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    By Ken Oggers (The Pilot)


    We have come down through a long series of universes All of the more advanced sources seem to be aware of this However, no one has ever provided a detailed description of the sequence or characteristics of these universes If we have indeed fallen from a godlike state, then the universes themselves must follow some sort of a dwindling progression and the mechanics of that decay must reflect, on the whole, how we have come to be in the state that we are in

    This document will attempt to sketch out the broad outlines and provide a context which will hopefully support further research I cannot guarantee that all the information given here is exactly correct The best I can do is to say that I think it comes reasonably close But of one thing I am certain, the picture can be no less complex than that presented here If I have erred, it is on the side of missing things rather than putting too much here Nothing less would serve to explain the degree to which we have fallen

    Before embarking on an actual discussion of the history, it is important to define my usage of the word "universe" because it is used in many sloppy ways in the field of metaphysics By universe, I mean a complete system of space and time And for this discussion, I mean specifically those large agred upon universes in which we have all lived

    There is not a one to one mapping between the points in space within one universe and those in another A universe can have more than one 3 dimensional plane and can also have other 3 dimensional spaces (bubbles or pockets) tied to it These are all considered to be part of the same universe because there is a mapping of points and there and there is a correspondence of time and there s a carry over of physical laws But truly separate universes do not tie together in a direct manner and do not have identical laws Note that you can setup transfer points between separate universes, but these are arbitrary points linked together without any correlation

    The current universe is one of very strict physical laws and is best characterized as a highly mechanical MEST (Matter/Energy/Space/Time) oriented creation The immediately preceeding universe was one of Magic and where physical laws were not quite as solid Just as the literature of science fiction hints at the flavor of our life in this universe, the literature of fantasy hints at the nature of the Magic universe But even the Magic universe was quite physical and highly structured in its own context As we work backwards from this universe, we see that each preceeding universe was slightly less solid and more conducive to thought and until we reach the earliest ones where the Thetan (Spirit/that which thinks) is senior and the physical aspects are trivial things that can be modified by the merest whim

    Let us now go all the way back and set the stage for the entire procession of universes

    The Dance of Creation

    At the "highest" levels, the self-aware life "statics" ('statics' in this context is as a word, conditional combination of particular commonly used symbols) participate in a dance of infinite creation Here, everything that is conceived of is created, exchanged and experienced Here we have an infinity of universes in constant flux, varying even in the number of dimensions used by each universe At this level, individual is himself near infinite, creating and experiencing multiple universes simultaneously and projecting an infinity of personalities, and yet the individual is still individual and separate from other individuals who also participate in the dance of creation And the flux between these individuals is the dance and is the infinity of creation

    This level is the co-existence of static and here each individual is, to all intents and purposes, God And the only compelling purpose of it all is to continue to add to the richness of creation And this might well be termed divine and infinite bliss It is a nirvana, but nirvana of infinite somethingness, rather than nothingness But given an infinity of infinities to fill, it becomes mandatory to leave no stone unturned in the search of yet more new and varied creations In pursuit of this, there is the idea that a new being, freshly separated from the zero-infinite life "static" , might conceive a new system of creation, different from those, which are already in existence And so the beings were indeed separated out and did add greatly to the richness of creation

    But the most original creations would stem from beings who were isolated from the existing order and were not tainted by exposure to what the older beings had created And so there is the concept of isolating a new crowd of individuals within a sort of womb where they can develop on their own We are now in such a womb, and the entire series of universes that we have built and inhabited are in this womb When we have finished our development, we will exit the womb and carry our new systems of creation with us into the dance and begin an infinitely interesting exchange of mockups with the older beings And someday, eons hence, when we have milked dry every variation of our own systems, and the systems of the older beings, and the endless variations of intermixing the systems, then we will eagerly await the birth of yet another crop of new beings who will bring forth their own set of wonders

    No matter how miserable you may be today, the duration of the misery is short in comparison with eternal bliss When you have achieved the ultimate godlike state, you will consider the pains of birth a small price to have paid for it


