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    By Ken Oggers (post's)
    Some of this stuff goes back goes tens of thousands of years

    Supposedly there are two space empires in the area These are Marcab and Espinol Supposedly this solar system is claimed by Espinol, but Marcab initiated its recent use as prison planet Once the prison machinery was set up, both empires and occasionally some other empires further away have all started dumping people here as a convienient place to get rid of undesirables

    Note that Marcab itself is a star in the constellation of Pegasus This is in the astronomy books Espinol supposedly has its capital circling one of the tail stars of the big dipper According to the talk given by the Quintin Hubbard back in the 1970's, the wholw thing began with the crazy religious group called "The Cult Of The Snake" which was active in the Marcabian Empire Elron talks about this cult a few times, but never gives a lot of details Marcab was persecuting the cult, and so they decided to pull a mass exodus (much like the Mormons did) Althought this Solar system was claimed as part of Espinols territory, its use was banned because of OT3 incident, which has happened here long ago So it was unnocupied, and Mars was in that time inhabbitable So the cult settled on Mars Eventually Marcab folowed the cult here and Mars was burnt-off and became a dead world

    According to Elon, Earth was "colonized" about 10,000 years ago This is the time period of Atlantis, which Elron says had space opera level technology There is no clear description in the tapes that I am familiar with, but apparantly there is some sort of war between Markab and Espinol Eventually it seems like Markab has hidden bases on Mars and Espinol is hiding in the asteroid belt Atlantis is destroyed and the cult of the snake ends up hiding out in Egypt And, since Markab has to set up the between lives implant equipment here anyway (to keep the cult from reincarnating back in their empire), they start using this as a good place to dump all their undesirables

    Besides the empires, there are invader forces which are sweeping in from another universe (possibly coming in through the horsehead nebula and trying to grab territory of their own)

    The 4th invader force sends a task force here because it seems like a nice undefended system to establish a beach head in this sector They don't count on the Marcabian and Espinol forces which are hiding from each other in this system and they get shot at and go to ground on Mars where they also establish hidden bases In recent (a few thousand years) times, the 5th invader comes here for the same reason They go into Earth orbit and land a batallion in the Himalayas to set up a base Then the various other space fleets start shooting at them and the 5th invader goes to ground on Venus The 5th invader have insect like bodies and enjoy super high temperatures But even they need to keep their domes air conditioned in the extreme heat of Venus
    (text omited)

    This leaves us with 4 different mutually hostile groups in the solar system, none of them daring to show themselves for fear that the others will blast their asses off According to Elron, some of the stuff in the Bible is due to skirmishes being fought between these groups in Biblical times As for the 5th Invader Force batallion that landed in Himalayas, they were wiped out to the last man Ron was the commanding officer He sais when he first woke up in the between lives area, he really rised some hell before they managed to subdue him Supposedly there are many members of 4th and 5th invader force units reincarnating here on Earth caught up in the prison planet machinery along with the "criminals" (usually just non-conformists and protesters) of Marcab and (toi a lesser degree) Espinol I think that the Markabians are supposed to be human (fedora hats etc) He doesn't describe anything like the current UFO space aliens, maybe these are supposed to be from Espinol (which he doesn't say much about)


    The Galactic Confederacy discussedin OT3 is the only small and relatively recent (only 75 million years ago) empire that he bothers to give any details about Aside from that, he just says that there have been lots of "recent" empires and that they collapse relatively quickly because they implant their citizens But he does talk about some extremely large, old, long lasting civilizations that were big enough and, or around long enough and were noteworthy enough to show up on many people's cases The Galactic Empire was huge and extremely long lasting Supposedly it was a nice place until the very end when they began implanting their citizens (which was what brought about their collapse)

    Arslycus was an extremely large city in space which made slaves of everyone When it shattered, everyone "Fell through the sky",

    Helatrobus tried to dominate the galaxy by the use of "religious implants",

    This universe is very very old It was originally created by people in the magic universe for use as a prison to eliminate undesirables from the game The transfer incident that sends you here is basically what LRH called incident 1, but there is a lot more to the incident and there may be variations as to the details at different times on the track Incident 1 is always at "start of the track" and "beginning of time", but that is just a trick done by manipulation of time relative to a universe It is actually quite late on the track relative to Home Universe and so forth Even a billion of years ia a long time, and people switch valences and flip flop in GPM patterns, change their minds about things, win and lose games, and so forth Nobody remains consistent across such a time period

    And this universe has been around for trillions, not just billions of years Hence, everybody has been exhiled here lots of times and escaped and exiled other people here in vast numbers There is just trillions and trillions of years of that, with people bouncing back and forth between this universe and the magic universe, and everytime they get sent here, it is another run of Incident 1 and the supposed beginning of track and all sorts of other bullshit done to keep people thoroughly confused

    Those are the early occurances of Incident 1 Immediately prior to any of those, you will usually find being captured and sentenced and exiled one way or another You're not sent here for any purpose, but simply to get rid of you And you don't usually stick around here very long But situatins change and the magic universe was concurrently going through a long history which gradually built up charge and so forth, so that it became more decayed and degraded And this universe was a new frontier, a bit different and interesting and a place to go where old rulers didn't have power and control And so we passed into the second stage where people came here willfully

