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    In our long history as spiritual beings, we have frequently wanted to control each other. There have often been efforts to stop people from doing various things or to enslave people and put them to work. Some of the advanced civilizations that have existed in the past have used very high powered conditioning to try and do these things. Sometimes it was to make people good or loyal and sometimes it was simply to make slaves.

    In this universe, it is commonly done with electronic waves used to give impact to the commands being implanted. Simple hypnotic commands are much too easy to throw off for these purposes. They would not generally endure over the course of many lifetimes. Therefore, complex patterns, false pictures, and various other tricks generally form part of these implants. They are often filled with wrong dates and misleading stories. Do not give too much importance to these things. They are old and their command value is weak, hardly more than the push from TV commercials.

    If you are heavily bothered, it is because of your own efforts to implant other people either to make them be good or to make them obedient or whatever. We all worked at this at one time or another, thinking it was the solution to making a better society or a way to be powerful or successful. But these things do give trouble in incident running. Scanning through a implant without spotting the items that were implanted can stir them up and you need to confront what was being implanted to get them to erase properly. Practically speaking, these incidents interfere with good past life recall and the things that were implanted do have some residual effect as long as they are not confronted.

    Often the items implanted follow repetitive patterns. When some of these were being researched in the 1960s, the patterns were written on pages with holes cut into them where different words could be substituted. Some cheap games or novelties have cards or disks like this with a window in which different words appear as a card is slid or a disk is rotated. These kind of cards are sometimes called platens because of the holes cut into them. Even though these cards with holes are no longer used, the patterns of implant items are called platens for this reason.

    Orthodox Scientology has a great number of implant platens that were researched in the 1960s. Many of these can be found on the internet despite the CofS considering them to be confidential. A great deal more which I researched myself are in the Super Scio book which is available on the internet. Hopefully others will publish their own research in this area. At this stage we are only going to deal with how to run an implant platen and take care of a simple one which is common and troublesome. On your second pass through the book you might want to pick up a number of the ones which are available on the net and run them out.

    Researching a new implant platen is far too difficult for a beginner and is beyond the scope of this book. Unless you are very advanced, you shouldn't go hunting for implants. Instead you take existing implant platens and run through them to knock out any residual effects. If you do bump into an implant for which you don't have a platen, instead of trying to run through it, run the events leading up to being implanted instead. Also, look for the first time it happened, because these things were "recorded" and "kept on file" and often have been done to somebody more than once. And if you have real trouble, look for a time when you did this to another or when you wanted it done to others and especially confront your intentions at that time. If this all seems too weird and impossible, then go ahead and skip this and similar chapters. Take another look when you go through the book a second time.

    34.1 Technique The basic technique for running out an implant platen is to spot or mockup each item in sequence until it ceases to have any effect. Since these things can have a bit of a kick to them, the easiest way to do this is to alternately spot the item and spot something in the room. This keeps you awake and aware and gives you maximum push as you spot the item. When you spot the item, you really need to get the sense and intention of the item. These were not actually implanted in English (or whatever language you are running this in), and it is the meaning of the item rather than the words which counts. Sometimes there can be a feeling that the item is located somewhere around you or is in a certain direction, in which case you should reach into that location to spot the item.

    Ideally, however, one reaches back to the time when the item was implanted and spots it there. The first time, you may have to feel around a bit to connect with the item. There may be a bit of a feeling of mass or pressure or protest or energy connected with it. You keep spotting that item until this is gone and there is nothing on the item, no heaviness nor any urge to obey the item. There is usually a bit of a feeling of relief or of something gone. If you spot an item a number of times and it seems to be getting heavier or more charged up, try to reach back to an earlier time that the item was implanted.

    These implants were used over and over again and you want the first time or the earliest one that you can reach. If the item is getting heavier and there doesn't seem to be an earlier occurrence, it might be that you have left some charge on earlier items in the platen that you are running, so you should go back a few items and see if there is still some charge on them. If so, then run the earlier items some more. You should run a platen to the point where there is no more charge on it. There should be no tiredness or feeling of mass or unconsciousness and there certainly should be no hypnotic feeling. At that point you should be capable of looking over the platen casually with no reaction or importance attached to the items.
    Super Scio Tech - SUMMARY OF RESEARCH


    Looking back at the way that one breakthrough was discarded in favor of another within the CofS research line, I feel that I had better emphasize that I think that all the work is cumulative rather than one thing replacing another.

