind The wires running through the above-section holes - run through to actual manifested 'panels' - which look like 'solar-panels' - and also act as 'reflector-shields' Upon the reflector-shields are myriads of square-blocks - each square-block connected to one wire coming from within the micro-chip within the metallic structure protecting it as its manifested within the temples - which is right next to the eyes Understand - due to the wiring of this entire operation - each square-block upon and as the panels situated upon the beams - are connected to and within the mind consciousness system and represent self-define construct of self such as beliefs, ideas, definitions, perceptions, moralities - all of yourself of the mind as what you think you are and think to be real - is manifested categorized within the blocks upon the panels - exactly as it exists within the mind consciousness system as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind Thus, the operating system I described, which exists within the eye-section of the human physical body - is a 'more' advanced - more 'specifically categorically designed' duplication of your mind consciousness system - in relation to every and all detailed descriptions of how you've defined and exist as 'who you are' as the mind

    Now - the micro-chips are automatically programmed - to design itself - according to how you've designed yourself - meaning:
    That you will only listen to what beings have to say - the definition of listening, is hearing only what you want to you and nothing else - the rest is merely like smoke that dissipate and you take it from for instance a conversation only that which 'fits-in' and is in direct relation to your entire self-definition stance through and as the mind This is not unconditional hearing HERE - this is listening through the eyes of the mind

    Fascinating how it works:

    When for instance a being speaks - the sound-frequencies or waves of their voice express through this manifested operating system within the eyes-section of the human physical body - the reflector-shields, as each manifested square-block upon the panels 'absorb' the sound and send it through into your mind consciousness system - and thus such words - you'll 'hear '/'listen to' - meaning, there'd be no reaction within you because the words spoken, the sound in which the words are spoken is in agreement with your current way of existing as such words according to how you've defined yourself through the mind - according to how you've defined yourself as such words through the mind - according to interpretation/description/definition

    OR - when words are spoken that are not in agreement with how you exist as such words or your opinion/assumption or belief of such words - the square-blocks upon the panels will reflect the sound/frequency of the words and not absorb the words into the mind consciousness system - and thus extensive reactions towards the being speaking will ensue For example: A Christian exist as the definition of themselves according to the word Christian and all other words directly related to the word 'Christian' - so when words such as 'god'/'heaven'/'angels'/'bible'/'prayer' is mentioned within a conversation within which they participate - the sounds of the words as frequencies/waves will be absorbed by the square-blocks and manifest into their mind consciousness system and thus will 'listen' to the conversation and experience themselves 'at ease' and 'comfortable' - because the words are in agreement with how they've defined themselves as such words within and through and as the mind consciousness system Though, when the same being is in communication with for example a being that has defined themselves according to the word 'Satanist' - and the other being express what they experience of themselves as being a 'Satanist' etc - the 'Christian-defined being' - will experience extensive reactions within themselves - as most, if not all of the sound of the words the Satanist-defined being express - is reflected outward within the square-blocks of the panels - and the Christian-defined being will not want to listen further - because the words are not in agreement with the words the being exists as Thus, the reactions experienced in conversation - is but of the mind consciousness system - because the sound of the words as the words themselves - is not in agreement with how you've set yourself up in the mind consciousness system - or with how you've defined yourself as only certain words within/of the mind consciousness system and the definitions of such words

    Therefore, dimensional-shifts will ensue - dimensional shifts are experienced as reactions within conversations - wherein your attention is diverted to reactions experienced within you - wherein you don't hear the words of the being spoken unconditionally = or when you for a moment, didn't hear what the other being was saying and you go: 'what? what did you say again? - this is you actually not wanting to hear what the other being is saying/has said - which is manifested experienced dimensional-shifts - which take your attention away from HERE - and thus go into the mind See how we've limited ourselves - that we exist only as definitions of certain words and discard the rest, because it does not fit into our self-framed reference of self-definition - that we actually judge/fear words that we haven't defined ourselves as o the mind - and see words as a threat - that we'll only listen to words in direct agreement or relation to our self-definition - and if it isn't - we refuse to hear

    Therefore, the most direct way - to clear yurself of self-definition of mind - to stop existing in limitation based upon the world's definition/description of words - based upon only certain words - is to purify all words within and as yourself - to live as the word, one and equal as words - not the definition/description thereof as existent within the word currently or the memories/assumptions/interpretation of the words accordingly to how you've designed yourself through the mind - but as the word itself Purify yourself through purifying words - expand yourself through purifying words - free yourself from accepted and allowed limitation through purifyig words - purify yourself as words
    Desteni Daily Dimensional Diary, September 2008
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