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    *  - 'Brass' by Jason Engle
    DECLINE OF THETA (bodyless-being)

    It is possible that there once was a game and that we divided up into teams and each team created an abberative universe that would be used by them on the losers. The agreement would be that the winning team would get to gang up on each of the losers individually and push them through the penalty universe. It doesn't really matter who won the first game because everyone would have kept on playing more and eventually everyone would have been pushed through quite a few of these and pushed others through quite a few times. Although each team would have worked as hard as possible to create the most horribly abberative universe, in early runs, it probably only left a slightly sour taste in the mouths of the losers for a short while. Remember that we're talking about beings who could create and destroy universes at will.

    If this is the case, then anyone might have either the overt or the motivator side first on a particular universe, however, by the time we had decayed to the point of getting stuck in universes, we all probably had both sides on all of these. In the overt side, a team blankets an individual and forces him through. You get a little kickback of the incident from the individual your holding in there and sometimes you feel him wiggling around and trying to get out and you are pushing back with postulates and intention. On the motivator side, you experience the universe. The experience is such that it leads you to make abberative postulates.

    In addition to this is the overt of building one of these. There is generally a chief architect who lays out the overall plan. There might also be designers who work out the details of each area. Then, a group effort is done to postulate the track of the universe in detail. Once this is done, it "is" and it floats in its own space and time and can be reached thereafter by connecting to the starting point.
    Quite a few of these were built. There are very simple three dimensional ones that just place you in a bad construction that you have to make an abberative decision to get out of. There are also highly complex ones with postulated time tracks that take you from the top of the scale down to the bottom. Early on, there were no fixed ideas or considerations. These universes laid in fixed patterns and ideas. Every scale in Scientology is an arbitrary pattern of behavior. If a thetan is totally free to postulate, then there is no standard pattern. You can only have a scale if you have a standard aberration that causes behavior in a certain fixed mold. Consider the tone scale. Why should boredom be above anger? This is a fixed pattern that was used over and over again in implant universes until the individual felt that the one emotion should follow the other.

    Here also is where all the consequences are defined. I.E., if you do A, then B will happen to you. A thetan can postulate anything. He can have his cake and eat it too. But here he was shown (and showed others) that when the cake is eaten, it is gone and can no longer be had. Even the laws of energy and the very concept of energy itself had to be defined by these implant universes or else they would not be consistent from individual to individual.

    A particularly nasty set of these implant universes laid in the dynamics. Each impulse to survive is due to an implant that created a problem in survival. Without the implant universe, the individual can start, change, and stop at will. Only a heavy aberration gives him a need to survive. This series of implant universes appears to have been built by all of us working together during the home universe era for use as a penalty for anti-social behavior. These "Penalty Universes" will be covered in detail later. Some of these universes have "items". These are thought intentions that one receives as he goes through the experience. The thoughts sort of permeate the space of the universe at particular moments in the track. These postulates were put there while the universe was intended and the individual gets them as he goes through it.

    Every abberative mechanism addressed in Scientology can be found being laid in in one or more of these universes. This not only includes aberrations such as interiorization or the overt/motivator sequence but also thing like becoming infested with BTs (for a "good" reason) or making a goal go down a declining series of items. Besides the aberrations of the grades and OT levels (and aberrations like the impulse to build actual GPMs), there is another abberative impulse which shows up in these. It is the impulse to split off or abandon identities. I.E., one becomes two, or you leave your real self behind etc. After all of this, you still have someone fairly able. He could disagree and throw this stuff away when he came out of it, but he thereafter had considerations and the predisposition to getting in trouble on these various points of aberration


    Most important is ITSA ("it is ...."). Spot what is what. ITSA things. Notice the lies or wrong datums. Blow by inspection when possible. You can go through these itsaing what happened. Sometimes, you notice a whole large later dramatization of your own that was based on one of these. If it comes up, itsa it. It is important to get this itsa down on paper (even if there is no CS) to get it separated from yourself and the experience out where you can look at it. Don't sit around Q & A ing on a whatsit. Spot what you can spot with certainty and the confusions will clear up as you keep accumulating rightnesses.

    You can date these things relative to other experiences. Sometimes you have to go earlier either to an earlier occurrence of the same implant universe or a similar experience in an earlier different universe. Getting off overts is very important. Early on the track everyone was constantly working to trap and implant each other. Especially watch for the one that you regretted. If you get a still picture, it might be an implant picture but it could also be some incident that you regretted heavily in which case it is the tail end of your doing something that you considered to be a terrible overt. You were implanted to hit some poor victim by mistake whenever you went after an opponent. As a result, it happened quite often and you cut your horsepower way down as a result.
    BTs will show up on these. If you've EPed Nots, they should easily blow on inspection. The reason you didn't find them before (assuming OT 7 was done) is not due to the BT but to the fact that your confront was out the bottom on what the BT was being or where he was.