    We have a huge subject to investigate. The puzzel is actually larger than the physical universe because the physical universe is only one of the pieces within the larger whole.

    Think about how much is known in physics, chemistry, electronics, computer science, and so forth, and then realize that the sum total of those is a subset of what we are considering when we talk about ultimate OT and the creation of universes.

    You will not make it as an idiot. You will not make it by a non-confront of details. You will not make it by being too lazy to crack open a book. And you will not make it by expecting somebody else to wave a magic wand over your head.

    But you will make it by the determination to understand and use everything that you can lay your hands on and by having the confidence that no matter what your current awareness and abilities, you can grow to encompass anything and everything that has ever been concieved of. There is no limit, for as you grow, you increase your potential for growth.

    To be a superman, you must make yourself into a superman, but that is within your potential if only you will take on the challange and dedicate yourself to the task.

    I think that sometimes people flinch at the shear quantity of material and the number of different factors which are part of the picture. That is an unfortunate side effect of trying to put all these things into context, because the picture is big and complex.

    But as you confront each factor, it loses its ability to abberate you, and once it is done, then it is done. Although these things often show up again at higher levels (more grades after confronting the heavy force of implants etc.), you will find that things are easy the second time once you have gone through the work of that first difficult effort to face up to the material.

    So do not let the quantity of things get you down, the more you do, the faster and easier it gets.


    1) Grades type things. These are the basics and the reasons why.

    2) Heavy patterned abberations including implanted things (things imposed by others) and heavy structures such as actual GPMs which you postulated for yourself.

    3) Things related to beingness, whether entities or fragments of oneself or "oversouls" or whatever.

    4) Present time, the physical universe, one's own universe, etc. That which is real or mocked up right now.


    The heavy abberations are patterns of one sort or another. Sometimes they are implanted (imposed by others) and sometimes they are postulated and lived by the person himself ("actuals").

    There are four major styles and this seems like a good time to summarize them. Note that many different things exist within each style. These are general categories rather than specifics.

    1. Simple Pictures, mockups, universes, etc. locked in by asthetics, interest, and other attractive factors.

    These are of low abberative power because you can always turn your back on them and step away.

    For a current example, think of sex. People are attracted and its fun but they can also (hopefully) step away by an effort of will. This is not to claim that sex is or isn't abberative or implanted, but simply to say that it is a good example of an attractive nusience where one has some choice but often dives in.

    At basic, all implants have to be anchored by things like this, because nothing can impact a thetan up at the top of the scale. But these are fairly easy to handle in their pure form, the really abberative stuff has the high level asthetics burried so that it is hard to spot or depends on asthetics in earlier harder to reach implants.

    These are the earliest, although you will find recent ones too. Some of the recent between lives stuff is simply attractive asthetic pictures.

    For an early example, see the chapter on Courage in self clearing. We were tricked into mocking up strong opposition because it was more asthetic to be corageous fighting against overwhelming odds. Just an asthetic idea which gets you into trouble.

    2. Simple Decay Scales

    These are the next earliest on the track.

    The best example are the penalty universes (Super Scio chapter 5) which lay in the tone scale.

    The weakness of these is based on the fact that even after you are the effect of them, you can still move up and down the scale because nothing blocks upward motion.

    Anthing you can get as a transient gain by raising somebody's tone can be had as a permanent gain at any emotion by blowing the damn scale. So that gives you an idea of how much abberation is held by these kinds of things.

    There are other decay scale type patterns, some more significant and some less. Probably anything we can map out a scale for has some fixed pattern setup somewhere.

    Again, there will be recent examples as well as old ones.

    But notice that just getting a person upscale doesn't make a full OT. So these are not the full picture.

    3. Opposition Patterns

    Here is the realm of GPMs and things like that.

