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    Current events
    By B Robertson (Astar)
    OK. Hello again, this is side 2, Tech Briefing # 8, 23 May A.D. 36. And on the last side we  covered - on Side 1 - we covered the OT Life Repair steps and I will mention again a person may not need all of them. They only need the ones - you can actually go down and see what they are interested in and the reads are on them and - you know - they can just take it like you would handle a stack list - whatever they are interested in and so on. And when all of them are just F/Ning - well - there is nothing more to handle. The guy can have his confront big enough and he can have a session space big enough and he is willing to handle any thetan that comes
    up. That's what we want. A sort of: "As a solo auditor he's ready to handle any thetan that may come up". Not particular "old friends" or anything. These on the next level - you are gonna find guys that you didn't even know were there. And he also has a confront that includes his own universe and the MEST universe and time, forward and backward as far as he can imagine. OK?

    Now on this side I'm going to tell you the political changes that have been very interesting since Xenu was exiled in November. Well, you know there are people who've run this Excalibur level. You know? They've been sending a lot of these captured Loyal Officers - which are being now freed out of the plugs, and a lot of turned around implanters, who are also freed out of these plugs - they've been sending them back to Central and to Sector 9 MShip to debrief. And these debriefs have mounted up. There've been THOUSANDS of them - thousands of them, you see? And finally the Grand Council of this galaxy realized that they themselves have been monitored all the way for 4 quadrillion years. You see? When they gave Elron Elray the project to do on Earth here - to clean it up and get the people ready for admission into the Galactic Community - they THOUGHT they were just cleaning up a "local bad spot". A spot that, you know, had been messed up 75 million years ago and when people get up through - say OT III - they should be ready to go back and join up with the others.

    When the whole planet was F/Ning on that they could get, sort of, like, get back in comm. It wouldn't be TOO aberrated. But since Excalibur they found out that THEY THEMSELVES were monitored by plugs all they way since before, or since the moment they got their Inc I. And so there was a great political upheaval up there, that Elron Elray was, of course, right in the middle of, and they decided to exile Xenu. And that's when the orders came down and  that's when Sector 9 carried them out under Elron Elray's discretion. And Quentin and Yvonne came down, took Xenu and got him out, handled him a bit, exiled him to work on his "amends". And the political changes included that Markab - the representatives from Markab to the Grand Council, who were always non complying with the order on Xenu - the Ethics Order on Xenu, you know - they were sort of like pushing it off to the side, stale dating it - you know - ignoring it, and saying "Yes, Yes. We got to check it out through, there may be something about ...". You know, how they do it in orgs, anyway. Anyway, they wouldn't ever have applied it until when they found out that THEY WERE MONITORED also and they HAD BEEN MONITORED BEFORE INC II, before that, from Coltus, themselves! Coltus was used as a monitoring station for the whole of Markab. Markab was like the test place to restimulate the Pre-I incidents and so on, in the Sector. The Markabians, therefore, are the most "done-in" of the various non-earth planetary populations around.

    They were at a much higher level than "Earth Beings", but when you scratch a Markabian you find a monitored guy from Pre-I plugs. And he has totally been monitored into the valence of what Xenu looks at as his "body operating org guys". He has an implanter org staff, of course who have been with him since Pre-I. but they are all exterior, they don't take bodies. But the other guys - which were with him since Inc II and the Markabian guys who were monitored by Xenu and his implanting experiments in this Sector - they HAVE taken bodies and they were always "willing" - VERY "willing" - to work with him because of the plugs and the monitors on them. So you see the game.

    But soon after these debriefs started the Grand Council exiled Xenu and then the Markabians fully agreed and they said "That's it! No more implanting!". The latest news is, they are trying to create an implanting free zone down here. Now this is the Markabians who remain loyal to Markab. Realize that! There was a split here. There are also some beings on this planet who remained loyal to Xenu. So you had a split here. A political split. It's been evidenced ever since December 1985 and on up into present time. You have these weird things happening. Explosions, atomic reactor blow up, the bombings, very embarrassing situations for one or the other governments - demonstrations against the "other" governments and the other side and so on. You can basically understand the whole news by looking at Europe as being mostly controlled by the Markabians who are still loyal to Markab and have dumped Xenu and the idea of implanting, but not the idea of one-world control and not the idea of computer control. But they HAVE dumped Xenu and the idea of implanting people, because their Central Government told them "Knock it off. We're with the Grand Council decision. Get Xenu out of there, he's not on the mission anymore, he doesn't run anything!" So he's out. The European guys now are more or less aligned with Galactic Central. They're still trying to take the planet for Markab, however, but it will be an easier game to handle with the New Civilization technology of the 4th dynamic and they will be much more amenable to creating a Free Zone planet.