    The Womb

    How is it possible to enclose a group of godlike beings and prevent them from experiencing the vast and interesting body of existing creations? How can you control someone whos merest whim has the power to create and destroy universes? Initially, since you are dealing with innocent new beings, you can distract them with an interesting object and channel their intention in the direction that you desire But this does not work for very long, because, and soon they will begin to look around and be attracted by the fascinating works of the older beings And with that, the freshness of new unbiased creation would be lost So something further is needed

    But a god can only trap or limit himself, and at most, he can be aided by the deception and trickery of others But even in this, the older beings must not be directly involved or they will eventually contaminate the new crowd And so the new group of beings must be tricked into conflict among themselves and into building traps for each other And each one is trapped, not so much by the traps that others laid for him, but by traps that he laid for others for sooner or later, he will forget one of his own traps and fall into it by mistake The general plan is that the new beings will dig themselves into a trap of their own devising And will sink deeper and deeper into it and eventually will become the effect of their own creation and even forget who they are and how they built the trap in the first place But in so doing, they will evolve a new system of creation, which will be the anatomy of the trap And eventually, they will begin to dig themselves out, which will require regaining control over the entirety of their creations

    We lay now at the bottom of such a trap, and it might seem that we could never create even a single atom of the physical universe around us But these abilities will return as we dig ourselves out And when we exit the womb, each of us will not only have all of the rich and interesting detail of Earth at our fingertips, but we will also have the details of the Star Wars like physical universe and the Magic universe, and the numerous universes that that came before We will bring al of this out into the greater society of beings and our rewards will be great It has been a hard road and will continue be rough for awhile, but it has worked before and it is the only way to develop in true isolation

    And the older beings will not and cannot intervene We must dig ourselves out, for it is this which will give us the power over these creations of ours If the older beings were to step in and rescue us, so to speak, by pulling us out of this trap, they would be stealing from us our richly deserved award These are our creations and it is for us to take command over them We have been totally isolated for a long time There was only one external intervention at the very beginning This was the absolute minimum possible and there have been no others although we have frequently pretended to each other that we were older or higher beings and have sometimes imitated the actual intervention with the intent of bedeviling and tricking each other

    This one and only bit of external of external interference consisted of presenting us with a single ultra-complex object which would prejudice us towards conflict and entrapment This object was the jewel of knowledge

    Read about the Jewel of Knowledge on the first page of this site >

    We Begin Creative Process

    We left the jewel of knowledge with an enthusiastic desire to create a complex and interesting universe There were no rules, but that it had to be interesting and complex Even the number of dimensions was to be used was unspecified and therein lay the first and ultimate conflict It takes time and effort to devise and build an elaborate mockup And the more dimensions you use, the more time and work is involved Three dimensions are more complex that two, and four dimensions are even worse, and an entire system of creation had to be buid up from scratch Imitating the 17 dimensions used in the jewel would have been ridiculous for new beings and would have lacked originality besides And each of the beings was godlike and have been advised to make his own decisions and go his own way as well as being told to keep others in line ( a sure recipe for conflict) and so each choose an arbitrary number of dimensions and began working

    Soon there were some people working on one dimensional systems and some on two or three or four all the way up to about a dozen dimensions with occasional dabbling in even greater numbers of dimensions And the distribution of beings was fairly even with a bit more working on the lower numbers of dimensions since it was easier and a gradual petering out up to the towards the higher numbers And as each being invested more and more time and effprt into mockups using a certain number of dimensions, he developed an attachement for that number of dimensions and a vested interest in it But fewer dimensions are simpler and the beings who were trying to devise a one dimensional system began to show results early while those who were working on a larger scale were still in the rudimentary stages of invention