    And here you will find the middle period use of Incident 1 as a transfer mechanism into this universe Those occurences will be preceeded by a decision to leave, ta willful choice to abandon everything and postulates about becoming a new being in a new universe with a high goals and so forth But again, the track is long and we are talking trillenia, so people don't stay here endlessly, but leave eventually and find the magic universe again (or whatever - sometimes they go higher) Usually it has been so long that they think they are researching a new place And of course they get up to the magic universe and sometimes the crew there decides they are undesirable and tosses them back here again by force So you get a mixture of coming here willfully and being exiled here during this middle period

    And of course the crew there at any given time had also already had many stays down here, because the time periods are enormous and everybody played every role quite a few times Until the time range of million years ago, it is only individuals or small groups coming down here from the magic universe Huge numbers of them, but not really organized The big empires that existed here were built here And there might have been small bands coming down with high tech to grab power or to do missionary work or whatever, but there was not a concerted attept of invasion


    Until the remaining rulers and high wizards in the magic universe began to have ideas of relocating here because the magic universe had decayed and too far and the games had wound down The pattern was to sweep up people from down here, (CBR's term Hooverize is a good description), drag them up and implant them into an army, push them back down through Incident 1, and bring them in here as an invader force In this case of recent Incident 1, immediately before the incident there is implanting with all sorts of glorious purposes of saving the universe and similar bullshit This is simply invader force conditioning

    Note that people beiung sucked up and implanted into invader forces and even escsaping into magic universe for awhile and then coming back here (exiled or willfully) all continues concurrently with local galactic history I can find incidents of running around in MEST Space Opera, running around in magic universe, and invader stuff all interspersed with each other for the last few hundred million years - you just don't stay on one line or in one kind of game for time periods of that length - you bounce around doing different things

    More Background - Old Galactic History

    I've written about Arslycus (arse-lickers) and their war with the Galactic Empire (the real big one in towards the center of the galaxy, not little shams like the Galactic Confederacy) That pretty much shattered any larger organization in this spiral arm, what with people being dragged off to Arslycus and the existing governments shattered etc Arslycus was a space city with controlled artificial gravity etc If you spread the surface of the earth out into a flat pie plate and then stack these plates on top of each other with a few hundred feet separation, you could have thousands of times the surface area in a space not much bigger than the earth And Arslycus was much bigger, perhaps as large as Jupiter So it had enough area to hold the populations of millions of planets, and to fill it up, they captured entire planetary populations This is described in more detail in the Super Scio book ( > )

    When Arslycus fell, there were trillions and trillions of beings all set free, so to speak, and trying to reincarnate again in this spiral arm, but they were feeling very hostile towards any attempt at large scale organization due to the bad taste left from Arslycus, so that there were endless tiny empires springing up around here The huge numbers of discarnate souls seeking bodies (shortage of bodies after Arslycus got smashed) is probably what inspired the first invader force

    Guessing now, the first invader was a humanoid body type and swept in here around a hundred million years ago According to Elron, most people on earth will read on being first invader rather one of the later forces if you try to assess that on a meter Again guessing, the humanoid type was common in the magic universe and so was picked for the invader force, but was uncommon in this universe, the old Galactic Empire (and Arslycus as well) being cat people, bear people, dog people, snake people and so forth in an uneasy alliance (body-symbol types of Penalty Universes > - basically people with some of the animal characteristics This spiral arm only had thinly settled colonies established by the Galactic Empire to handle the endless souls released by the fall of Arslycus So the first invader swept in pretty much unopposed (Elohim-Annu lineage of humanoids?) However, it was not tightly controlled or heavily implanted and so it fragmented quickly, deterioratig into a lot of little personal empires

    A bit later, the second invader came through At a guess, this is the grey alien body type, also called "the grey invader" , but again the force fragmented into many petty kingdoms That brings us up to the timeframe of the Incident 2, with a few hundred thousand small empires (hundreds of planets each) in the local area of this spiral arm of the galaxy Many of them either humanoid or of the grey type and with scatterings of cat people, bear people, and so forth There was also a nasty little crowd of folks, rumored to have been exhiled from the Andromeda galaxy, who set up shop in the local area as implant dealers And so once in awhile, one of these local little empires would pull the barbaric stunt of trying to mass implant all its people

    Things went on like this for quite some time, with there being little need for unifications, and lots of petty kingdoms, occasional keyed out OTs going around as gods, occasional mass implanting of tiny areas (like the galactic confederacy), and occasional escapes back to the magic universe and what have you

    "Halo" reminder of the Third Invader

    Third Invader

    After the first and second invader, this general area was populated and no longer an easy target Any magic universe groups that wanted to go conqouring would have headed for easier territory elsewhere in this galaxy (maybe in the next outward spiral erm) or in the other galaxies (I seem to get something in the Magellenic clouds, which are small satellite galaxies circling this one) But a few million years ago, there was a third invader wave that came into this area, moving into this universe (from the magic universe) via the Horsehead nebula in Orion