    Instead of leaving the person free to move up and down scale, each level is blocked by multiple points of charge so that the person doesn't just back up.

    There are implants and actuals and higher level patterns of various sorts and quite a bit has been written about these things.

    Really anything with opposition and fixed viewpoints falls into this category including earlier game type things which predate the later more sophisticated GPM patterns.

    Note that these are not effective until the being has decayed to the point of wanting a game, they do not operate properly if the being is free to create both sides causatively.

    So these tend to be after Home Universe.

    The liability of these things, from the implanter's perspective, is that they cause declining spirals. Below a certain point, an implanted slave or a population implanted into agreement will cease to be able to do productive work.

    4. Static Patterns

    To make a permanent slave who does not decay in ability, you need to hold him trapped at the same level instead of going down in a zig zag.

    Because of the basic of adding to the richness of creation, it is not possible to hold anybody perpetually on one side of a pattern. Eventually they will flip flop and create the opposite and we have a GPM decay pattern.

    To maintain a steady state, you have to let the being occupy both sides of a pattern, but in a controlled manner so that he cycles back to the first position again instead of zig zagging downwards.

    A number of things meet this criteria.

    The Symbols Orientation stuff I just posted does it by letting the person occupy either role (male and female for example), but jaming the flow line so it sticks in one

    The R7 triad cycles that I was talking about last time also fit into this category by giving you brief moments of controlled violations and then swinging you back into line.

    And the reality generators stuff I was talking about last year do it by injecting both sides into a mockup (both freedom and slavery for example) but with comm lags and concurrent addition and removal.

    All of these are characterized by creating long term No Change while encouraging transient changes that keep taking you back to where you were before.

    Things setup this way permeate the current reality.

    There may have been earlier things like this that permeated earlier realities, but they must have been as-ised and are no longer with us, because something like this will perpetuate until it is as-ised.

    I still say that grades are basic.

    Any time you loosen up one of the above heavy patterns, more out grades stuff from the early track becomes visible and accessible.

    I tend to just stir the above things enough to get them out of the way and go after the out grades stuff that shows up. Everything later keeps getting weaker as you continue to take charge off of the underpinnings
    5 APRIL 1986

    1. They won't respond to comm.

    2. They have been that way since dump into mest Universe.

    3. Careful checking has shown us that explosions, impacts, etc., in this universe don't wake them or make them. In other words, our citizens caught in an incident can be rehabilitated to their duty and vote. But the others can't.

    4. % - the percent of those encapsulated when dumped has decreased as time increased. More % were in this state in early centillions than now. But overall - (the big W/H) - we have over 50% - uh - alright - it's 80 to 88% - are encapsulated. (Cog Ron's Technique 88 and PTS/SP figures).

    5. This is the true reason for our hate (former) of all big thetans, it is a constant reminder of what they have done to our citizens.

    6. We have tried: hellos, OKs - Touch assists, 8C, running Resistive Case points as taught by EE & in your sessions. Nothing works. They don't respond. Thus we had it as our greatest political problem also.

    7. There was an occasional freak arising or coming to wakefulness after 1965 but we don't know what it was but only on this planet - so we watched closely after we heard the news from caring citizens. (Cog: Probably connected with Power Processing).

    8. Very rarely now. (Cog. Pr Pr not used except in difficult III cases).

    9. That's all until you ran us as Connected-Disconnected-Unconnected - we knew that something was going on.

    10. We dug into our archives and found out about EE looking in, and occasionally trying processes on us - we misunderstood his intentions at the time. But he was somehow connected with the 1965-1970 magical handlings in England and EU and America. Mostly only those areas - nothing we could put the finger on - like it was a by-product of something else - not directly aimed at Phi thetans encapsulated in or around MEST.

    11. Now we know it's a Mutual Area of Resp. because the MEST being encapsulated - virtually all - except that newly mocked up - belongs to its Creators - either Big Thetans or his juniors or Created VPs who he commanded to mock it up for him.

    12. We realize now only the "Game of Games" Tech can handle. Thank you for listening. Please let us know when you are ready to try something and we will cooperate fully. Right now we must get our whole citizenry advised of the progress and the new Constitution proposal and voted on. Adieu. Wiedersehen. Goodby for now.