    Those one dimensional systems of creation are still with us One of them is music The one dimensional "object" (e.g. a sound or musical note) can only go up and down It moves forward in time, but time is not a dimension in a sense that we are discussing here (we are concerned with dimensions of space) The "object" can have a width and shape in the form of a cord (as opposed to a single note) and there are all sorts of interesting aethetics in the interrelationship of many notes moving up and down in a complex, but it is still motion in only one dimension The notes can also have a quality as in the sound of piano Vs that of a violin but this alsp does not change the number of dimensions just as adding color to a three dimensional world doesn't add an extra dimension The fruits of the two dimensional effort enompassed the basic versions of many of our board games such as chess

    As these low dimensioned systems began yielding results, some of the beings working on large numbers of dimensions began to feel that they had too long a runway and switched over to one of the lower groups But the tendency was to join the 3, 4 or 5 dimensional efforts where there was substantial room for new contributions rather than to join the 1 or 2 dimensional efforts which were already being sewn up so to speak And it came about that the 3 dimensional group had more numbers that any of the others with slightly less in the 4 dimensional group But there were still quite a few working above 4 dimensions And because 3 dimensions was simpler than 4 and it had more people working on it, it was fast approaching completion at least in its basic architecture

    The 3Ds could see that the remaining people working very high dimensions would eventually drop down and work with the 4Ds (or possibly with the 5Ds) They wouldn't join 3Ds because the 3Ds were nearly done and also because the these were diehards who had already stuck with very complex forms and would probably prefer to at least have 4 or 5 dimensions to work in rather than 3 So their estimate was that although the 3Ds were currently the largest group, they would eventually be outnumbered by the 4Ds as more and more beings abandoned the higher dimensional efforts

    In a sane society, this would have been fine There is room for many systems of creation But they all knew (thanks to the jewel of knowledge) that everyone would have to be beaten into line and settle into one system And they had a vested interest in continuing with their own mockups in the system that they had devised rather than abandoning it for a 4 dimensional system created by others Furthermore, they knew that a 4 dimensional system can manipulate and overwhelm a three dimensional system just as someone operating in a 3 dimensional system can crumple up a 2 dimensional painting or sweep a 2 dimensional chess game onto the floor All the 3 dimensional group had was a temporary numerical advantage combined with a system that was nearly complete in comparison with the 4 dimensional system They knew that they would be overwhelmed eventually So they decided to strike first and so began the reality wars


    The Reality Wars

    This was the longest period in our history and the most extreme conflict we have ever been engaged in It took place between beings of awsome capabilities who were invulnerable to anything except for the side effects of their own infinitely powerful postulates and decisions And it took nearly forever for these immortals to wear each other down and finally get everyone beaten into line And there is nobody who did not at one time or another fight on every side of this conflict And there is nobody who not occasionally say the hell with it all and go off on their own to build universes only eventually be sucked back into the conflict again And the fighting of this war as an interesting game was probably as important to us as the issues being fought over, and so the desire of the majority was always to perpetuete the battle rather than to come to some reasonable compromise And the flavor of the battle was more like that of kids playing a war game where people only rarely suffered any actual harm rather than the horror of humanoid warfare

    But over the long course of time, people did eventually succeed at abberating and controlling and entrapping each other In the final stages of the conflict, the 3 dimensional proponents did succeed in laying in mental blocks that interfered with creating or perceiving things in more than 3 dimensions They could not block out 1 and 2 dimensional capabilities because these are part of 3 dimensional constructions, but they could and did block the use of 4 or more dimensions The 4 dimensional crew could not retaliate in kind because to block 3 dimensions would block 4 as well Instead, they took the only countermeasure possible which was to implant a craving for 4 dimensional mockups

    A single 4 dimensional coin might remedy your cravings for wealth Since one can't have that, one wants endless 3 dimensional coins because that approaches the condition of a single 4D coinwhich consists of an infinity of 3D coins layered together along the 4th axis Consider having a 2D picture of a coin If you layer enough of those together, you would come closer to having a 3D coin But you never quite make it, its not really the same So the 3D never really satisfies and you get abberated on the subject of quantity