    Now, the other thing is that the "other" side is mostly based in America, because that's where a lot of implanting tech has been carried out on the unsuspecting population. And at this point I advise you to read the unpublished notes of a book that Walther Broward was supposed to write called "The Invisible Third World War". It's even more horrifying than "Sector 9" data and somehow he disappeared and it never got published, but we have copies of it and if you read that you'll understand. He say it also from the political level of the game of implanting being pushed into the major countries of the world and through their governments. And it's an incredible book. It's a good companion reference to Sector 9, to give you the real "skinny" of what's going on in the biological, chemical, mental, telepathic warfare game. He also mentions "Excalibur" in that book. The ORIGINAL "Excalibur", the book by LRH, that is was stolen originally from his office in Washington and that it was then used in the CIA to develop a technology capable of controlling the planet in mass. Well, we know that that was just a trick of the implanters, because LRH was trying to expose some of the implants on the planet. And he wrote the book to sort of pull the sword on it and we're now finishing that job. We have pulled the sword on it and we can run them out and handle them all the way back.

    But that book was VERY important and so, like I say, you can always take knowledge and use it one of two ways: to SUPPRESS people or to FREE them. Well, of course the implanters and their monitored beings in the CIA, in the Church and everything, in the governments of America, they just used it to suppress people. Ok.

    So, the Europeans actually are now more aligned with Galactic Central than the Americans. Russia has been quavering. It sort of moved closer to Europe in terms of friendship and purposes and the Americans didn't like that, and so - oh sorry, not the Americans - but the IMPLANTERS didn't like that. The implanters then monitored an "accident" - shall we say - over in Russia and you had a nuclear fallout problem from there. There's a lot of things going on, there's also a third world movement going on very quietly to establish a Free Zone planet that I told you was started - if you read Sector 9, you see when that was started - a couple of years back and so it's all coming to a head in the next few years. And believe me, if you don't read Sector 9 and if you don't do this Excalibur level, you won't know what the hell is going on. Because you whole "political" scenarios are only a REFLECTION of what's happening REALLY on the 7th dynamic. Ok. So that's what the latest news is, Ladies and Gentlemen. You can keep "tuned in", but you really just have to take your meter out and you can "tune in"
    on it any time you want. Just jun a plug or something and find out what the latest tricks are.

    Well, here's some of the latest tricks. Xenu, since he was exiled has tried to do some things. I put him on report of course. I just want you to know this because you might find it when you're running Pre-OTs and so on. He is SUPPOSED to be taking responsibility for the Pre-I implant station in Andromeda, that's the next galaxy over. That was the original home of the Pre-I implant station. It's on a planet there with a very - sort of - gold and reddish looking sun. And it also has - that was the area, by the way, where the game started, the game to organize and bring aesthetics to the MEST universe, that area, that whole galaxy. So it WAS the beginning galaxy and THIS one was the SECOND galaxy that's been expanded to. Well, not the only second one, but it WAS the second in sequence AFTER the thetans decided to come in and do something about the MEST universe. Xenu is now over there (in Andromeda) and he is supposed to be doing this "amends". But his telepathic line is still strong, you see, to his Implanter Org guys, because they are all fucking implanted of course and they all respond to him because of the way their plugs are set up. And so this is what he's been doing. He was directing a telepathic line to the Implanter Org and via them to the RTC in the USA to get them to concentrate their Black NOTs to various individuals in the Free Zone. And I put him on report for that. He was realizing that we were taking apart his org board, you see? Oh well, now they are still trying, but he didn't make it.

    You can always tone 40 him out of your session, but you might find of course that he has some old agreements with the PreClears in the session or the Pre-OT you're handling and they might have created viewpoints together, such as admiration flows, or the Pre-Clear, the Pre- OT created a "viewpoint" like a MOCOVP - and I tell you about those in a minute - a Moment of Creation. In other words they created a viewpoint and Xenu created another one and put it over his and so you now have this sort of a "MULE" there. It's a MULE-viewpoint.

