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  •     Interdimensional Predator (by Greg Petchkovsky?)
     * - 'Targ' means 'Slave'

    So, I was Itsaing this to a friend in the coffie shop (that does help and speeds things up), when I realized that it was the between lives area Not just being implanted to forget, but doing the overt of making other's to forget

    That is how they work it You have to make the guy ahead of you forget before you can get out And then the guy behind you makes you forget (which is easy because you have just done it as an overt) So the people getting this implant are running it on each other, the one to the next

    That opened the flood gates There are a series of areas in the BLI (Between Lives Implant) These are places where you interact with other beings rather than just implanted pictures and items (which are also parts of this) As you leave each area, you have to implant a compulsion into somebody else and then get implanted with the same yourself Of course one could be stubborn, but one is just stuck in that area until they get apathetic and give in It is probably a bit like being in the RPF That is what makes it so sticky and hard to run, it is full of overts rather than just being a motivator

    There also might be things like being among the crowd of people being tortured by demons Then one of the demons offers to let you take his place and torture people for him, and you say no so you get tortured some more Eventually you agree, and then you are the demon That is the only way out, each person going through the same progression Later you are quite happy to forget all this I've gotten various ideas of this before and there are lots more, some with various platens of implant items or whatever, and all with this overt aspect mixed in, and that puts the whole new slant on the thing

    When the lessons are being assigned, you give somebody else a bad lesson (designed to place somebody more in agreement rather than enlighten them) and then somebody else does same to you Of course it is explained to you as "until you help somebody else to get their ethics in and agree with the proper morals, we will not consider you fit to be allowed to leave this area" I would not say that I have good recall on this, but I think that I've finally stopped compulsively forgetting it

    Now lets take this whole mess and lable it BLI, because that is not everything, that is in the between lives area Once I'd done the above, the BLI sorted out from the other between lives stuff Outside of the BLI there are tons of areas, usually small territories mocked up by one powerful being or another Some could be termed heavens and some might be termed hells and most would fall somewhere inbetween This is Monroe's area 2 and the heavens and hells of various religious mythologys and maybe even a bit of the aetherian realms of Oaspe Just about anything that a being with some awareness and horsepower might choose to mock up and for which he could attract a few people to agree with (text ommited) And with this, I seemed to get this vision of there being many little enclaves, heavens (and maybe hells), held stable, each by some strong being, in the chaos of the between lives area with the between lives implanters just holding their own little mess of trouble for whomever they can pull in to their area

    But I couldn't quite reconcile this view with the apparant fact that everybody is always going through the BLI and there is little direct contact between these astral realms and Earth copy (this planet with original games-planet Earth copy - admin)

    I think the whole thing was set up as a prison There seems to be the between lives administrative area and a heaven and a hell closely connected with the BLI and these all seem to be the original machinery built here The heaven seems to be an R&R area for the guards and the trustees and the prison warden is it's god - Anu (and a fairly limited one) Let us say that they did push stuff sideways of ordinary 3 dimensional space to build a maximum security prison Then they have beings running around in half solid astral bodies and so that they can control them between lives Perhaps the jailers made a big mistake and tore the 3 dimensional continuum of this universe and now there is a leak with endless little "pocket" universes spinning off to the sides at this weak point

    If my speculations on keeping copies for use in replaying this time period are correct, they had to store the copies sideways in a 4th dimensional direction, and the BLI and administrative areas have to be off on a 4th axis, and once you move people over that way, maybe they gradually realize that they can go that way and do it on their own This is a universe of force and solidity It is MESTy The games are planetary and space opera, very very human even when the bodies are different I have to look back to earlier universes to find stuff like what seems to be going on now out there in the near earth between lives area

    This universe is itself a prison And some of the inmates, themselves trying to make an even more solid prison within the prison, accidentally knocked down one of the walls and haven't even quite realized what they've done yet Then, of course, I started considering how the mechanism works, using this new higher perspective