    This left us in the strange state of being unable to perceive 4 dimensional mockups while at the same time not only reacting to them, but also needing them There is 4 dimensional component to things such as sexual ecstasy The very universe we live in, although built of 3 dimensional mockups, has a 4 dimensional thickness which is what makes it so solid and difficult to manipulate If you hit the wall with your hand and then do a mental mockup of a hand hitting a wall, you will notice a significant difference in the two experiences If you ten mockup thousands of identical hands striking thousands of identical walls, all in parallel, you will notice that the mocked up sensation comes much closer to the real thing So our current reality does have a 4 dimensional component It is a thickness consisting of multiple copies of the 3 dimensional reality all sort of glued together and moving as unit To gain some understanding of how this happened, we must look at the early capabilities and aberrations of the beings in this time period

    Early Capabilities and Abberations

    As to abilities, we are now talking about beings who were virtually unlimited in their ability to create and alter matter, energy, space and time and who were furthemore capable of being in many places at once and tracking and managing many complex operations at the same time But the beings were very limited as to both experience and philosophy Their thinking was almost of the idiot savant style with trmendous mechanical capabilities but little interest in the meaning of things The use of symbols and abstractions is something that evolved gradually and it only started to appear bit by bit in this early period The earliest communications were simply the exchange of knowingness You would know that someone else wanted you to come over and look at something they had created You'd go over and look at it and then decide that they knew that you liked it (or didn't like it) Then they would decide that you knew that they were happy with your (or unhappy) with the judgement and so you would know that as well This was soon followed by exchanging simple pictures But exchanging pictures of abstract symbols as a means of communications only evolved on the eve of the reality wars as the universe building work was approaching completion

    It is in the area of communications that the first aberrations developed This was due to the influence of the jewel of knowledge which hinted continually that completely free communications was not really such a good idea The hidden purpose behind this was both to keep the new beings from trying to communicate with things outside of the womb and also to lay the stage for the conflicts and entrapment that was necessary for their development, for people do not fight nor do they get trapped if they are in full communication

    Unlike other aberrations, these early communication abberations were by choice and they are slightly different for each of us, although the mechanics are the same, because each of us made our own decisions about who and what we didn't feel like communicating with And here is the road out Since communication barriers are, at basic, created by choice, they can be pushed through by the simple decision to communicate again without having to unravel the entire maze that we have built on top of them In modern times, we see long chains of problems and upsets layered upon each other And we see harmful acts and guilt and retribution And these all seem to lie on top of a core of incidents of loss and pain

    But the early beings could not be hurt and at first could not even suffer loss because they could create anything again And the earliest problems, etc could obviously not be dependent upon yet earlier ones The early aberrations all stem from communication blocks created willfully based on the advise of the jewel of knowledge Early problems all stemmed from an unwillingness to communicate or from leaving communications incomplete Early harmful acts and upsets came about because of the misunderstandings engendered by messed up communications And then these things began to feed on themselves This happened during the early universe building period, and during the reality wars, and continues to this day

    And since these are the most basic aberrations, it is possible to address them even on someone walking in off of the street without long preparation, and you can undo their everyday problems as is clearly illustrated by lower level Scientology processing But taking apart the original problems that occured during the basic universe building era has its own difficulty It is not that these early incidents are painful or hard to face, most of them would be a joke to us now after all that we have been through The real difficulty is that this early period is almost incomprehensible You might, for example, have someone who is being a near infinite series of golden pyramids spread out amont 20 different universes of varying number of dimensions deciding, let us say, to trick a being who is an infinite progression of green and orange carrots into thinking that a right handed space (whatever that is) is really left handed