    It's part of Xenu's and part of the Pre-OTs and he sort of feels "affinity" for Xenu and he can get: "Well, he is REALLY a nice guy!" and all this, and so on. And you just have to find out that he's got an incident where his created viewpoint was mashed together with Xenu's. You know, one of his created viewpoints was mashed together with Xenu's. Split them apart and then return each to it's "moment of creation" and then that handles that. Oh boy, it's so simple. Once you get through this Excalibur level it all becomes very easy. Ok, so that's what he was doing here.

    He was also intending some Jelly Beans - that he still had in storage over there in the Pre-I
    area - that were still in the Electrospheres - BUT he had proofed them against responding to
    auditing. In other words he would sort of "audit" them and then punish them when they
    responded, and then he was trying to put them on an attention line - like a Black NOTs line -
    and push them all over the Free Zone here. And I found a few of theses and they wouldn't go
    immediately to their Pre-I incidents - (because I say that they were Pre-1ers, it was obvious) -
    and then I asked for: "Anything recently happened here, you know, that restimulated you or
    something?" and they didn't answer that. And I said "Hey, that's interesting!" and I said "Who
    would I have to be to audit you?" and they said "Not Xenu! Not Xenu!" then I found all out
    about it, see? Because he PUNISHED them everytime they were "audited" and they
    responded! And every time they responded he would punish them some more. So I said "Who
    would I have to be to audit you?" and they said "Not Xenu! Not Xenu!" and then they told me
    the whole story. "So, well, I'm not Xenu, go ahead and till me what did he do to you?" and
    they said "Oh, he experimented on us with some kind of meter and he told us - asked us
    questions and when we answered and said anything he put us in these fucking experiments."
    Aha! So, they had to run that and THEN run their own Pre-I. So they run their being intended
    over here and then their storage for the last 7 quadrillion years and back to the Hoover and
    then - Pfttt! - free.

    So he was trying that trick. I put him on report for that. Now, the next thing he did requires
    some more explanation. See, ;you might wonder why we're in here handling the MEST
    universe. Well, this actually comes up on the next level, because on this level you only usually
    have to deal to 4 to 7 quadrillion years ago until maybe 10 quadrillion and you sort of handle
    all of the implanter case and the whole of the Pre-I case. BUT THE MEST UNIVERSE
    GOES ON A LOT FURTHER BACK THAN THAT, you understand? And this is a little data
    of the next level up but you might need it sometimes to handle a specific Excalibur case, if
    something gets restimulated on this or gets used by Xenu on it. Now that means simply that:
    the MEST universe dates back 100 CENTILLION YEARS. That's easy, "Centillion", like
    100 Cents, you know, a 100 Cents is a Dollar, well, a 100 centillion years, that's 100 times 10
    to the 303 power, that's 303 zeros after the 10 and that is times one hundred. That's a LONG
    time. And we know that's the date because that frees everybody that's ever been STUCK or
    DUMPED into the MEST universe. I haven't found anybody that gets free outside of that
    (those dates). And I tell you about those guys later, but in this tape there is a special type of
    beings that were "dumped" into the MEST universe. They didn't respond to Xenu very much -
    or implanting - THEY DON'T LIKE BIG THETANS AT ALL. They are called PHI-thetans,
    PHI - P-H-I - being the Greek letter "phi", it's a circle with a line slashed down from the top
    to bottom on it. And that's a "Phi-thetan".

    That means a MEST thetan. Because in the original Dianetics Axioms LRH talks about Theta,
    Lambda, Phi. Theta being Theta, Lambda being the body forms and Phi being the MEST
    universe. So that's what we call the guys that were DUMPED into the MEST universe - NOT
    "captured and brought into it for implants" - but they were DUMPED. And you may say
    "Who dumped them?" Well, I think you'll find out later that it's maybe somebody just like you,
    that was playing a game and finished with the pieces on the board and then just swept them off
    the board - ffft! - you know, like a chess game. You finished and all the little pieces laying
    there you just push them off on the floor. That's the same thing - DUMPING. All right.

