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    By Ralph Hilton  >


    The real introduction to this level is the Factors. The most valuable particle in this universe is a particle of admiration and the  least desirable is its opposite, the particle of disdain. Thetans have used particles of admiration to interact with other beings. They have come to misown and identify with others creations of admiration and thus formed a "theta body".

    This forms the core of their possessions as a thetan and is the valuable aesthetic to which the rest of the case adheres. Advanced level 10, with the awareness level of "Character" is the dissolution of this theta body and thus the restoration of one's own basic character as a theta being on eight dynamics. 



    NED for OTs, in the CofS, is deliberately limited to an area around the body. Many people, on leaving the Church, found that the techniques of NOTS could be extended to much further distances. When they did so they found phenomena which were beyond the level of the original materials. They found themselves in communication with beings who seemed more powerful than BTs and who often had wide
    reaching comm lines.

    Many of these solo auditors considered that these were extra-terrestrials who sought to better mankind and developed "Channelling" as a way of transmitting the wisdoms of these beings to the unenlightened. They abandoned the basic principles of Scientology and became disciples.

    Others saw these beings as powerful suppressives attempting to take control of the planet.

    Neither of these approaches observes the basic principles of Scientology. Auditing these beings is very easy - they do not have the resistivity of even a human being, let alone a heavy suppressive so the second school falls apart easily. There may well be dramatizations of these things going on in PT but these depend for their force on earlier charge. The first school is equally easily dismissed by observing the lack of sophistication of these "Extra-terrestrials". They may profess to knowing the wisdoms of the universe in eloquent sophistries of the meaning of love but try asking them for a detailed explanation of the nature of a service facsimile!

    The true nature of these beings is that they are stuck in an eternal revivification of a time when they were involved in suppressive control. During that time they created a large number of communication lines which they are frantically holding onto through fear of extinction. We are talking about a scenario that was frequently replayed on the track. Every being on this planet has attachments to hundreds or thousands of these beings. They have comm lines into bts in the space of one's body. If one blows the bt then another appears soon after and one ends up spending a long time running these false bts.
    Sirene from 'To Participate' in groups (penalty universe)

    The beginning of this current universe occurs at around four quadrillion years ago. This is the start of the time track when beings started to compulsively create a copy of everything going on and to keep it. The universe has collapsed and exploded several times since then. Various dimensions have separated out and recombined creating several confusions. The last of these was 16 or so billion (16 * 10e9) years ago when the "Big Bang" occurred".

    Prior to 4 quadrillion there were many earlier universes created by groups of beings in various degrees of complexity.

    Heavy implantation of beings began, in the current cycle, about 7 quadrillion years ago. Small thetans were dragged out of earlier universe games and implanted. They were fixed into being various objects, emotions, sexualities and traps. There have been many yet earlier cycles of this, but the latest involved the destruction of earlier universe games on a massive scale and resulted in the entry of beings to this MEST universe at 4 quadrillion.

    The MEST universe seems to have been put together from the abandoned creations of the earlier universe games. These were taken over and condensed. Big thetans were then recruited into the MEST universe and implanted with Incident 1. During that incident they were joined with beings in their own valence. After that they couldn't quite as-is anything because of the alter-is. They thought they were one when they were actually several.

    Prior to the MEST universe there were universes that were created by groups of thetans in order to achieve various purposes or play games. The players, or big thetans, would create viewpoints of theta in order to play the game. While these were created of theta they would be limited in capacity and dedicated to a fixed purpose. They are not self-determined but run on stimulus-response according to their postulated purpose.

    These created viewpoints or VPs fall into several general categories:

    a) Those that create something on a via to prevent casual as-isness. (Time VPs or TVPs).

    b) Those that act as a remote viewpoint and perceive. (PVPs)

    c) Those that admire or revere as a form of creating theta attachments. They can also create reverse admiration or disdain. (AVPs & DVPs)

    d) Those that retain knowing or not-knowing. (KVPs)

    e) Anchor points to manufacture a space automatically. (SVPs)

    This period of earlier universe games extends back to 100 centillion years ago (10e305). The measurements of time are based on what seems to be about right given the changes of measuring systems and universes. One should not take them as absolutes but work with one's own frame of reference.

    From 100 centillion to 4 quadrillion several games became predominant. One is "Elections". This involves voting for various beings with particles of theta admiration. There seems to have been an original "Game of Gods" with an election for who would be GOD at the beginning. After that there were trillions of local elections and power plays.

    The other favorite game was monitoring. Various big thetans would set up networks of created beings, either of their own VPs or usurped VPs of others. Both of these persist into present time and are being dramatized heavily in current societies. In developing an approach to handle monitors I am treating them as whole track vestiges with an automaticity that uses the Pre-OTs own power to control him.