    Identity splits will also show up. If you've EPed these, the split should probably dissolve on inspection, but since these are not being handled as their own level right now, you might need to run out the split. A split is usually created by making you take two viewpoints and then implanting each one with a goal. The goals of each side are detestable to the other so that you as each identity cannot bare to be the other identity and so keep them separate. One handling is to find the detested goal on each side. Another way is to simply blow through the valence wall by getting on both sides of it and being willing to be yourself. Then handle any BTs who are trying to put the wall back or copy the valences or items involved. If you run into a body in pawn, handle any BTs/Clusters you can find and then look for an identity split since one is generally set up as part of the mechanism that keeps you connected to the old body.

    (Aug 1996) Another trick is to have them "Point to the being you divided from". This is probably the fastest and easiest technique and you don't need to be sure that it is a piece of yourself because this has some workability on pieces of other people. Often you can't recombine a piece of yourself because you have other pieces missing in between. This shouldn't matter but it does seem to get in the way and this command works to handle it. The split off piece might not rejoin you here but instead rejoins another part of yourself that is elsewhere. Abandoned viewpoints may show up. This is a special case of an identity split. Here, you abandoned the old identity (and left it where it was) and started a new one. Sometimes this is due to being completely trapped and 'dying' as a thetan but usually it is due to doing a GPM crossover (becoming what you detest). Again, get the goal or item or overts. Also watch for BTs holding identities trapped or holding them apart or together or whatever. Watch out for earlier beginnings. Sometimes a universe starts with a sequence like the factors giving a mimicry of separation from static before actually getting into the body of the experience.
    When you run these implant universes, go back to the actual space and time that they were done in and mock them up there. This is like the drill in the old OT 4. Hopefully there will be platens for these so that you can just read them slowly going through them and itsaing as you go along. If you do have to research one from scratch, you'll need all of your bag of tricks as an auditor and some guts and good guesswork


    29 July, 1990, Rev. 16 Dec 1992

    The definition of the 8 dynamics has been used successfully for many years. Much observation of life and the long history of workable auditing rundowns based on these show that they do, in some manner, form a complete set of the urges to survive. But there have always been loose ends which hinted at something more. First, there was the recognition that Survive was not the ultimate goal but simply a mid-point in the Create-Survive- Destroy cycle. Of course, one can do better than simply surviving on the 8 dynamics. One can BE these 8 dynamics (see the Technique 80 lectures) or even create in each of these areas. But, although a being can operate along these lines, they do not seem to form a complete picture of surviving well as a thetan. Although a thetan can't help but survive in the sense of persisting, he can certainly survive well or poorly in his own estimation. And his estimation of this only follows the 8 dynamics to the degree that he has gone into agreement with physical universe survival. It is not his normal baseline. His native operation is up towards the create side.

    Consider achieving ultimate survival in mest universe terms on these 8 dynamics even to the extent of being worshipped as a God and having ultimate persistence along all these 8 lines. But imagine it with nothing more beyond this, no beauty or ethics or interesting games. This would be a poor and tawdry thing for a thetan. In fact, it would be a trap. Infinite survival in physical universe terms is a curse, not a blessing. Therefore, just as we see 8 dynamics reflecting the Survival or physical universe band of the scale, so we might conceive of another set of 8 reflecting the creative or Theta band.

    The next clue was the mention of Aesthetics and Ethics as the 9th and 10th dynamics in the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures. Certainly these make sense in terms of Creative or Theta dynamics. Also, we can see that the physical universe tries to make nothing out of these, but in spite of this, thetans do operate better when ethics and aesthetics are present.

    Looking further, we see other factors that the thetan values. He likes playing games and building things and figuring out logical problems, and especially, he loves to create. Often you will see an individual considering one or more of these as being more important than good survival in mest universe terms. Consider someone solving a crossword puzzle with no payback in terms of any of the 8 dynamics and perhaps even putting off eating and sleeping (good physical survival) to accomplish the task. Is this some weird aberration laid in by an implant? Or is it the individual's last remaining shreds of theta level operation persisting in spite of all physical universe evidence and objections. I struggled long and hard to define these 8 upper dynamics and get them in the right order. Much research of the whole track and implants gave many clues (there are many implants which try to abberate each of the 16 dynamics in sequence), but still the correct order eluded me. Then one day, I saw that each of the lower dynamics had a slight tendency to sublimate into the corresponding upper dynamic. This let me establish the order of the upper dynamics based on the known order of the lower ones. This brought considerable order and relief to other areas that I was researching and validated the entire pattern of dynamics.

    The list of 16 dynamics is as follows:

    1)  self as a body 9)  Ethics 2)  Sex/Children/Family 10)  Aesthetics 3)  Groups 11)  Construction 4)  Governments/Mankind 12) Reason 5)  Lifeforms 13)  Change 6)  MEST 14)  Games 7)  Spirits 15)  Knowingness 8)  Worship 16)  Creation

    The 9th dynamic, Ethics, has been defined as the contemplation of optimum survival. A major component in this might be referred to as Integrity. For a being who cannot die, integrity is the cornerstone of real survival. Whenever he has lost it, he has not truly survived in his own estimation.