    The MEST universe is the "dumping ground". It is an earlier/similar dumping ground to
    Teegeeack, the dumping ground of Sector 9. So, you see it all has a harmonic on a higher
    level. But the MEST universe was composed of dumped - and IS composed I should say - IS
    composed of dumped beings and creations. And that is why it's so solid. You know, billions of
    beings playing thousands of games and dumping all their waste products becomes a very big
    trash pile and when that gets all organized and pushed together and into "stars" and the space
    keeps getting bigger and bigger - as more stuff is dumped into it, more space is being dumped
    into it - and finally it's all burning in trash piles around and - you understand? - and then there's
    these little stations going around these burning trash piles which people sort of monitor things
    from which are called planets. And there is a lot of MEST still unhandled which is floating
    around but it's all being gravitically attracted into these trash piles, sort of like burning the
    leaves in your yard, right? So the beautiful MEST universe IS THAT, and you say "Whose
    idea was it to burn all the stuff up? It makes it hard to as-is, it's all confused and everything,"
    Yes, that is totally correct and it wasn't out idea to burn it like that. But that will come on the
    next levels. See, there is a lot of mystery to this and of course all the mysteries are understood
    now, they are totally understood.

    But the PHI thetans are the ones that had to live in the MEST universe, and they were the
    guys that decided what to do with the dumped stuff, you know? And they have a VERY
    STRONG "social democracy" and there's a whole lot of them, a lot of them. I mean, they're all
    over and they DON'T LIKE big thetans. Until you get in comm with them on OT 9, 10 and 11
    you won't even find them. They won't even talk to you, except they occasionally talk to
    people who are artists. Because artists APPRECIATE MEST and forms and they get in comm
    with it and so on, and so occasionally you find that some of these PHI thetans will get in
    comm with artists. And that's why artists are there out in front of any civilization. Artists are
    the ones that are closer in comm, therefore they are closer to as-ising and they are closer to
    freeing the beings, that's why they can lead civilizations.

    Anyway there's lot of cognitions to come, but they will all come. These ones I'm talking about
    now, I'm bringing them down to this level because you have to use them sometimes, these are
    from 9, 10 and 11. And some a little bit from 12 and 13. Ok. I wanted to explain to you that,
    because before the beginning of the MEST universe at a 100 times 10 to the 303 power years
    ago, 100 centillion years ago, before that there was a game called the "Game of Gods". And
    that was a simple game. It wasn't very serious. It was just going to be ... all the beings got
    around and just decided "Let's have a game to select a God." You know?

    And there were 13 contestants - big thetans - who put on a show. In other words, a song and
    dance, you know? A big show, and guess who won that game. Aha! Yeah! XENU! And he
    won it on a very funny act. And by the way, Elron Elray wasn't a contestant on that. He was
    already a "games master" and there is some more you have to know about what he has done.
    But in this particular game, you just have to know that Xenu won. And he did it on the basis
    of a very interesting act - which was a "limping god". He was a god with a "defect". He was a
    god - you know - who would create something and then it would come around and kick him
    in the ass, or the god who "limped", you know? He was supposed to be all powerful, all
    perfect, but he limped, you know what I mean? As a thetan - you understand the concept? He
    was making a JOKE and DEGRADE of God. Now, anybody else winning a game like that -
    and by the way, the purpose of that game was just to assign other authorship, it was just
    somebody to assign authorship to, you understand? It was like "Hey, use thetans are gonna
    play a game and we gonna learn something here about what happens to creations when you
    don't take responsibility for them and when you just throw them away! So let's just say that in
    this game we will elect a God and he'll be the guy that is responsible for all the creations," "Oh
    yeah, I see what you mean. Ok, we'll learn something from that." So they had this contest.
    They "elected" a god and it turned out to be Xenu. Ok. Well, that shows the poor judgement
    of thetans who still needed some Tech and still needed some quality improvement. By the
    way, that is the purpose of this whole series of games and universes - to improve the

    Anyway, Xenu was elected to this sort of "other authorship god", and so people then could go
    around and play "earlier universe games". And a lot of them WILL play a whole bunch of
    games! Earlier universe games where played, played, played, played, played, played, played!
    And they just threw away their creations. They didn't take the time to as-is them. They didn't
    take the time to unmock them. They just threw them away. And all that "throw-away" became
    the MEST universe. It was supposed to be - you know - just dumped, dumped, dumped -
    "God will take care of it!" Well, God DID take care of it and he also took care of the guys
    when they came back in to take care of it. But Xenu - it was just a game and it could have
    been anybody, it didn't matter - but he WAS elected on that basis. So he always limps - he
    limps so the people will RECOGNIZE HIM. That's why he limps, and now you know that. He
    limps so the people will recognize him as "the god who was elected at the Game of Gods" -
    just before 100 centillion years ago, just before the beginning of the MEST universe.

