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    Chapter I

    The Green World

    The young man was bent over, his hands were on his knees He was gulping in huge breaths of air. Beads of perspiration trickled from his forehead down to the bridge of his nose. He watched them drop to the ground. It was getting easier.

    He raised his head and looked at the Master, standing at the doorway to the House. The Master stood there smiling at him. How does he do that? the young man wondered. He is nearly three times my age and yet he left me far behind. Now he stands there...smiling. How does he do that? Matu put his head down and watched the beads of sweat fall from his face to the ground again. As he watched, one of them almost struck a tiny ant scurrying past his feet. The ant shuddered for a split second and then returned to his travels. Matu kept watching. He leaned forward. Another droplet was on the end of nose. Moving so that he was directly over the ant, he watched as the drop fell and again nearly struck the ant. Once again, the tiny black ant stopped and shuddered... and then continued on.

    Does he see me? Matu wondered. Is he aware that I am the cause of the great rain and thunder that he suffers? He wondered. Does this tiny ant believe that his labors on this earth will earn him a greater reward in an afterlife? Does he believe in an afterlife? Matu looked intently at the ant. Are you aware, little one, that I exist...and that I can put an end to your life with no more than a whim as my motive? Then suddenly it dawned on him. He stood up and looked up into the sky. Are there beings up there that I cannot see? he wondered. Are there beings that I cannot see, that I cannot comprehend...and yet, they have power of Life and Death over me as I have the power of Life and Death over the tiny ant? Can I see them? he wondered...even if I try? He scanned the sky. Are the clouds the footprints of beings so large that I cannot see them? He wondered to himself. He stared at the sky for a long time. Are they up there? he wondered.

    When finally he looked down again, the Master was right in front of him.

    "It is time, Matu..." Master Per lyr said, " is time that you learn the history of the Ancient Ones'."

    Matu was shocked...and he was pleased. It was one of the things that he had wanted to learn about since he had joined the Order. He smiled. "Get your papers, Matu..." the Elder said. Meet me in the library as soon as you have washed and changed... I will wait for you there." Matu nodded to him and nearly ran up the stairs to his room. Matu changed and made his way to the Library. Per was there, looking out of the window at the setting sun. As Matu entered, Per turned to him. "This will be the first review of the history of the stars of our galaxy which you must learn, Matu..." the Elder began. Begin slowly, listen carefully to the names and learn the words which I shall teach you. You will see them again and again, and you will need to know how to use the words and how to decipher them. Matu nodded as he sat down. The excitement still held him. The words of the 'Ancient Ones', the secret was his dream come true. He placed the capers carefully beside him, easily within his grasp. He had learned to heed his Master's words well. In but a few weeks with his teacher, he had written pages and pages filled with words and names. His scroll was full of notations and scraps of information which he had managed to career over the course of the first few conversations with the Elder.
    "Long, long ago..." Per began, "...there was nothing, Matu. There was no light, there was no dark and there was no essence...there was only...Nothingness."

    Matu sat at his table, trying to imagine what nothing was like. No light? No dark? How could such a thing be? He wondered.
    "After the UUAH exhaled..." Per continued.

    Matu remembered the story of the exhaling of the Void. And how the "Ancient Ones' had believed the Void to be the Universal Female giving birth to the universe. "The essence of the Universe came spilling out from the center of the void
    Herself..." Per said, making grand sweeping gestures with his hands. "Swirling and tossing, wave after wave of 'waters of essence' crashed out into the Nothingness." "As the ancient streams of the energies of the Universe arc of Life itself flowed outwards, they formed huge swirling columns of black 'essence' billions and billions of miles long, looking like giant serpents twisting and turning through the Great Nothing. Sometimes they slithered off into the Nothingness by themselves...but sometimes...sometimes they swirled together, like huge primordial snakes, writhing and joining as if they were in a giant mating dance. Crashing and colliding together, they spun around each other...faster and faster with every new moment. They squeezed and crushed into each other, causing heat and enormous pressures between their entwined bodies..."
    He stopped and looked directly at Matu.
    "And there, Matu...there in the midst of their gigantic writhing, the very first atoms of the Universe were born..." Per said to him. "In the 'Dance of Creation' of the first serpent-like primordial strands of essence... the first atoms were born."