    And that is the basic anatomy of earliest aberrations, which came about through the predisposition to not communicate And then we have the reality wars, with everyone working day and night to try and figure out how to further confuse and aberrate and control each other This could not be done by implanting commands through energy waves or hypnosis or whatever because the beings could not at this time be affected by force or energy So these early efforts concentrated heavily on showing you very aesthetic little stories that would trick you into weakening yourself They might, for example, show you how glorious it would be to fight against the overwhelming odds and loose Or they might show you the nobility of self-sacrifice And then they might encourage you to go ahead and experience these things in some sort of a mocked up universe And often, you would, because you were hungry for interesting experiences and had not the slight concept that anything could ever really harm you And all the while, they'd be encouraging you to turn off your own abilities and reduce your horsepower

    None of these things worked very well at first But eventually, what with continually changing sides, we all eventually fell into traps that we had ourselves designed while playing on the other team And if enough time had passed for us to have forgotten that we had build a trap, then it might be quite effective aginst us And we were just too stupid to fix the traps that we built so that they wouldn't trap their creators You wouldn't be bothered by these traps now They didn't have much more punch than our current TV commercials Its just hard to conceive of this stuff because of the weight of the high powered conditioning used in later universes interferes with our ability to think

    Misaligned Spaces

    After the reality wars we basically settled down to mocking up 3 dimensional universes Up to and including this period, there is no single agreed upon universe Instead, people would mockup universes pretty much at will Both before and during the reality wars, these universes had varying number of dimensions After the conclusion of the wars, it was 3 dimensional universes all the way, but it was still an infinite variety and complexity with everyone going their own way Before the reality wars, people were simply individualistic in what they wanted to mockup But in the aftermath of the wars, they became quite contrary and disagreeable They had had one thing jammed and down their throat and had been forced into agreement on the point of using 3 dimensions So now they were going to be as individualistic as possible in all other respects

    This era could be called the mis-aligned spaces because everyone was trying to keep everything as far out of alignment as possible Or it could be called the mis-aligned agreements or the era of disagreement or whatever

    Putting it in an oversimplified manner. If someone invented fire engines to put out fires, then somebody else would immediately invent fire engines to collect the trash and a third person would invent traveling super fires that searched for fire engines and burnt them up But it was worse than that There were the rudimentary forms of language in the sense of meanings being assigned to symbols, and out of contrariness, different or opposite meanings were assigned to the same symbol so that soon there were language difficulties and great misunderstandings despite the fact that communication was still basically telepathic in nature This carried on for a long time, and people fell further and further out of communication with each other This encouraged even more problems, harmful acts etc and led to games of entrapment

    The beings were also gradually condensing down and becoming located throughout the entire early period of the track At the time of the jewel of knowledge, the being was close to omniscient and and not really located anywhere in particular except that his attention could be occupied by something as elaborate as the jewel But the jewel convinced him that he should put some sort of mass or anchor point into the places where he was operating This was based on the false idea that space was owned and belonged to individuals and so they needed to stake their claim with some sort of mass Eventually he begins to believe that he is located where his masses are, but he still continues to put out nearly infinite collections of objects to act as his body so to speak But his ability to occupy many viewpoints deteriorates and eventually he condenses down to to occupying a single location This deterioration is occurring during the era of the mis-aligned spaces but he doesn't really end up as a single individual until the agreements universe discussed below

    Again this is an extraordinary long period of but is not really measurable in human terms All of these early eras are multi-verses (collections of universes) rather than a single agreed upon universe and time measurements are relative to a universe and tend to be meaningless in situations such as this where time flows at different rates in different universes Your experience of the time is sequential and and you can probably lay out some sort of measuring system for yourself, but different people will have experienced different amounts of time due to being in different places which had different time rates

    Nothing, not even the time rate was agreed upon consistently in this era It made it difficult to play games and to communicate Eventually, everyone came to agree on one thing which was that some basis for common agreement and consistent operation was necessary And under the surface, there was still the idea that we should build something together that would be of camparable magnitude to the jewel of knowledge