    As I've said at other times, my previous life overlaps the current one with by about 4 years I grabbed the current body while still alive in the old one and was senile and in my "second childhood" and seemed to be dreaming of early childhood in the new body during that time period I think that I was doing that (sort of unconsciously on a being level) as a solution to the BLI The idea was to already be firmly connected to a new body before I dropped the body so I could jump from one body to the other when I died and thereby miss the implant It didn't work I hit the BLI when I died in the old body and jumped to the new one even though I had been controlling the new one for 4 years Any time I have tried to date when I went through the BLI, I get a huge read on the year in which I turned 4 in this lifetime I have heard similar things from other people I would guess (from the instances of senility) that there are a lot of people who do this occassionally (but not every lifetime)

    Then there are stories of people hanging around between lives Especially stories of Scientologists, who have dropped the body and seem to hang around between lives for awhile with some awareness and maybe even trying to do a bit of drills before getting bored and re-incarnating And yet when they do re-incarnate, thay have been brainwiped So it seems that the implant takes place when they pick up the body rather than than when they die Or one hangs out in one of the between lives realms as I discussed earlier Maybe one stays for decades or centuries, but has a bit of an urge to re-incarnate or get back to friends stuck on earth or whatever and then heads back here and gets wacked with the implant

    You can hang around earth bodiless or go off to the astral realms, but try to get into an earth body and bang, you're shifted somewhere else and get hit with this implant and then shot back into the body you were trying to pick up So they have the body line here tied into the prison machinery, and they have the earth reality blocked from the between lives spirits in some way, which is why there is so little interfereance from outside

    Next I tried to focus on what happened when I picked up the current body I had been running it for 4 years, but I was still locked onto the old body during that time period, so it seems like I could put a beam on this one and handle it without locking in When the old one died, I put a beam into the head of this one Running that as an incident, I suddenly realized that there was a black ring in the center of the head and that that is what I connected to for the motor controls and when I shifted off of the ring of the old body, the one in the new body shifted me off to the BLI It is like I could hold and control the new body safely as long as I was still locked into the old one because my hook onto the ring in the old bodie's head kept me from being moved by the ring in the new one And it seems like you always keep a beam on that ring, even if you're exterior, because if you pull off that point, you loose contact with the body

    As soon as I remembered this black ring (thick like a tiny donut), I just "knew" that it was called a "Targ Ring" Now that was strange, because I had no reason for associating Targs with the thing and the ring itself did not seem to be composed of entities

    Very little has been said about Targs

    There is one Elron tape reference, the "electropsychometric scouting, battle of the universes" tape of 1952

    He associates them with Arslycus (arse-lickers), which he also describes as one of the few other between lives control areas of the track in addition to the recent earth He is not very clear ot detailed, it is actually a demo session that MSh is running on him and he is spotting this stuff as he is running it

    The Targs seem to be an entity type used in making slaves It seem to be that term "Targ RIdden" (being infested with or even ridden or controlled by Targs) is associated with this, but I'm not sure if Elron used that term or it just popped into my head when I heard that type many years ago I've run a bit on Arslycus and (see Super Scio or and it seems to me, that they wanted slaves and used between lives control mechanisms and it now strikes me as quite likely, that the same mechanisms (Targs and Targ Rings and BLIs) were used there as are now used here And Elron says, that this kind of control mechanism is not used in most other times or places in this universe

    Filbert also mentions Targs He describes them (if I remember right - It's somewhere in Excalibur Revisited) as entities of exceptionally heavy black energy which are expecially difficult to handle Since Elron did know about Targs and doeasnt mention them in Solo Nots, I'd pretty much assumed that they would just blow with the rest of the stuff, so I hadn't gone hunting very hard for Targs specifically or paid much attention to this business

    The upshot of this is that I found a black ring in the middle of the current body's head (a black theta energy construction, not something you would find with a scaple) Concentrating on it, I tried to cantact a Targ in the body I found a large (almost body sized) thick black theta body which answered up It was surprising, that I had previously zero perception of this thing despite all the Nots and everything else This thing was quite willing to talk, but various processes seemed to have little effect ("yes, I'm me, but so what, I like being a Targ, lots of nice sensation") I even tried "spot being made into a Targ" with little effect The one that worked was "spot making another into a Targ" I was not one of these where you indicate and a few impressions come back and they blow Instead I had somebody running through a major incident in detail I only duplicated a small bit of it, but it had to do with implanting these things among others - Gluttony, Lust, Greed, A craving for Power, and probably a few more along the lines of the 7 deadly sins

