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    Emotions & Loss

    By Pilot

    We still haven't really solved the area of emotion and loss

    In Dianetics, Elron clearly indentified incidents of loss and misemotion as secondary engrams These secondaries were shown to draw charge from earlier engrams But when we knock out the weight of the engram bank (by going clear etc), the secondaries remain and we can easily see that clears are stll strongly affected by loss and subject to strong emotions on a stimulus-response basis As I have mentioned earlier, incidents of loss can exist earlier than painful incidents, because a being who cannot be hit by force or made to feel physical pain can still loose anything that he is not capable of re-creating The true solution to this is to be able to create things at will, but that can fail if you cling to it as the solution and non-confront the fact of loss The non-confront itself causes you to obsessively try to create situations of loss and you will work hard at it even in the face of having tremendous powers of creation

    So you need to achieve a willingness to confront loss as well as an ability to re-create things This doesn't mean that you abandon everything or that you have a need to loose things It just means that you are not afraid of losing them Early aesthetic implants (as used in the reality wars etc) were especially hot on showing loss and emotion to be interesting things to get you to mock them up They promoted things like the beautiful sadness of losing something If you can convince somebody that it is desirable to lose, then they can be beaten easily From modern Dianetics, we know that you can accustom somebody to confronting the force by a gradient scale of running incidents that contain impact and eventually a "clear" who can confront the force in mental pictures This undercuts the entire engram bank to some degree If we consider that there is a "secondary bank" of loss and misemotion, then we might achieve a similar effect by a gradient of running secondaries of loss and get a sort of "emotional clear"

    From the clearing course, we also know that you can take a key basic implant and free a person from its stimulus response creation of mental pictures and again get a sort of "clear" who no longer mocks up pictures of force reactivity Again this tends to undercut the entire engram bank From this one might hypothesis that there are "emotional implants" on an "emotional basis" that could be run to undercut the stimulus response creation of emotion I haven't achieved either of these states of "emotional clear" at this time so I can't guarantee that they exist or tell you for sure how to get there

    The penalty universes are not the basic on emotions They are the basic source of the tone scale which puts the emotions into fixed patterns There is a great benefit to running this out, because you stop shifting villy nilly from one emotion to the next But you must have already had emotions before the tone scale was laid in or else there would not have been anything to force into pattern The emotional pools set up in the symbols universe (discussed in the "Cosmic History") are part of the emotional machinery, but again this cannot be basic You had to have had emotions and abberations about emotions before you could be made to set up these things I have searched for the "emotional basis" incident or implant without success At one point I did seem to have some sort of incident where there are clouds of emotions circling you But I couldn't get it to run properly My suspicion is that there is something a bit out of reach that I am not yet up to conceiving of which is part of emotional basis

    I did however find that there is an incident which sets up the emotional machinery built out of entities and split pieces of yourself I don't have all the details on this incident either, but I managed to put together a list of emotions and what the machinery was supposed to do This is probably not complete, but I will list what I do have about these machines here

       'Dream Machine'
    The Emotional Machinery

    ANGER - the machine feeds you false data on other people's motives and inspires you to rage It says that its all their fault and that they should suffer It says that you have a right to get even

    ANTAGONISM - the machine convinces you that other people don't like you and are laughing at you behind your back and are lying to you and tricking you It tells you tant they are unworthy of your friendship

    FEAR - the machine convinces you that danger is coming, that something is going to get you, that they are after you etc It tries to build paranoia

    BOREDOM - the machine says that its all worthless and that there is nothing worth doing and you wouldn't like it anyway

    CONSERVATISM - the machine says that things have to be protected, that they can be lost or destroyed, and makes you worry about losing things, etc

    JELOUSY - the machine says that you desrve it and they don't

    APATHY - the machine says that its all hopeless anyway, so why bother etc

    GRIEF - the machine says that things will never be the same, what is lost is gone forever etc

    The Emotional Implant

    This might be emotional basis or it might be the incident used to lay in the emotional machinery listed above, or it might just be yet another implant

    The whole thing begins with -


    You are walking a long hall and there are statues in the nitches along the wall Each leads to an emotional implant

    The implant for each emotion begins with

    TO BE (emotion) IS NATIVE STATE

    The implant for each emotion shows you that its the solution to a problem (troubles with other people etc) There is more to be learned in this area, but at least we have a start
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