    Now in those kinds of games - because there wasn't any MEST around, there were just
    mockups, there were just creations - when these gods were performing there was creating.
    There also was a lot of telepathy and a lot of telepathic comm,m but there were also
    CREATED VIEWPOINTS. That means a viewpoint that is created. I mean you just put a
    spot in the wall and you tell it to say "Hello!" to everybody that comes in the room - that is a
    created viewpoint. They don't have the full abilities of the thetan who created them, they are
    just limited to WHAT THEY WERE CREATED FOR. So in this "Game of Gods" people
    would vote for who they like the best and they would vote WITH A CREATED
    VIEWPOINT. A specific one, called an ADMIRATION PARTICLE. And admiration particle
    is a viewpoint that is created with the quality of admiration in it and the function of admiring a
    specific person or a specific other being. So you might call an admiration particle a created
    viewpoint. Ok.

    So that's why they're so valuable, you see? So therefore when people voted for Xenu in the
    game - and by the way I didn't vote for him - but when people did vote for him they would put
    an admiration particle on him. And he at the same time would put an admiration particle back
    on that person. So they would become pretty firmly interlocked with this concept of God and
    his concept of theta, which was that it should be joked and degraded at, you see? That's why
    you find now these people who are laughing and joking about: "Hahaha, you know, there is
    not really anything happening and God is funny and .. Hahaha ... there is not God and all that
    ..!" No, that's not really true, there is a guy who was elected God, but he is not really a real
    "creator god". But he created a lot of plugs and put on their cases and they "feel" it and it also
    reminds them of the time of the Game of Gods when they voted for him. And Xenu recalls
    that and puts HIS attention on it then the guy who voted for him, (and they still have a shared
    admiration particle there, see), so the guy instantly feels agreement with him and therefore he
    doesn't want to run out agreement with him and therefore he doesn't want to run out anything,
    and he doesn't want to free people and he does anything the monitors direct, black PR - "LRH
    is very funny. Hahaha.!" "Or very criminal. Hahaha." But he doesn't go out and handle Xenu.
    He's AFRAID to. Or he just JOKES about it and DEGRADES about it. I'm sure you've all
    heard about people like this and America is full of them. A lot of the scientologists on the west
    coast are exactly like this. They're joking and degrading about everything and they never do
    anything at all.

    They never are causative and they don't create any group or organization to try to get out of
    the trap. Ok. So, that's why they'll be the last ones on the planet to get Excalibur. It's because
    they CAN'T HAVE IT. They're all in an "admiration valence" for Xenu. By the way that also
    keeps them off the 3rd dynamic and other dynamics. The "admiration" Xenu WANTS is for
    them to be just staying out there by themselves and being 1st dynamic oriented. So, there is
    you American scene. All right. Now, the interesting thing here is that these things can come
    up on plugs. You might find the Pre-OT running up a plug and he comes to a line and says
    "Hey, Xenu did something here, didn't he? He did something here, maybe I used to know him
    or something ..". Well, in that case you just look for one of the "Moment Of Created
    Viewpoints" that he shared with Xenu. An admiration particle or one of HIS created
    viewpoints that Xenu jumped one of his own on, you see? And created one over it.

    Now the funny thing about a MOCO - we call these MOCOs - and they are very important in
    upper levels because they are actually things created by the Pre-OT or a thetan. They are
    created by a thetan who was able to create. But they are sort of a lesser able thetan, a lesser
    ability viewpoint. They have all the qualities of Theta itself, but they all have a specific
    purpose to do something, you see, be an admiration particle or a little toy soldier over there or
    something like that, you see? So, how do you handle this? Well, if you run into it in a plug you
    might suspect that IF the guy can't get it with regular Pre-I and so on, it MIGHT be a MOCO.
    "Is that a created viewpoint of yours?" You see, you can assess it as a created viewpoint -
    read - "Is it a created viewpoint of yours?" - read - "Or is it a created viewpoint of a friend of
    yours?" - read - or whatever it reads on. "Is it a created viewpoint of Xenu's?" - Boom! - you
    see? Ok, so you just handle it that way and the process to handle it is just "Return to your
    Moment of Creation or go free!"