    Guesswork - the third invader used robot bodies Thy introduced fac 1 in its earliest form as a way of implanting the subjugated populations The closest mockup for them in the Hollywood sci fi output is Disney's "Black Hole" (without the cutsey poo humans and human robots, but just the stuff on the ship) They conqoured a huge volume of space, but of course they eventually ran out of steam, and many of the tiny empires united into bigger ones which managed to fight the local invader units to a standstill

    We right at the edge of their limits of expansion, where the expanding sphere of invader territory run up against two big local empires, one human and one grey (predecessors of Marcab and Espinol respectively) that formed up (out of smaller empires) to repel them The tiny area which was once Xenu's (Xenn) Galactic Confederacy was worthless enough that none of these big empires wanted to fight much over it, so it ended up as a bit of a no mans land once the dust cleared That has been the usual history here for a long time, with periodic fights going through the area and then truces and so forth which left this area unoccupied

    There are other dead zones like this, areas where tiny empires got too carried away with mass implanting, and they often end up as the boundary points between empires because nobody wants to bother fighting over them Two others in the local area are off in the directions of the constellations of Leo and Draco respectively The invader forces seem to be coming in from the horsehead (dark horse) nebula in Orion We can't measure the distance to it, because it is only seen as a black blockage that keeps part of the IC 434 bright emission nebula from shining through My quess would be that it is at about 500 lightyears

    Orion Arm >

    Assuming an expanding sphere of conquest, moving out fro the horsehead nebula and terminating right around here, the sphere would probably encompass around a million star systems Assuming that many are not inhabitable, we are still probably talking about at least a hundred thousand top notch planets That is pretty big as far as empires go, even though it is not big enough to occupy the width of the spiral arm (but it might occupy the thickness) On something like the galaxy on the cover of the History of Man, it might be a circle a sixteenth of an inch in diameter Still a bit rivial, but at least it would be visible, whereas something like the Galactic Confederacy would not be

       Horse Head Nebula (Orion system)

    The Later Invasions

    Note that a lot of this is guesswork or half way recalls, I wouldn't trust any of this The third invader (robots) came sweeping out of the Horsehead and conqoured about a hundred thousand worlds, forming a huge empire On this side, they ground to a halt as the predicessors of Marcab (human) and Espinol (greys) formed up two large empires to oppose them The local area (around fifty light years) was abandoned by all as a buffer zone between the various empires All were willing to relinquish it because it is a bad neighborhood, having been too heavily implanted by the old Galactic Confederacy, and it is fairly small relative to the empires involved

       The Grey

    Note that this is on the order of a few million years ago, and neither Marcab nor Espinol go anywhere that far back, but they are predecessors of the same body type, like the Roman empire versus modern Italy I would guess that the old human and grey empires were each on the order of tens of thousands of planets and that Marcab and Espinol respectively are just fragments of what were once big enough to stop the outrushing 3rd invader

    At a guess, there is also an empire of Bear people further out in the direction of Ursa major (named by some shadow of recall?) which held the back half of this spiral arm in opposition to the 3rd invader in a similar manner and I would think that there are empires on the other side of the horsehead which similarly stopped them eventually in that direction

    SOME GROUPS  (conditional interdimensional perspectives)

    Two competing visitor groups, which both presently work with competing factions of human "Illuminati" governments Both seek dominion of the "Halls Of Amenti Star Gates" and human subjugation

    Group 1 - Black Sun Agenda

    Digressive Reptilian Draconian & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-10 Fallen Seraphin

    Kurendara Nibiruian Orange-skinned "Grays" Dracos-Zeta_Anunnaki hybrids (Dracos), Drakon-Orion bipedal "Dragons", Omicron "Dragon-Moth-people", Orion Drakonian-fallen Seraphim hybrids, Odedicron "Beetle insectoid", Andromeda-Drakonian-fallen Annu-Elohim hybrids
    Dracos-reptilian strain, Zeta administrators, Zephelium Blues, Zeta Gray Rigelian, Rutilia or "E.B.E" (Zeta-Dracos hybrid)

    Group 2 - Belil Sun Agenda

    Digressive Anunnaki & hybrid races controlled via Density-4/Dimension-11 fallen Annu-Elohim

    Human looking Pleiadian-Human-Nibiruian-Anunnaki hybrid "Blondes", Nibiruian-Sirian Nephilim Anunnaki-humans (Sirian-Anunnaki), Andromite and Arcturian "Dolphin People" and from inner Earth, Necromiton "Men in Black" Dracos-Anunnaki hybrids and digressive Rame Mixed Human Cloister races running "space brothers" covert "One-World-Order" manipulations

    According to Noel Huntley, also as "intruders" (that among other things made Nibiru Diodic Crystal, energized by Wormwood, Planet X) - the Annunaki, the Dracos, the Necromitons & the Zeta/Greys (but also including countless hybrids)
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