    And at the top of the implant were things like stirring up a desire to be loved and making that into Lust, and stirring up a desire to be admired and making that into a craving for power and ritches etc I looked for another I only got a vague impression and maybe ran a bit of dub-in untill I mentally grabbed that black ring again (like holding it in a theta fist), then I had another big solid being with fairly clear comm That was also very interesting It seems like you can hardly find or perceive those guys unless you clamp down on that ring somehow, and then they are extremely visible This time I needed to have him spot an earlier similar time he made another into a Targ, but the making another question seemed to be the basic handling without much else And it went fairly fast this time And I noticed that "to get vengance" was in the list of goals

    As I said in the beginning, this is all highly speculative And it seems awfully complex But so would New York to a primitive tribesman

    POSTS ON TARG'S BY FILBERT AND KEN (exchange of post's)

    Filbert - "But you jumped in this area of ETargs This is pretty high level stuff I am not surprised you had some problem handling them Yeah, they know they are me Unfortunately, they do not have the same this universe agreements, and Usual Auditing Procedures slide off their back like water off a duck The fact you spoted the ETarg ring, and knew what it was is the key to being able to handle them So, I'll just address you at that level of awareness, and the rest will never even see this communication , probably, not even the post"

    Prior Ken post - "He associates them with Arslycus, which he also describes as one of the few other between lives control areas of the track in addition to recent earth"

    Filbert - "Very recent earth, like yestaerday and early this morning It is pretty much an ongoing operation"

    Ken - "It seems to me that the term "Targ Ridden" is associated with this"

    Filbert - "It is telepathically given to you The phrase wipes memory If you start in on one of these guys, if you find a real one, a half second later you are running your commands on someone or something else More than likely a mock up of you Courtesy of yourself"

    Ken comment - "Entities acting as bouncers and forgetters Just like with engrams it stops happening if you're on gradient"

    Ken - "And Elron says that this kind of control mechanism isnot used in most other times and places in this universe"

    Filbert - "Actually, it is a little more accurate to say it is not used in this universe at all The manifestation appears to be here, but the truth is, it is not The Ring is a gateway to ... hmm ... someplace different, to put it lightly That's why you couldn't find anything to run in the ring itself Your intention just went through a worm hole to .. ah, nowhere, sort of It sorta phases of this universe to another I had to invent and run some pretty strange math to figure this out

    Ken comment - "Yes, a different space As to a different "universe", I use a very broad definition of universes and so I would include it as part of this one even though it is not part of the local 3 dimensional space/time"

    Ken - "So I hadn't gone hunting very hard for Targs specifically or paid much attention to this business"

    Filbert - "Nots wont even begin to touch them Doubtful if they would ever even show up If you managed to get an intention in the area, it would just be wormholed off to no charge area, and meter wouldn't read"

    Ken comment - "Everything seems to firt the accessibility concept Things out of the band don't read Things on the edge are hard to perceive and bouncers etc come into play When it moves into full accessibility, than you don't bounce or obey implanted orders and it becomes fairly easy to handle"

    Ken - "The upshot odf this is that I found a black ring in the middle of the current body's head (a black theta energy construction, not something you'd find with a scaple) Concentrating on it, I tried to contact a Targ in the body"

    Filbert - "I think you were able to de this because of being able to somewhat think in multiple dimensions, re - your jewel of the universe construct"

    Ken comment - "Yes But that is simply the accessibility gradient Everything becomes easy eventually"

    Ken - "I found large (almost body sized) thick black theta body which answered up It was surprising that I previously had zero perception of this thing despite all the Nots and everything else"

    Filbert - "Again the key was being able to perceive in multiple dimensions"

    Ken - "This thing was quite willing to talk, but various processes seemed to have little effect (yes I'm me, but so what, I like being a Targ, lots of nice sensation)"