    One could say that the basic reason a thetan goes out of valence is through being out-created.The most valuable particle in the universe is that of admiration and it is thus potentially the most aberrative. One can take a particle or AVP received from another and pass it on as one's own. It then contains a lie and the recipient can't quite as-is it.

    In the games of elections many beings learned this trick resulting in the recipients going into a valence due to the apparency of out-creation through persistence.

    Thus evil came about. The being went into a false valence preceded by the confusion of identity and from there went into contra-survival solutions involving the compulsive control of others. So the game of monitoring came about.


    In initially investigating and auditing this level it seemed that there were various suppressives involved in the creation of these monitors and that if one tracked it back one could find and handle the original authors and thus blow the whole phenomena.

    I tried this a few times as have others. But then more kept coming up and the eventual observation I made was that this is not a scenario set up by a few. It is a mechanism that vast numbers of beings have used as a methodology for interpersonal relations and control for eons and each of us have varying degrees ofresponsibility for perpetuating the aberration. The monitors one has set up oneself and that are being used on us and that others have on others and that we have on ourselves form the fixed basis of our interpersonal relations with others and thus our character or personality.


    Initially this level was researched using an advanced E-meter with a specially enhanced meter movement as the C of S E-meters are too insensitive. Later it was found that even this meter seemed to be difficult to get reads with even though charge was present. The charge had to be sensed for and personal awareness was deeper than the meter. Something was needed that would read deeper than the Pre-OTs awareness.

    Experiments were done using an EEG machine directly measuring the very low microvoltages coming from the brain. It was found that electrical brain activity increased when one put even light attention n the general area of a monitor. One could then steer into the charge using the EEG and then the E-meter would start to read.

    Auditing progressed using a combination of E-meter and EEG. The E-meter would F/N when charge still registered on the EEG. The solution to metering at this level is thus mainly the use of the EEG with the E-meter as a secondary tool.

    I am continuing research with the EEG development for ease of use. Currently a multi-channel LED indication of a spectrum of brain frequencies seems most useable.


    1) Locate an area where it seems that one is not being fully self-determined or thinking seems blocked.

    2) Using the EEG scan for distant possible locations of a source of monitoring. These generally do not read initially on the E-meter
    but will show up as a surge on the EEG usually in the range 7 - 20 Hz.

    3) Steer on the EEG until one gets a precise location accompanied by an awareness of the identity of the source monitor on the area of charge. Early on you may have to search a few times for a more distant or powerful location but after a while it becomes easier to get the source monitor. The junior monitors which they control can be ignored initially as when one contacts the source monitor they come into easy control.

    4) Run general O/W on the monitor of the form:

    "What have you done".

    "What have you withheld".

    This is run to a cognition generally of the monitor realizing that their actions are deteriorating themselves as well as others. If they are unresponsive then use the power processes instead.

    5) Ask "Whom have you admired or respected". This should come out on the first item but may need L&N. It gets the suppressive valence they are dramatizing.

    6) Run 5 -way recall of admiration and disdain. This achieves the same effect as the more complex earlier version of the step (follows in [].)

    [ 6) Have the monitor as-is by intending to their moment of creation AVPs and DVPs that the terminal from the last step placed on him, he placed on the terminal, others placed on them (him and the terminal), they placed on others and that they placed on themselves. If any VPs seem sticky then check for misownership, multiple creator, clustered VPs and usurped VPs.]

    7) Have the monitor repeat step 6 with you as the terminal.

    8) Ask "Who are you". If this doesn't result in a "myself" cognition then recheck steps 6 & 7 and check for any other types of VPs present.

    9) Run "What could you confront" to EP. This stabilizes the being in his own valence.

    10) Educate the being on the basics of auditing and the nature of the track. This should include the following as a minimum:

    Axioms 1-11, 29 and 51.

    The nature of the Time track.

    Principle incidents on the track including elections, Pre Inc. 1 implants, Inc. 1, C.C. implant, Helatrobus implants, The "Big Bang" at 16 billion and implants immediately following, Inc. 2.

    The nature of a thetan, types of VPs, BTs and clusters and how to handle each.

    Handling of rudiments and presessions.

    Out-int and how to handle.

    FPRD evil purpose handling.

    The data in this issue.

    11. Intend him to handle any clones he has created of himself by intending them to their moment of creation.

    12. Have him handle any creations he has been using to monitor you. Supervise this and handle any problems he has.

    13. Have him similarly handle any creations monitoring people you are associated with or in contact with.

    14. Give him the job of continuing to handle any monitors he has set up and then continue auditing other monitors on the planet

    15. Let him know that he can get in contact as necessary to handle any tech difficulties.

    16. Let go of the comm line to him.

    17. In a separate session or sessions check for and handle any NOTS case that was occluded by the monitor that is now available.





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