    The B of D

    (I feel them withdrawing attention and telepathic lines)

    1516 5 Apr 86
    (symbol for Astar) 

    Loser Laws
    17 February 1986


    17 February 1986

    0. So you lost too?

    1. Even a loser has a purpose.

    2. Let's stick together.

    3. And cleanup this space.

    4. Everyone will have a job.

    5. Don't worry about the past.

    6. Take it as it is.

    7. Future will be better.

    8. Because all is changing.

    9. And it couldn't get worse.

    10. Than losing your old game.

    11. So play with us other losers.

    12. The clean-up game.

    13. There's no one else to do it.

    14. There's no one else that can do it.

    15. So let's go and do it.

    16. Now and Forever.

    17. Hey? - Men!

    C/S for FQns (PHI THETANS)

    17 February 1986

    (Group Auditing/Auto Blows)

    1. Handle the ARC Break Long Duration (sad effect). (This is their resistive casepoint which must be handled 1st, as they only get worse if you audit over an ARC Break.) The LD is spotted by them individually up to 100 centillion years (100 x 10 303 years). The charge is usually Desired Understanding (They desired it from FQns (PHI THETANS) that put attention units on them). Indicate the BPC.

    Tone 40.

    2. Then you may have to have them scan back through their MEST U Track to get off Locks, Secondaries, and Engrams (explosions, MIs (Mutual Incidents), Invals, no acks, etc., that kept restim on their game loss and ARC Break LD).

    3. Get off the Loss of the E/U game which resulted in their being dumped into "Physical Universe" - the losers garbage pile (Failed Purpose, etc.)

    4. Get them back to a time of "WIN" or "PURPOSE" or "JUST CREATED."

    5. R-Factor: You are FREE to return, find your creator, be yourself, or whatever you want - Rights of a Thetan, etc.

    6. Tone 40 - "I'm not holding you"; "No one can hold you."

    7. Acks, "Take a win", "Games Over."

    8. Go through "Loser Laws" point by point for any "Hard to Blow" Thetans.

    (corresponds to OT 12 on chart)

    Prerequisites: Super NOTs (Excalibur) (OT 8) and Super Scn for OTs I, II, III (The Phoenix) (OT 9, 10, 11)

    Theory: Write up of 11 April 86. All referenced areas in the above write- up.

    Practical: Demos of Definitions and Areas of Theory. Drills of Mock-ups with as-isness. Creation on a via, dual creation, etc., with supervisor. Drill permeation, penetration, TR 0 for all GUMS, all space, past, present, future. Also Intention & narrowing Attention and Impingement as needed.

    Auditing: Dummy run the Process with demos and using lists for a typical session. Demo using Repair List.

    Solo Auditing: Per process

    (Astar symbol)OT 12

    27 MAY 1986


    1. OT 12 - Ability List

    2. OT 12- Handle Creations which are preventing those abilities and are being carried around.

    (depends on OT's own case how long it takes)

    (This is a shorten form of the original bulletin showing only OT 12)

    WBR Sr. C/S

    Super Power for OTs - Theory 11 April 1986
    11 APRIL 1986


    Source Monitors "Intention & Attention" monitors "Thought" monitors "Function" monitors "Structure."

    All I/A areas and thought areas (stacks) should be handled by SS (Super Scn-OT 9, 10, 11) and SN (Super NOTS) Procedures before attempting this level.

    The OT must be aware of GUMS, PGCS (Pre-game Councils), purpose, and Conditions, i.e. - the whole "Gestalt" (scene) from Cascade of VPs to "Re-uniting" (Collection) of VPs. He must know the difference between "Dating" and "Gumming" and what S (circled) Points are.

    He must be aware of the handling of Static thetans, Big thetans, Lambda thetans, Phi thetans, MOCOVPS, Dual MOCOVPs, Multiple MOCOVPs, J.B.s (Jelly beans), TWs (Teenie Weenies) - i.e., All thetans.

    The "3 Universes" of PT must be understood. This is part of the data needed to handle the Composite Resistive Case of MEST.