    We might say that physical survival as a body sublimates upward into this Ethics dynamic. Or, from another viewpoint, we might say that Ethics has been collapsed downward into physical survival. Once the thetan has abandoned integrity and lost himself as a being, all that remains is the effort to persist as a physical mockup.

    Note that I have reduced the definition of the first dynamic down to survival as a body. We generally think of this dynamic as encompassing more theta qualities, but these are really the remnants of dynamics 9 to 16. Once these theta dynamics have been crushed out of view, the last lingering traces can be attributed to personal survival since they are the thetan's last hold on survival as a being.

    The 10th dynamic is Aesthetics. It has often been said that sex can be sublimated into aesthetics. We can also see that aesthetics is a huge band of theta enjoyment. In the second dynamic, this enjoyment seems to have been collapsed into a simple physical act.
    What about the close sharing and love between family members that occurs on the 2D? It's more than simple ARC. How would it manifest between beings without bodies? Wouldn't it be proper to describe this as the intimate exchange of aesthetic waves between beings?

    The eleventh dynamic is Construction. This is the kick you get when you build something yourself. The child putting together a model airplane is surviving on this dynamic as is the person who builds his own furniture for the fun of doing it. You might say that this is simply survival through Mest, but it's not. You can buy the child lots of model airplanes and they don't matter one whit compared to the one he built himself. Here it's the construction itself that counts rather than the havingness. Interestingly enough, this does sublimate upwards from the third dynamic. Or rather, the third dynamic is to some degree a lower shadow of the Thetan's constructive impulses. The biggest and most interesting constructive efforts involve groups of beings working in a coordinated effort. This is a natural way for Thetans to build things and it is the way you would go about putting together a complicated universe. When survival is not a problem and no one has to work for a living, they still join groups for the purpose of building things that are fun and interesting.

    The 12th dynamic is Reason or Logic. Here is the realm of the mathematician, the problem solver, and the player of thought oriented games. Here I'm emphasizing the abstract problems because it's easier to see the urge in isolation from the other dynamics. The 4th dynamic has been referred to as race and mankind. But a better definition would be to consider it as those groups that one is born into. The big difference between this and the 3rd dynamic is that in the 3D one has choice as to what groups to join but in the 4D your stuck with it and must figure out some reasonable way for everyone to get along together. Governments generally fit more into the 4D characteristics rather than the 3D and should be considered here. Since people cannot leave a 4D easily, this raises the entire area of law and legal systems. This sublimates into the dynamic of reason since logic is the primary justification of law.

    For the 13th dynamic, we have Change. Thetans will alter and modify things just for the sake of change and variety. No other reason is necessary. Notice that this dynamic is above reason and often operates contrary to logic. As Ron has pointed out, change and unpredictability are survival characteristics for a Thetan because it makes him difficult to manipulate and trap. At a higher level, we see that altering things lends persistence and interest and variety.

    In the fifth dynamic, we also see endless change and variety as one of it's greatest survival traits, so its reasonable to consider the 13th a sublimation of the 5th.

    The 14th dynamic is Games. The subject of games was frequently discussed in the materials of the 1950s and is obviously a keynote of theta operation. As far as relating this to the 6th dynamic, it would seem that a playing field and implements and some rules about energy etc. would be necessary components in a game. This is the only theta dynamic where a consistently paced sequential time rate would really be needed. We might well consider the entire Mest universe to be no more than the components of a game. Note that here we are referring to action games rather than the thought games of the 12th dynamic.

    Knowingness or Understanding is the Fifteenth Dynamic. This is higher than the dynamic of Reason and quite distinctly separate from it. With reason, one follows a logical progression, but in the 15th dynamic one can just know. Here we have the urge for knowledge and understanding even when there is no physical universe reward in sight. Again we have something that has been extensively discussed in the early technology but not previously considered to be a dynamic.

    Although one may come to understand something by study or reason, the higher levels of knowingness are achieved by pervasion, mockup, ARC with other beings, and by pure postulate. In Mest universe operation, this is all closely related to survival as a spirit and with other spirits.

    The 16th dynamic is Creation. Here we have ourselves as gods rather than worshipping gods. This is the cause side for which the Mest universe 8th dynamic (religion etc.) is the effect.

    Of course all these 16 dynamics are inter-related. Although I have pointed out that it's the upper 8 dynamics which are operational beyond the physical universe level, within this universe the lower 8 are vastly significant. True survival here means operating fully on both sets of dynamics.

    Note that each of these upper 8 dynamics have been used to trap and aberrate thetans. Since the thetan wants to do these things, he can be suckered in and taken advantage of even when he is in a bodiless or OT state. His own codes of ethics can be used to trick him into punishing himself, his love of aesthetics can be used to lure him into traps, etc. Total freedom would require being able to operate or not operate in these areas at will. Just because these areas are interesting doesn't mean that they have to be compulsive. A thetan doesn't have to have a game, he only thinks he does
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