    Filbert - "Yep Functionally, a mirror telepath It reads your mind, and only gives answers you yourself cannot handle"

    Ken comment - "That can only be done if you have a big bunch of flinches that it can read and use against you In this case the question was simply not good enough, which is a different point Obviously I didn't have any problem with handling his answer It simply indicated that these guys needed something stronger than the Nots what/who"

    Ken - "Instead I had somebody running through a major incident in detail"

    Filbert - "Here, I think you got a bit of extra 6th dimension of the ring"

    Ken comment - "There is no reason to drag in the ring or extra dimensions to explain why he needed to do some real incident running In truth I do suspect thatthere was dimensional cross copying of this running going on, but who cares, if somebody is running something, you just let tham run it"

    Ken - "It seems like you can hardly find or perceive these guys unless you clamp down on that ring somehow, and then they are extremely visible"

    Filbert - "Yes, by holding the ring, you can make him visible, but you are not viewing normal physical universe"

    Ken - "And it went fairly fast this time And I noticed that "To Get Vengance" was in the list of goals

    Filbert - "not surprised Btw, it looks like you ran the second command (e/s time) on the second ETarg, and not the first Should have ran the first command on no2, and then second sommand

    Ken comment - "I did actually This was not a formal session I was simply making the observation that the second one needed to go E/S After the first writeup, I ran some more, and they started going on a fast blow by inspection on being asked to spot making others into targs I suspect that there was a bunch in close connection to each other and as one ran it, others would watch and be getting their confront up"

    Filbert - "Wouldn't have made any diff anyway The command went off to a mirror illusion universe, and the Targ wasn't there in the first place"

    Ken comment - "Doesn't matter If you are in contact with a being, then you are in contact with them"

    Filbert -"E-Targ Rundown - So, the handle is not to handle the Targ, but to handle the incident of you receiving him, r3r, good old r3r It could or could not have been done in a Between Lives Implant The incident of the big light, and tribunalwill blow down a couple of division on spotting it All the Targas will come into view, and have a fir, and the Black Ring will dissapear They are telepathic, and will hit you with your own pictures and theirs, and whatever else they can find Don't mess with the pictures, don't mess with the goals, and things that come up Just run the incident"

    Ken comment - "I hadn't realized that he bumped into the Targ Ring I read his book a long time ago"

    Ken on Filbert prior writing - "Mr Filbert wrote this with the assumption, that the sequence of 1 to 17 had been run previously, that would include all OT levels, all entities, joiners, and all GPM's, all circuits, prior universes, and rehabilitation of home universe I personally think he was correct in placing this handling that far along"

    Ken - "Things come up when they come up Obviously I bumped into them long after many other things had been handled"

    Filbert - "Here is the key Grab the ring That will activate the Targs Count them (6 for me) Assign a auditor attention unit to each (sort of splitting self in 8) Locate the receipt incident, start r3r (will necessitate a couple more self splits) Keep your attention on all 6 Targs, handle their origination's, intention attacks, picture and energy attacks while you run the incident If they can find any loose BT's (body thetans or beings - admin) or clusters, they will activate them as well and key them in Just assign another auditor attention unit to each BT woken up They (targs) will attempt to escape through the ring when they realize the game is up You can either let them, or hold them there Once the incident is erased, they will calm down somewhat, and thereafter respond to standart auditing"

    Ken comment - "I didn't run into attacks, just some big black heavy beings But I've run off lots of stuff and this area was moving up into the band of being "light" instead of "rough" to handle Running 6 in parrallel seem interesting, but I didn't find it necessary Just hold onto one and get him through it But I bumped into a need to run parrallels while fooling with the big splitter in super scio chapter 9 I would say now that it was because it was out gradient and therefore the cross copy between the beings was heavy enough to require handling them together But if you're bigger, then your intention is senior and overrides the cross copy that they are stuck in, so you can hold one's attention and push him through The others are still copying, so they catch this indirectly and can then easily be blown"