    Technically one must know SN & SS tech, 6 Ruds, LD Ruds, Valence Shifter, Confront Process, Prevent/Obtain, The Pre-Sessions of "Hello!", "Why don't you want auditing?", "Who would I have to be to audit you?" and Pre I & track handling processes of SN and below. Also Pr Pr's 4, 5 &6.

    TR 0 must include all P.T. MEST U and all GUMS past and future.

    The auditor for this level must be checked out on Power Processes, their theory and muzzled style of running - in particular Pr Pr 4, 5, & 6 - and what "revivification" is.

    The theory of "holders" from SN tech is also vital and the "org board" aspect of holding.

    The words "Encapsulated" and "Encapsulator" must be fully grasped in relation to theta-MEST and Creations by a thetan. Also "Encapsulating."

    Encapsulated (adjective): the state or condition of being contained or surrounded by something or someone else.

    Encapsulator (noun): the something or someone who is protecting, surrounding or containing something else of real or imagined value.

    Encapsulating (noun): the act of surrounding or containing something else.

    Encapsulating (verb): the continuation of the act of surrounding or containing something else.

    Encapsulation (noun): 1. the complete unit of that which is contained or surrounded and that which contains or surrounds it. 2. the capsule and contents.

    Finally, the "Axioms" (Scn) and "Factors" (8-8008) must be understood - and LRH's (EE's) relation to the gestalt from Cascade to Collection.

    Additional study must be made of the Phi thetans "democracy," "Loser Laws," and

    B of D's debrief on the state of the MEST universe - i.e., 12% only are able to be participating in the game as awareness units while 88% do not respond to any ARC or KRC of theta (that they have tried in the last 100 centillion years).


    1. The final barrier - or problem - to being fully OT (and 1st D "Static") is the MEST Universe, or 3rd Universe.

    2. A "Universe" by definition is: a "WHOLE SYSTEM OF CREATED THINGS."

    3. Creations are (or were) considered valuable or they wouldn't have been created.

    4. The original creation may have been done directly or on a "via" or on a dual or multiple basis or with a "built-in" alter-isness to make it persist (like "motion" for instance). (Note: There are OT demos and drills for this to gain more reality on how it's done.)

    5. Creations are "as-ised" by duplicating the exact time, place, form and event - and source (or sources) of it.

    6. Needless to say, we are only interested on this level with the creations that have NOT been as-ised or are still persisting in or as "PRESENT TIME."

    7. The original "creator" (source) may have changed, altered, rejected, ignored, forgotten, wasted or thrown away his creation (in Earlier Universes in GUM 0 - this one) and it became part of Universe 3 - MEST. It could then have been further altered and changed by others nearly an infinity of times - and MIXED UP THOROUGHLY into others' creations which have also a similar history. To untangle all this with Auditing would take many many years if done on a "run of track of each particle or energy unit or space back to basic creation." (However, this can be done as LRH stated in the 1950's - and small particles of MEST can be made to "vanish" or "as-is").

    8. Also, one's personal creations (still existing by reason of some alter-is or not-is) may have been brought with the thetan to the Physical Universe, but then were layered over with Inc I, Pre Iers (?), Track Incidents and Others' Mental Image Pictures and finally even his own "pictures" as he became unclear. Also between this "CASE" and his own creations was the SS case of thetans CONNECTED, DISCONNECTED and UNCONNECTED to, from, or with him - and THEIR attentions and intentions - It may even be the case, if the OT at this level is not fully confident about operating exterior to the body, that when exterior he SEES HIS OWN CREATIONS (plus some ALTER-IS) and they hide or block his view of the MEST PT Universe.

    (For example, in E/U Games, a thetan mocked up, with suitable vias or alter-is for it to persist, a nice castle or garden to "live" in or "operate" from. He came to help put order into the MEST U. Zap! - Inc I and Pre Iers with their mock-ups & implants covering it up. Etc. Etc., on down the track. Finally on Earth he is found to "like" castles & gardens and has books of pictures of them, and "imagines" how he would build his own "some day."). (But, when he goes exterior in auditing he snaps right back in the body because he didn't see the auditing room, he saw a "garden." He enjoyed it but can't then operate his body from exterior because he might fall down the stairs (the body might) while he is trying to pick a "flower out of his garden.").