    You must give them that choice. "Return to your Moment of Creation or go free!" Because
    they don't have a track behind that point of creation. That's the other strange thing about these
    MOCOs, they have no track behind the point they were created. They were either part of the
    person who created them or they didn't exist at all, you see? So you have to give them the
    choice "Return to your Moment of Creation .." - which is the beginning of their track - ".. or
    go free!" that's all you have to do.

    Now if Xenu had compressed HIS WITH THE PRE-OT'S then that's called a MULE
    THETAN (or MULE MOCO). And a MULE is a cross between a horse and an ass - and
    guess who the ass is - yes, it's out old X-ass. Ok. Anyway it's just a nice term. You can
    understand it as a MULE, right? As two MOCOs put together, all right? So if you find those
    in a plug - and we have found those on Excalibur level in plugs - I had run into them and
    know all about them from 9, 10 and 11, and here we come up with some Pre-OTs in the area
    that had them in their plugs! So you have to know these data for Excalibur as well - and that
    is that you free them by finding the incident of them being put together, identify whose
    MOCOs they are - you can do that first - and THEN run the incident of them being put
    together - they must be single to return to their moment of creation. It's better to do Xenu's
    first so there is no confusion. Have Xenu's MOCOs all return to their moment of creation or
    go free and then the Pre-OT's or any friend's of his. "Return to your Moment of Creation or
    go free!" - Ffffft! - Ok, that's simple. Ok, that's the MOCO. They can get hung up on the track
    like any other thetan so you might have to handle the ARC-break or something, you know?
    Who knows? But the ;basic on such a case is the Moment of Creation. That's why I call them
    sounds like - Moment of Creation Of Viewpoint - sounds like "MOCOVP" - M O C O V P - a
    "Russian" word, you know? But we just call them MOCOs, ok? So that's a MOCO. It's a
    created viewpoint.

    Ok, the other thing I was talking about is these PHI thetans, the ones that got dumped into the
    MEST universe. Now, these guys are again different in that they came from all these series of
    earlier universe games that you find the Pre-Clear in (we're coming down parallel to the
    creation of the MEST universe because these earlier universe games were the areas from
    which things were dumped that BECAME the MEST universe, you understand?) So they
    were outside of it. So you might say all the U2s or the Universe 2s were outside of the MEST
    universe originally, including your Pre-OT. Probably he was outside of it and they were
    dumping things out of their universes which became U3. It was an all "agreed upon dumping
    ground" at first. And then they came into the universe on a plan to clean it up around 4
    quadrillion years ago. And to bring aesthetics and so on. That's why aesthetics is the 9th
    dynamic. It's because it's the first dynamic that is operating as a process to handle all the other
    dynamics. It's operational as a process to try and get some as-isness and some freedom of the
    MEST universe. So that's why artists are in the middle. In the beginning are you artists in
    front of the civilization. But there is another few dynamics above that like ethics - ethics had
    to be put in of course because aesthetics was suppressed by Xenu and therefore you have to
    put in ethics to stay our of the implants, so that you can carry on the purpose of freeing and
    as-ising. So ethics was the next dynamic and now there is another one called Tech. And Tech
    is dynamic 11.

    And that's the tech you're using all the way up the bridge on through Excalibur and the upper
    levels. And that's the 11th dynamic. And there is a 12th dynamic too, that you will find out on
    OT 12 has to be there as well and that's Admin. And it's not the admin that you think about as
    paperwork. It's the Admin of the thetan. His whole admin scale,. His whole admin scale of
    WHY he did things in the first place, you see? His good ideas and his purposes and his goals
    and his games and projects and plans and purposes and programs and - you know - stats and
    VFPs (Valuable Final Products) and establishment and organization and all that kind of stuff
    comes in as tat is needed to "regularize or order" the tech. So that the tech is PRODUCING
    something which is a really VALUABLE to all the dynamics and to aesthetics and to ethics
    and to tech. In other words it has to encompass of ALL of that. And that's why we are doing
    these levels like this. It's because we want people to do them EXACTLY so that they can
    have the full benefit of improving the QUALITY OF THETA which is the overall purpose of
    the whole thing anyway. All right.

