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  •   Kirsi Salonen

    Alignment (agreements) universe dynamics:

    16D  Creation
    15D  Play/Games
    14D  Knowledge/Learning
    13D  Change/Alignment
    12D  Reason/Orientation
    11D  Construction
    10D  Protect
    9D  Aesthetics
    8D  Worship/Religion
    7D  Spirits
    6D  Physical (MATTER, Energy, Space, Time)
    5D  Lifeforms
    4D  Society
    3D  Groups
    2D  Sex/Children
    1D  Body/Food
    Definitions of 'Mass' in penalty universes
    Worlds in collision - This Means Mass  (in creation)
    Gold throne - This Means Mass  (in causing)
    Huge library shelves full of books and scrolls - This Means Mass  (in learning)
    Land slide - This Means Mass  (in metamorphosing)
    City walls falling - This Means Mass  (in changing)
    Fast wall of snow about to fall - This Means Mass  (in bringing order)
    Underwater avalanche - This Means Mass  (in engineering)
    Golden alter in heavenly cathedral - This Means Mass  (in connecting)
    Walls of castle - This Means Mass  (in praying, worshipping)
    Elves pushing a bolder - This Means Mass  (in collecting)
    Dryads melted into a rock - This Mens Mass  (in embodying)
    Someone pounding on a wall - This Means Mass  (in locating)
    Black hole pulling in asteroids - This Means Mass  (in energizing)
    A vast rock cliff above the beach - This Means Matter  (in growing)
    Cliffs at shore, waves drive a ship towards them - This Means Mass  (in discovering)
    Great rock crushes things - This Means Mass  (in adapting)
    Dolphins in ocean levitating vast glob of water - This Means Mass  (in sharing)
    Giant steel doors of a bunker like fortress (huge) - This Means Mass  (in uniting)
    Vast cliff overhanging the lake - This Means Mass  (in controlling)
    Endless ceiling high piles of forms - This Means Mass  (in organizing)
    Large bundle of girders drifting into a bulkhead & crumpling it in a large loading dock (gravity less) - This Means Mass  (in co-operating)
    Heavy chest sinking in water with mermaids struggling & failing to pull it up - This Means Mass  (in participating)
    Coaling tower dumping tons of coal - This Means Mass  (in expanding)
    A great rock - This Means Mass  (in satisfying)
    Great iron chest which falls & crashes through the floor - This Means Mass  (in joining)
    Rock promontory jutting out over valley (& starting to crack off) - This Means Mass  (in caring for)
    Mountains - This Means Mass  (in replenishing, surviving)
    Tiger watching natives struggling to lift a water buck - This Means Mass  (in consuming, eating)

    "Animus hunter", Kirsi Salonen
    About their explanations of TIME/ MATTER and TIME-TRAVELS

    "What is time anyway?" I asked. "Do you have the same unit of time as used on Earth?"
    "We measure it in a similar way. There is a small unit of time that we use because it is a natural rhythm that can be found throughout this universe. Crystals can be made to vibrate at a rhythm, which makes it easy to measure time in this small unit. This measure of time was given to your people by friends of ours tens of thousands of your years ago. Your people used it back then, so it is not strange to you, but it was lost for some reason. You have recently rediscovered this unit of measure and, much to our amusement, you now call it your own! It is known by you as a 'second' of time," he explained.
    "A friend of mine, Zeena, who is one of your people, told me that you had to change your density level before you could time-travel over great distances. That seems like a lot of trouble to go to just for time travel," I suggested.
    "To understand the subjects of time travel and matter transfer through space, you must first understand that nothing in this universe is solid. Therefore there is very little difference between the two forms of travel. Perhaps the best way for you to understand what I am saying is to imagine the universe as being constructed only of wave-forms-microscopic vibrations or small waves of energy that are too small to be seen. If you can imagine these waves travelling in many different directions at the same time, then you must realise that sooner or later they will meet and cross each other. When this happens, they become denser at the point of crossover. If enough waves cross each other, you will soon have what you understand as matter or a collection of microwaves dense enough to be seen.
    "Matter attracts matter, or, in reality, these small waves are a form of electromagnetic energy that appears to travel in thread-like lines or ribbons of force. They are attracted to each other and make up a force you call gravity. As matter is formed, some parts of it become more compressed than others - so you have the different elements, as you may know them, in the universe. However, if you stop and pull all these elements apart, you will find they are nothing but small energy-waves once again and have no real, solid form.
    "Now comes the part that may surprise you, for our studies have shown that these waves at their inception are nothing more than a very intelligent and powerful thought. That is why your thoughts are important: they all become one with the universe and make it what it is. For, in essence, the universe is just one great intelligent thought, and as conscious thought grows and expands in this universe so does the universe expand. We sometimes refer to this large assemblage of outgoing energy as 'The All That Is', the one great universal thought. Your people would rather call it 'God', I believe.
    "So you see, it 'is true when they say that all things start with a thought. When you travel through time or space you are no more than travelling through a thought. To do this, well, it is best to have as little substance to your physical body as possible, to become one with that thought. If you really want to know where you are and what this universe is, perhaps you should imagine you are in someone's head and are just part of that someone's ideas or thoughts. Perhaps this someone is your God! That is all I can really expect you to understand at this point in your knowledge quest." Yarvitie continued, but with a slightly different theme.
    "Time travel also made space travel instantaneous for us, and we now no longer use the old methods of gravity manipulation. It is not a good thing to play with antimatter in this way. It would be a good idea if your own people stopped playing around with it, also! We have lost many craft and personnel in the past by using it, and if you heard some of our ancient legends while you were on Haven, you might have guessed there is every possibility our parent planet Khyber was destroyed by some overzealous experiments with this substance. The only ones to survive that disaster were those wise enough to see what would become of these experiments long before they took place! That is one of the main reasons we have tried so hard to achieve space travel outside of gravitational manipulation.
    "If you think about it for a moment, if you started a long trip through space and then projected yourself forward in time to the point where the trip would end, no matter how long it should have taken, you could arrive there almost instantaneously if you wished it so. On the return journey you could set yourself to arrive back at your home base at whatever time you wished it to be. We like to keep in synchronisation with time spent outside this time-space travel. For instance, if this expedition that we are on now to planet Earth took thirty of our days to complete in real time, excluding the time travel aspect, we would prefer to arrive back after those thirty days have gone by on Haven. That keeps us in synchronisation with our life cycle at home - that is, we do not age at a different rate to those who remain behind on Haven. So, you see, we can travel anywhere in no time at all, or in only as much time as we choose to take.
    "The catch," he added, "is to make sure you do not arrive back before you personally have left. There are two reasons for this. There will be two of you in almost the same place at the same time, and much confusion. We have since found that one of those two people or items, if it is items that have been sent though time, will be catapulted into the past and will occupy that vortex or space that was created back there by these overlaps in future displaced time. Please do not ask me to elaborate on that; this journey is not long enough. But I can add that some visitors to your plane have ended up there without really wanting to, because of the above fact and have had to stay there!"
    "Why was it necessary to become dimensionally variant to time travel?" I asked.
    "If you remain in a lower order of vibration, such as you would normally be in [he was referring to me personally], you would only find it possible to time-travel within your own lifetime - your third-dimensional lifetime that is, which will be the only one you can perceive at this time, as I understand it. Beyond that, there are many complications associated with timetravel for your kind. For one, you could not interact with or physically touch anything that you saw. It would be an unreal world for you - perhaps similar to the way you perceive a dream, which is one way that you can access the future even now," he explained.
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