    9. So, the creations we are handling on OT 12 & 13 are:

    1. The OT's own creations that he is holding on to. then,

    2. The creations of his that were dumped.

    He is the SOURCE of these creations and thus monitors the Attention/Intention, Thought, Function, and Structure of them.

    10. Once the area of auditing is defined for the session (like "MY OWN CREATIONS") and interest, reads and some list of them is done to direct the auditing towards, he then has to put out or RECONNECT his attention and intention to them (or one of them). This is the TR 0 for the session.

    11. Next, realizing there is ALTER-IS or NOT-IS on the line (because they didn't vanish at once), he must perceive and get in comm with WHAT IS ENCAPSULATING THE CREATIONS AND THE ENCAPSULATED CREATION ITSELF. This is done by PERMEATION and PENETRATION.

    Example: The OT "penetrates" to his creation - he gets the impressions of layers of thin gauze or "soap-bubble" films between it and him. These are OTHER BEINGS (thetans) WHO ARE ENCAPSULATING IT. He audits them.

    Example: The OT "sees" his creation clearly but it doesn't vanish - he "permeates" it and finds out he put a "whirling mechanism" postulate inside to keep all the particles moving very fast in tiny circles so they wouldn't disappear. When he exactly duplicates this and how he did it - POOF! AS-ISNESS. This was his ALTER-IS OF IT.

    Example: In the example above he finds the mechanism to keep it in motion but it doesn't vanish. He permeates and penetrates more and finds he has created tiny REMOTE VIEWPOINTS inside the CREATION who he commanded to "KEEP IT MOCKED UP AND MOVING." He realizes this, does a MOCOVP on them and POOF! - the creation vanishes. This was CREATION ON A "VIA" plus ALTER-IS.

    Example: On a "REJECTED CREATION" the OT finds it's scattered far and wide throughout the MEST U. (Note: All these CREATIONS are in P.T. still existing even if they had a past or future postulate on them). He permeates the MEST U and gets a comm line to all the bits and pieces. He sees that many have different amounts of ENCAPSULATORS, some Phi thetans, some totally unresponsive, and the particles are thoroughly mixed up with other thetans's creations. His SN drill of "narrowing attention" to include only his own particles is used.

    He runs Power on the Phi thetans (unresponsive or not) as Power also handles all Rudiments as it runs and will free them (Phi thetans) as on SS, PLUS revivify the unresponsive ones. He does Pr 4, 5, 6.

    Then he permeates the particles of his creation (nothing is in between them and him now) and realizes the intention or postulate(s) behind or involved in its creation. It suddenly "reassembles" to his perception for a brief instant, and disappears. POOF!

    Example: On the above, he does all the steps and it "reassembles" - or at least he knows what it was - but no AS-ISNESS. He checks "Was this a DUAL, CO-, or MULTI-CREATION?" He finds out which - gets in comm telepathically with the "other" creators, and puts their attention on it (May have to use R-factor & handle any out Ruds as in SS). When all AGREE on its creation (And on any sort-out of created VPs or Alter-is put into it) it will VANISH! - POOF!

    12. There are many COMPLEXITIES and COMPOSITE RESISTIVE POINTS to handling CREATIONS (that's why the MEST U is still here after 100 Centillion years - no one had the TECH!). AND the thetans involved with the CREATIONS (no one had the tech for that either until LRH laid it out in 1950's).

    To help, a REPAIR list will be given to OTs on this level - it's just a list of what to look for, where to look, when to look, and other complexities that may not have been noticed by the OT who gets something that won't as-is.



    14. The EP of the level is:
    "An OT who can OPERATE on his 12 DYNAMICS IN or OUT of the MEST UNIVERSE." (Technically a "1st Dynamic Static").

    15. The C/S and Repair List for this level will be issued separately.

    Sr C/S Ron's.
    11 April 86  (with full thanks to Elron Elray for the understanding of this level)
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    The Trickster in the Dream of the World Clock
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