    So here's another datum for you from upper levels: A game can contain MANY universes.
    Got it? All right? Now, a universe can contain MANY games, see? It can be EITHER WAY
    and what this whole thing was from the Game of Gods until now is a "Games-Universe-
    Model". It's called a "Games-Universe-Model" or GUM - G U M - it had MANY earlier
    universes in it and includes and also built the MEST universe and all of what's going on it it.
    And it had ANOTHER game in it, the Game of Gods. And it had all the Earlier Universe
    games and it had many games going on IN the MEST universe. So it's a Games-Universe-
    Model - that has GAMES in it - that has UNIVERSES in it - and it's a BIG model, ok? And
    the purpose of that one - it's the overall purpose of ALL these Games-Universe-Models -
    there is more than one - are to "improve the quality of theta". And that's right along with our
    purpose line as well. Now that IS LRH's idea. Now this IS Elron Elray's idea. So we ARE at
    the top of the admin scale on that one. Now there were EARLIER Games-Universe-Models
    and there are FUTURE Games-Universe-Models. Between each Games-Universe-Model -
    which is a whole series of games and universes - is a STATIC POINT. You know, it's a sort
    of a grouping together telepathically to find out "Ok, what did we learn that time?" and "Let's
    go do something else this time.", you know? And "What's the game now?"

    Well, anyway, at these "static points" some people decide that AFTER the static point they
    just don't want to play the game at all or just want to sort of "sit outside". And these are called
    STATIC THETANS. All right? These Static Thetans usually hand around on or at the edges
    of the game. And they are not with Xenu and they are not with LRH and they are not with any
    other group and so on. But, they do pop their "noses" in every now and then and they say
    "Ok, you guys, when are you gonna finish that one so we can do another one?" you know?
    And so they poke in and they have these "big ideas" about - you know - sometimes people
    mistake them for "gods" and so on like that. Not the "gods" you find in plugs, I'm not talking
    about that, but I'm talking about the "voices" coming with some truth. You know, somebody
    gets a revelation and a truth. But not from a plug, not a plug one, not an implanted one by
    Xenu, who was the "game of gods limping god" and decided he should show everybody that
    he WAS a god. You know? NOT him, but OTHER beings, who have remained outside of it

    And you have legends of these also in the histories. Basically a Static Thetan you have to audit
    them on 9, 10 and 11. They are easy to audit, they usually have only out-ruds. Why out-ruds?
    Because they didn't have any tech and they were messing around in a game and they would
    give a revelation to some thetan and say "Hey, look man, you guys are not really bodies, you
    are thetans and something ..." And they guy would go and start a religion or he will maybe get
    killed and that wasn't very good. "I didn't mean for him to do that, you know" So, these Static
    Thetans get out-ruds, they have ;missed withholds, they have ARC-breaks. And there are even
    GROUPS of them and they are betting on the game sometimes. They are betting on this side
    or the other side and so on. You find them betting on the Trojan Wars or something like that.
    And of courses they BET WITH MOCOs, they bet with ATTENTION UNITS, they bet with
    CREATED VIEWPOINTS, you see? So some of that HAS interfered with the game but it's
    not from implanting. It's not from Xenu. It's just these Static Thetans sitting out there. They
    are big guys. They have this whole confront of "bigger than the universe", bigger than - you
    READY FOR OT 9. You see? So that's where you start hitting them. Ok? Now, but they
    didn't decide to play IN the game, you understand? They didn't take a body, they didn't take a
    side, or anything. They just sort of stay outside there and they bet and they fool around with
    it. Like a kibitzer. That's right. Ok, so that's a Static Thetan. They're usually handled easily by
    just finding out what rud is out, handle the rudiments and that's it. And they leave you alone.
    They're usually very interested in the tech and you can give them a gob to go do something,
    get a body maybe and do some tech, but usually they just want to sort of preach the tech to
    people telepathically and tell them to move on towards the Free Zone or something like that.
    They're very powerful guys and don't like to be told what to do. But because they ARE very
    powerful they can do a lot of good for you if they want to help. But usually in their OWN
    purpose line. You have to find out sometimes what their purpose WAS and the ruds and
    overts they did on it, get them cleaned up and then put them back on that purpose line and say
    "Yeah, would you like to help, you can do it this way now, you see?" "Yes, mmh." So.

    But these PHI thetans are interesting - the ones who were dumped you see? They were
    dumped into the MEST universe. Now, why were they dumped? Because they were part of
    other games, they were part of earlier games, earlier universe games, going parallel to the
    MEST universe, and the thetans had created these here as soldiers or as armies or as troops or
    as mock-ups or as castles and fairies and sorcerers and dragons or whatever he had in his own
    universe or with others. And when they finished that game they just dumped everything. Most
    of it. Some of it they carried along WITH THEM, but that comes on a higher level. But the
    things they dumped became the MEST universe and there were BEINGS in there - some
    created beings and some that were just regular beings. Ok?