    Matu was mesmerized. He was completely caught up in the images in his head. Giant snakes of the original stuff of the light no dark...'something' spilling out into nothing. Essence serpents, squirming and twisting together...Amazing! he thought to himself. Absolutely amazing! "There in the bodies of the snakes of creation, the atoms began to multiply. Simple atoms of hydrogen were born. Time and time again, the crushing dance of the primordial serpents pressed together the first atoms of the Universe!" Per continued "And then suddenly..." Per paused.

    Matu leaned slightly forward. "BOOM!" Matu jumped!

    Per smiled at him and moved to his favorite chair. Matu was surprised at the Elder's sudden outburst.
    "Something happened, Matu. There in the middle of the passion dance of the giant swirling serpentine essences that could fill a Universe...there a tiny spark was ignited! And that tiny little spark, Matu... that tiny little spark made all the difference in our Universe."

    Matu knew there was a message for him in Per's words. "A spark of passion created our Universe...?" he offered with a bit of hesitance.
    Per smiled. "Bravo, Matu!" he said to the apprentice as he leaned forward. "From the tiniest spark of passion can come an entire Universe! You can create a whole new world with but one tiny spark of true passion, my young friend. Never forget that, Matu...from one tiny spark of pure passion...a Universe can be born!"
    Matu nodded his understanding. He loved the insights that Per offered.

    "That spark, and the other sparks of passion that were freed by the creator dance of these enormous snakes of essence, they set off a series of explosions that changed the Universe forever! Because suddenly, Matu...suddenly the darkness of
    the Universe was filled with the explosions of the first suns!" Per paused.

    Matu looked at the Elder, wondering what was next. "And then..." Per said simply, "...then there was light."
    Matu sat back with a smile on his face. So there it is, he thought to himself. From giant writhing strands of essence that had come from the Void, the atoms and the gases and the suns of the Universe had been born. And then there was Light...

    Matu grinned. "But wait..." he suddenly sat up. "Is that how Life was formed, Master? In the bodies
    of the serpents of creation? Was Life formed in the dance of creation as you said?"

    Per looked at the young man.

    "In the dance of creation, the atoms of Life were formed... yes. But the essence of Life, Matu...the essence of Life was in the breath exhaled by the Void..."
     he answered.
    Matu sat silently, staring at the Elder, trying to figure out the words. The 'atoms of Life' and the 'essence of Life', he repeated to himself. The essence of Life was already in the 'breath' of the Void...does that mean that Life existed from the moment of the birth of the Universe? But if that is true...

    Per began again, interrupting Matu's thoughts.
    "Again and again, the writhing primordial serpents crushed together, forming more gases and creating more sparks. Again and again, more suns were born. Swirling together in a bright shining whirlpool, they came together, spinning furiously like a giant merry-go-round that was billions and billions of light years across."

    Matu tried to keep up. He tried to imagine the mating of giant universal serpents of 'essence'...and the birth of stars.
    "These were the galaxies of the Universe, Matu!" Per was smiling again. "In time, one of those swirling galaxies would come to be known as ERIDANUS." Matu wrote down the name. Per stood up and walked to the window.
    "What you are about to learn, Matu, is the history of the galaxy of ERIDANUS and some of the stars and the star beings of the galaxy...but in particular, my friend, we shall speak of the history of one tiny planet in that galaxy...and the origins of a group of star beings known as...Humankind."

    Humankind! Humankind! Matu was excited...and he was nervous. He really wanted to know…that was why he had tried so hard to make the Order choose him. He did not know what the Truth was, maybe he wouldn't like it... but he had to know. He had actually had moments of doubt in those first months. Every time Master Per showed him something, another of the Truths he had always held to was undone. 'Up is is white...and everything you have ever been taught is a lie.' Those were some of the first words he had heard from Per. They were hard to hear in the beginning, but the more he learned, the more Matu found them to be true. And it made him angry. Not at Per, but at the education system that had betrayed him...and Humankind. When he had joined the Order it was for his own reasons, for his own purposes. He had been searching for the Truth for himseif. But now, now he remained for another reason... for a more important he remained for his daughter's sake. He didn't want her to be betrayed as he was. He turned to look at his mentor. Per recognized the look. It was the look of compassion...and determination. It was good. This was the look that all teachers searched for. Per returned to the table where Matu was sitting.

