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  •    SPACE (spacation)

    (in penalty implant universes, home-universe matrix era)

    A vast plain full of cities and people - This Means Space  (in creating) 

    Celestial palace (gold and crystal) - This Means Space  (in causing)

    A library complex (view of central lawn from window) - This Means Space  (in learning) 

    City with twin buildings - This Means Space  (in combining)

    Clay city (pot buildings and cracks in Earth giving off fumes etc) - This Means Space  (in metamrphosing) 

    Arabian style knights city - This Means Space  (in changing)

    View of snow covered mountain slope with gorilla people, moose's, etc in the distance - This Means Space  (in bringing order) 

    The city at dusk - This Means Space  (in logical reasoning)

    Flying in clouds - This Means Space  (in guiding)

    An undersea domed city and seabed - This Means Time  (in engineering) 

    Space city (sun orbits the city) - This Means Space  (in building)

    Large cluttered workshop - This Means Space  (in inventing)
    Ship over city - This Means Space (in defending)

    Sun over cartoon-like town or village? - This Means Space (in enlightening, preaching)

    Sea-shore and lagoons, very colorful, coral and multi-colored sand, giant shells used as boats and temples built on the reefs, floating houses - This Means Space (in converting)

    Pearly golden gates and clouds - This Means Space (in connecting, commune)

    Ramparts of castle looking over the meadow - This Means Space (in worship)

    Mountains in the distance - This Means Space (in predetermining)

    Field in the forest where elves dance - This Means Space (in collecting)

    Forest and brook - This Means Space (in solidifying-embodying)

    The 27 x 27 Magic Square Book: Magic Squares 
    "This passage indicates sufficiently the supreme importance of the number 27. If we construct a magic square 27 x 27 upon the plan of a checker-board- arranging the numbers 1 to 729 first in numerical order, then shifting the 9 largest squares (9 x 9) into the positions indicated in the familiar 3 x 3 square, repeating the process with the subdivisions of the 9 x 9 squares and so on down- we will arrive at the following combination. It will be noted that we have 365 white squares or days and 365 dark squares or nights- a veritable "checker-board of nights and days".
    The number 365, the days of a solar year, very appropriately occupies the centre of the system. The columns, horizontals, and diagonals of the central square 3 x 3 foot up 1095, or the days of a 3 year period, those of the larger center square 9 x 9 foot up 3285 the days of a 9 year period, while those of the entire combination 27 x 27 foot up 9855, the days of a 27 year period, in other words, periods of years corresponding to the Tetractys 1, 3, 9, 27"...
    Footnote on number 9855: "Not only the perpendiculars, horizontals, and diagonals of this large square foot up 9855, but there are an almost indefinite number of zig-zag lines, which give the same footing".
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