    So, how do you handle these guys? They are usually easily handled by a simple ARC-break or
    Long Duration. And the ARC-break of Long Duration can data all they way up to 100
    centillion years ago. You find the moment they were dumped, and then you might have to run
    that they were "in charge of a creation" which got dumped and it might have been made
    "invalid" or of "no use".

    You have to run that little incident or that bit of it being "invalidated". And before that it WAS
    valuable and before that they were either free or they were a moment of creation (MOCO) of
    somebody. So ;you have to give them the choice, they can either go free after that or they can
    return to the moment of creation. You won't find many of these in plugs. We have only found
    very few. Because Xenu couldn't even use them either, because they're ARC-broken with
    ALL big thetans. Because ALL big thetans dumped them. And they formed their own "union"
    or "social democracy" and they're very socially knit together and you will encounter them on
    the next level and all you have to know if you DO find one in a plug - or two or three stuck in
    the body somewhere or something that responds as a PHI thetan, a piece of MEST, a real
    piece of MEST - then you have to find his ARC-BREAK OF LONG DURATION. Ok? Up to
    100 CENTILLION YEARS AGO and then maybe some inval and then the validation of his
    creation and then "That game is over! And you can go free or back to you moment of
    creation!" - Pffft! - they go. All right.

    So, that takes care of the MOCOs, the PHI thetans, the Static Thetans and the MULES,
    which is the two MOCOs put together. All right. What else did I want to tell you about here?
    By the way if you run into Static Thetans and you run into a lot of PHI thetans talking as a
    group or if you run into some of this Game of God stuff and all, it's sort of like also the guy is
    punching through this level into the next levels. So don't think it's something strange and new
    and wonderful - it IS something strange and new and wonderful - but it's also all known about
    and covered in the tech of the next three levels. So just don't confuse it with the plug. In other
    words, if the thetans don't handle on the normal Excalibur stuff it's because they are a Static
    Thetan, a PHI thetan - you know, dumped into the MEST universe - or it's one of theses
    MOCOs, a created viewpoint. All right.

    Just three more things I want to cover very quickly. One is that the basic formula of auditing
    is Theta plus Theta - one single thetan plus another thetan IS GREATER THAN "n times
    theta", any number of thetans. That's why auditing can work. Auditor plus PC is greater then
    PC's bank, which consists of all these other thetans, you see? Now, on solo it's a thetan plus
    Tech is GREATER THAN any number of thetans. So what you are doing is you better learn
    the Tech very well and on these next levels you will learn it very well. So don't skimp on
    Excalibur Tech. It's very important. You will need it all the way up to do certain things with.
    All right.

    The other thing is I want to tell you that if you run into a "Black Hole" - I noticed this wasn't
    on the tape 4 or 7 - but you run the Black Hole at the CENTER of the centrifuge. He's
    THETANS. So you run him in the spindrier at the CENTER. The guys in the Black Holes,
    because they're all PULLING IN, you see? They were fun at the center trying to pull back all
    the other guys out at the edges, and they were put on it in the center. That's their incident.

    And the other thing is: "How do you handle a person, a real person, who comes up on a plug
    as a Black NOTser or something?" The tech on that is you handle him EXACTLY like an
    implanter. "How long have you worked for Xenu?" "How many thetans did you implant?"
    "PTS to Xenu?" "How many thetans did you implant?" "PTS to Xenu?" "What was your
    betrayal?" - blablablabla - right on down the line until they blow loose of all the thetans and
    implants that Xenu did on them and their evil purposes, etc, etc, and their own purpose, get it
    back and find out how they were fooled and tricked and betrayed into working with Xenu and
    they might even have some shared MOCOs with him - admiration particles - and they WILL
    go free. And we can create some incredible changes. Already some ARE being created. Some
    already ARE being created all over the planet and we can free ALL the beings and we can do
    it by using Ron's Tech, and especially with "Excalibur", his sword.

    So I wish you all a very happy trip up the bridge and I want to see many of you ready with the
    confront an session space ready for the next levels. That's the end of this briefing.

    Thank you very much.

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