    Per began again...In the swirling new galaxies, Matu...the process of creation continued. Swirling in on themselves, the galaxies continued to press the essences together, pounding and crushing it into primitive atoms. Then, here and there...again and again...there was an explosion. A fiercely burning star fell in on itself until it exploded. Bursting outward, the exploding star created newer and more powerful energies...and from the center of the fiery explosion, more atoms were formed. But these, Matu, these atoms were more complex than the primitive atoms of one electron and one proton. These had four, five and six electrons in their outer shells...with just as many protons in its heart. Atoms of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen were formed...flung out into the galaxy to join with other atoms formed from other
    stars that had exploded." Per paused.

    "From the chaos of dancing stars came the atoms of the elements of our bodies, Matu..." he said. "We are the children of the fury of a dancing star that gave itself to the galaxy and to the Universe. We are born of gigantic explosions and supernovas... we walk in bodies that were once stars. Are we star people, Matu? Yes...literally."
    Matu was stunned. We really are 'Star People' he thought to himself. We are STAR people! My God, what does that say of us?
    Per leaned forward with his brows furrowed. Matu seldom saw such a serious look on the Master's face.

    "In the time of the first explosions of the time of the formations of the very first primitive marriage of electrons and protons...this, Matu...this was the original Atom and the Eve of Creation."

    Matu's eyes popped open. Per leaned back and smiled at him. Matu almost burst out laughting. Good one, Master! Matu thought to himself. Good one, Master. You got me. .
    "Many times this happened, Matu..." Per continued. "From the writhing (twisting) dance of the primordial snakes of essence...from the first-born stars that grew and fell in on themselves ...from the super explosions of stars a thousand times larger than our own sun...the atoms of the galaxy and of Life itself were formed. Clouds of gas a million degrees hot and gravity that would make a pinhead weigh a million pounds, each galaxy swirled and spun its own atoms, as if it were cooking its own broth of Life and Substance." (according to the String Theory they are not atoms: they are tiny strings, LM).
    Matu could almost feel the heat.

    "Atoms began to cling together, tiny little partnerships of two and three atoms, holding tightly to each other. Then another...and another. Each new particle joining to make the colony of atoms stronger. Too tiny to be seen by the eye, these microscopic colonies swirled together in the gigantic primordial whirlpool. From these colonies of atoms, Matu, the gases and solids of the galaxy were born. A hundred years, a thousand years... a million years later...some of the colonies of atoms grew to become tiny specks of dust. Then another thousand years later, the colonies of specks of dust grew larger, becoming pebbles...then rocks...then boulders. In the giant mixing bowl of primitive elements that swirled around infant stars, a small glob of rock and gas was forming, becoming larger and larger. In the swirling womb of the gases and dust...' In the swirling womb of gases a planet was about to be born. ...A small world was being created..."  "But there were more elements that needed to be added. The atoms of newly born gases had also begun to collect around the building primitive worlds. Gases, sometimes trapped between the stones in the crust of the new world and sometimes from inside the stones themselves, were released by the tremendous heat at the core of the infant planet. Here and there on the surface of the forming world, small clouds of nitrogen and oxygen gathered. Like a tiny puff of smoke at first making its wispy way across the shifting land plates...the gases slipped through the dust and gas. Sometimes the hydrogen and oxygen gases trapped in the slowly forming worlds were crushed together to form water droplets. Slowly or through an internal explosion, the water particles made their way to the surface. Sometimes the tiny molecules came from a hurtling stone that was flung through space by another exploding world. In many different ways, tiny little droplets of water gathered and covered the primordial cooling crust of the new world."

    Rain? Matu thought to himself.
    "Clouds smaller than your hand, Matu..." Per described. "Growing larger, forming larger and larger clouds...they cooled and warmed, cooled and warmed, again and again over millions of years in the process. Eventually, droplets condensed...and rain fell."
    It is always so simple when Per explains it, Matu thought.

    "On the thin hardening crust, the heated stone layers turned each droplet of rain into steam. The vaporized drops of water rose upwards...and were cooled. And the process began again. As the cycle continued, the ball of hot rocks became a globe of molten stone with a hardened and cooled crust. Steam was everywhere, gases circulated through the atmosphere. Here, Matu...were the beginnings of a new world."

    Matu could imagine the steamy world.

    "In time, as the steam condensed into droplets and fell once again on the surface of the new world, some of the drops remained in small puddles on the surface. More drops fell... puddles became ponds, ponds became lakes, and lakes became oceans. The heat and steam were everywhere...but the birth was near complete. A steamy misty world complete with land and sea had formed."

    Per was making sweeping gestures with his arms. Matu enjoyed watching the Elder
    get carried away by his teachings.