    Our solution was to build the agreements universe

    Agreements Universe or Effort To Align Spaces

    This is the first of the gigantic agreed upon universes where everybody lived It was not organized in any fashion except for having an agreed upon set of definitions It was just big infinite space into which anyone could project mockups of their choosing It was basically a 3 dimensional space and would, of course, contain 3 dimensional mockups, but it was also possible to project additional 3 dimensional spaces sideways of it or to redife the same location as a number of 3 dimensional mockups in parallel For example, let us say that Bill creates a room with a green chair Steve comes in and agrees with it but then Joe shows up and decides that the chair is blue Steve and Bill resist this and and so the space divides into two parallels separated slightly in the 4th dimension with one space having the green chair and the other one having the blue chair When fourth person enters the room, he feels that he can go two ways, either to the room with Bill and Steve and green chair or to the room where Joe is sitting on the blue chair

    The basic flaw was in the definitions used These were definitions of basic things such as good and bad, happy and sad, big and small, etc The definitions were done as dichotomies - i.e. pairs of opposites The problem was that, whether due to inexperience or due to more troublesome hints from the jewel, the pairs of definitions did not really line up with each other For example, there was a definition for good (in the sense of nice) and bad, and there was a different definition for good (in the sense of holy) and evil and the two versions of good did not line up with each other so that it was possible to be good in the holy sense while being quite nasty in the same time This made for more mis-communication and entrapment

    We designed these definitions ourselves, but we did it in teams In defining the agreements universe, each team designed one pair of definitions without knowing what other definitions are going to be This was considered to be fair since everyone had an equal hand in making this mess The definition was stated in terms of a simple picture sequence For example, good/bad was defined as a series of pictures about the good bear and the bad bear The good bear does this and the bad bear does that It shows about two dozen pairs of examples of good and bad Its all very silly and childlike The charge on these definitions is small but deep and is primarily due to heavy pressure of enforced agreement and the endless confusions and upsets that occured during our existence in the agreements universe The charge on these definitions and their assosiation with childlike mockups is probably why people sometimes have a great distaste for childlike things

    We built these definitions in the mis-aligned spaces and then collected them together By extreme hard work, we built the definition sequences into a 4 dimensional construction and reminiscent of the jewel of knowledge It was basically 4 dimensional inverted pyramid golden in color, The inverted pyramid in this case symbolized the narrowing down of many realities into one Each 3 dimensional pyramid in the 4 dimensional super-pyramid contained one of the many pairs of definitions Even with true 4 dimensional abilities blocked, it was possible to build a 4 dimensional construction by painstakingly layering together a lage series of 3 dimensional constructions We all promised to agree to and follow these definitions and we all made strong postulates that everyone would be bound by the definitions This was all done before any of us had seen all the definitions ("buying cat in a bag") Then we all gathered around and dived into it as a group

    You can spot rushing to get into agreement and going through a golden inverted triangle There will be a sense of thousands of other beings rushing along with you similar to the sensation of the sperm dream found by early Dianetics After you pass through the triangle, you get hit by the definitions one after the other and beginning with the good and bad bear (later in the research it was revised to agreeing and disagreeing dog) When we come out, we are all in a single empty infinite space The space is light (faintly golden) rather than dark And then we start creating things Death still did not exist, although we were getting pretty good at forgetting things or dropping everything and deciding to go off to the other end of the universe and start over We were still not interiorized into our creations But there was a tendency to use the interesting body types created for the agreements definitions as our manifestations rather than using of simple pyramids or spheres that we had used up to this time But these were not really bodies as as we know them now because we flicked them in and out of existence as necessaryand were certainly not very bothered if one of them got zapped since we'd just mock up another one

    This time period was long and interesting, but the conflicts gradually got worse and eventually we wound up spending most of our time tricking each other or messing up each others stuff Eventually it got so that you couldn't build a complicated aesthetic creation without some practical joker making some weird thing pop up in the middle of it People got frustrated and began to search for a solution The answer was to set up a new universe (since the agreements universe was so messed up) in which each person would have their own separate sub-universe I.E. each being would get their own home universe which everyone else was supposed to leave alone
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