    "Oceans tossed and turned and crashed on virgin shores, the cooling lands expanded and contracted. Enormous cracks formed, mountains were pushed upwards and others were forced under the creeping plates of land. Volcanoes exploded, erupting and adding their molten innards to the surface, sometimes creating towering peaks, other times creating small islands. Rain and snow storms moved inland, pounding away at the craggy mountain-tops, covering them with ice and snow. On the highest peaks, melting snow formed small ponds and lakes, then turned into rivers that
    made their way down to the lands below. Creation, Matu..." Per emphasized. "Creation is a wondrous thing, to see a planet being formed is no less a miracle than watching the birth and development of a child. It is the miracle of Life on a grand scale. A child is born...a world is born, both a miracle of Creation."

    Matu loved these stories. Per paused for a moment to let the images sink into his apprentice's mind.

    "In time, time, the violence of birth calmed to a roar. Constantly moving and always creating, the oceans became calmer. At times, in fact, they were almost silent..." Per began again, " least on the surface. But do not be fooled, Matu. What you see on the surface is not always an indication of what goes on underneath. For there, in the deepest regions of the virgin seas, small pockets of newly formed Life began to gather."

    "Wait...wait, Master...” Matu stopped Per. "Excuse me, but was not Life born of lightning bolts that flashed through the gases that had collected on the surface of the waters?"
    "Well, done..." Per smiled at the apprentice. "Yes, it is true that one can create the necessary elements for physical Life by sending a lightning bolt through primordial gases, but so can the heat and gases emitted by an underwater volcano also bring forth the elements of Life. The falling of a comet into the waters of a new world, the explosion of a star, the collision of two small worlds...that too can create the elements of Life...any number of events can create them. Be not quick to commit to only one possibility."

    Matu had not thought about an underwater volcano. I guess it could happen, he thought to himself. And a falling comet could do it too. "And..."
    Matu almost dreaded the 'And' that would occasionally pop up in Per's teachings. It was usually a revelation that Matu had not even thought of.
    "...when you create the elements of Life..." Per said, " do not create Life, you only create the foundation blocks that could sustain Life."

    Matu was surprised.
    "Are you saying, Elder..." he wondered, "...that Life did not begin with that first bolt of lightning?"
    Per smiled. "When you create an engine out of metal, you have created the shell that could move enormous vehicles or hurtle airplanes through the air. But you have not produced a creation that moves on its own, it needs a driving force, an impetus."

    "It needs fuel..." Matu offered.
    "It needs fuel..." Per agreed. "It needs a motivating force."
    Matu thought for a moment. "Consciousness?" he wondered aloud.
    "It has been called consciousness..." Per answered. "It has been called the soul and it has been called the 'higher self."
    Matu thought about it for another fleeting moment.
    "Where did the consciousness come from then, Master?" he asked. "Surely not from the lightning bolt or the gases?"
    Per smiled again. "Well done,, the consciousness was not born of a bolt of lightning or a cloud of gas."
    He stopped. Matu knew something was coming.

    "It was born of the Breath of the Void..."
    Per said. "The consciousness of the Void filled the newly born Universe as did the essence of Life. The birth of the elements of Life produced only the shell which would later house the consciousness..."  (according to R.Monroe, life in our Universe is coming from the Emitter, which is a part of the Creative Force. The Emitter is a huge Ball of energy. More on that on  Robert Monroe info   , LM).
    Matu leaned forward, ready to ask his next question. "...and how that happened, Matu...we shall save for a later time.'
    Per smiled that devilish smile again. Matu sat back. Damn it! he thought to himself. He did it to me again! Per sipped at a drink he had before him, letting Matu's thoughts run wild. Per put his drink down.

    "It has happened in many, many different ways in our Universe, Matu. On some worlds of distant galaxies, the first cell of Life was born from an underwater volcano, on another world it was born from a lightning bolt streaking through a cloud of water and gas. A storm of ionized gas penetrated by meteorite, an exploding star flinging the elements of Life through space into some far distant waters of a planet light years as many ways as there are stars, in countless ways in countless galaxies, the first cells of Life were born in the Universe."

    So Life was not just born on one single planet, Matu thought to himself. But then..."Were all the cells the same, Master?" he wondered. "Were all the original cells of Life the same in their make-up?" Per smiled again at the young man. "No..." he answered. "They were not the same, Matu. The wonder of the Universe is that there are many, many forms of Life, each with its own shape and make-up. There were thousands and thousands of different cells that were born in the galaxies. Each ceil gave birth to a different race of beings, and each race was born to a different path. Look not at the Universe and assume that all Life is as we see it, young Matu. Even in our own galaxy. Life comes in manyforms." Per leaned forward and directed his full attention to Matu.

    Remember this, Matu..." he said in a most serious tone. "The ant climbing on the side of a tree cannot recognize the man who stands staring at him. Man is not in the realm of perception of the ant, Man is an inconceivable form of Life to him. His senses are not capable of registering the complete form of Man."
    He saw me! Matu was suddenly started- He saw me watching that ant!

    "So too, the senses of Humankind are unable to register the forms of Life beyond our comprehension. The best of our scientific inventions are but an extension of our senses. To the ant, Matu, we are so large, so incomprehensible that he cannot imagine that we are a form of Life. We are so big, that he cannot imagine how such an enormous 'thing' could possibly contain Life as he knows it. So too, Matu, human beings cannot imagine how such a tiny creature could possibly contain a Life of consciousness as we know it."

    "Does an ant have a concept of an afterlife? Does an ant believe in a God of ants? Does an ant have a sense of right and wrong? In our perception, he does not. But that is because the ant does not live according to our concepts of right and wrong. Humans believe themselves to be superior to the ant. But why, Matu? Why are we superior? Because we can change our environment? Is that a sign of wisdom...or a sign of ignorance of the balance of nature?" "Look to any city streets, the scurrying around of human beings in their everyday lives any different from the scurrying which the ant does? Are the cities of humans any different from the colonies of ants? Are the wars of human beings anydifferent from the wars of ants? If the millions of years of existence of our planet reveals anything, is that the ant colony is dedicated to the common good of the ant...while the human colonies are dedicated to the good of an elite few. Remember this, Matu...the ants have been here for millions of years, adapting to their environment and coexisting with it. Human beings, for all their supposed superiority, have been destroying their environment. When the food sources for humans are gone, the ant will continue to survive and thrive. When the comet strikes the earth and obliterates Life as we know it, the ant will survive. What then shall we say about the Will of God which so many human beings place such great faith in? Are human beings truly the 'Chosen Ones' that His Divine Hand will spare...or are the
    'lowly ants', as we arrogantly refer to them, are they the true 'Chosen Ones' who will be spared?"

    Matu was stunned. My God, he thought to himself. It is true. If there is such a thing as an 'obedient servant', it is the ant. We destroy the gifts that God gave us, the world and our own people, we destroy ourselves...while the ant continues to serve the entire colony. I can't believe it, he marveled. The ant accomplishes what we can only dream about. If there is a God, the ant is His obedient servant. Per sat back to let the words sink in. Matu sat silently for a moment. "An ant cannot see me, sir...* he began. "That I can understand. But what then, Master, what must be hidden from me...simply because I am a human being?"

    "That is precisely the point, Matu..." Per answered. "If you desire to gain the Wisdom of the Ant, you must think iike the Ant. If you wish to gain the wisdom of the Owl, you must think like an Owl...and if you wish to gain the Wisdom of Star Beings, you must stop thinking like a Human must think like a Star Being!"
    Matu marveled at the simplicity of the words...and the difficulty of them. Matu was about to ask a question when Per began again.

    "In the galaxy of ERIDANUS, there are as many Life forms as there are stars, Matu. And here is a curious thing, my young friend. In this galaxy, in our galaxy...the humanoid form is the general path that all life forms take. It is not, as many might think, the exception. Quite the contrary, it is the general rule." Matu remembered the many Life forms that the Master had described to him before. There were humanoids in the galaxy who had evolved from ancestors that wereinsects, and there were humanoids who had evolved from fish ancestors. There were humanoids descended of reptiles, birds and even forms of Life that Matu was sure he would never even see in his lifetime. This was not hard for Matu, we human beings were, after all, descended from ancestors who were apes, he knew that. But the reptilian humanoids... human beings born of reptilian ancestors...that fascinated him.
    "Will you speak of the reptilian beings again?" Matu asked his teacher. Per looked at his young student.

    "We must, Matu..." he answered. "For they are the source of the institutions of Humankind. They are the reason why we are here." Matu was never comfortable when Per said that. Somehow the thought of reptilian beings as the guiding force for Humankind seemed repugnant to Matu.
    Per saw the discomfort in his apprentice

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