    Filbert - "I have found that you can handle the ruds, and then r3r each one through the incident very nicely They usually have pretty good cognition's, and quit r/ising Could let them leave at that point, up to you (most of mine didn't, wanted to hang around and get some auditing) Then handle each BT or cluster woken up to EP If the targ is still around, and interested, have him spot a difference between himself and you, then a similarity, repetative till EP He will then be in valence, will leave, and you will not have to liability of a split self running around in a targ valence It takes a quite a bit of confront, and the ability to handle 10 auditing com cycles simultaneously Heh, somewhat of a trick, but you sure won't have any trouble auditing one being at a time after that"

    Ken comment - "True The "targ ring" really ia a wormhole That was a smart observation So I drilled a bit with wormholes (separate action, no sense getting it mixed up with targs) Pick a point in space, lets call it a Point A Perhaps be there to some degree (if needed for havingness & orientation) Put out a beam to point B and then unmock the beam alternately a few times, with the beam going through the intervening distance as is usual Next connect from the point A to point B but force the connection by postulate without crossing the intervening space, but allow a tiny amount of distance to keep the two pointsseparated Drill mocking that up and unmocking it a few times
    Now put a bit of a pull from point B back towrds point A on that connection as you mock it up (or pulling on point B from point A) It makes a black ring in point B because things are pulled from there back towards point A This is warmhole It is almost a black hole, but it goes somewhere with a short tube that is far less than the distance between the two points There is much fun to be had with these This is the next level above drilling with simple 3 dimensional beams

    Then I got back to handling targs and blew off some more as I mentioned earlier Next I started looking around for Filbert's tribunal etc and also trying to follow the targ ring wormhole and making copies of it and changing its color etc until everything seemed to fall into place It is a multipoint wormhole, like having a many to one named pipe in server software (many users connecting to the same address) Billions of end points on one side, all connecting to a single destination point The destination point is white rather than black because that is where the outflow side is, and it is brilliant white, that is the big light Where it exits is not the real place where we were sentenced to Earth It is copy (complete with mocked up tribunal etc) And it is the entry point to the between lives implant sequence

    If you grab onto a body while you are still also holding your current body, the ring in the current body exerts enough pull to keep the ring in the other body from shifting you If, however, you are really between lives and grab onto the ring of an unoccupied body (intending to pick it up), you get sucked down the wormhole and end up in the mockup of the sentencing tribunal (which restimulates being sentenced to Earth) And there the targs blanket you and push you into the BLI sequence That is what a targ does They blanket and enforce agreements If you big enough, you blanket them instead and they get easy to handle And of course if you do a it of drilling on mocking up wormholes, you're not going to get pulled around by them anymore Ans of course one should run a bit of charge off of times that they blanketed and enforced agreements and emotions in on them But note that everything like this should be left until the person starts bumping into it That's the easy way"

    About the Wormholes, Warp Drive and 'negative' energy >

    About Dimensions >

    "Wernicke's" Hypnotic Commands (mind-control & implanting)

    "Dont remember this"

    "It's useless to try"

    "Don't even think about it"

    "You'll die if you remember this"

    "Have a heart attack if you remember this"

    "Have a stroke if you remember this"

    "Kill yourself if you remember this"

    "Kill whoever helps you remember"

    "Kill whoever helps you TO remember"

    "Don't tell anyone about this"

    "You will die if you remember this"

    "Stab to death the person who helps you remember this"

    "You won't remember this"

    "If you remember you will feel pain"

    "Forget everything that you have seen"

    "This didn't happen"

    "You can't remember this"

    "This is just your imagination"

    "You remember nothing about this"

    "This is all a dream"

    "Forget all about this"

    "You weren't here"

    "You die if you remember this"

    "You go insane if you remember this"

    "Kill yourself if you remember this"

    "Remembering Mars terminates you"

    "You have a stroke if you remember the program"

    "Your kidneys fail if you remember this program"

    "Die now if you remember this program"

    "Terminate yourself if you remember going to Mars"

    "You have a fatal asthma attack if you remember Mars"

    "You have a fatal heart attack if you remember Mars"

    "Your heart will stop if you remember this"

    "Your organs will shut down if you remember this"

    "All your systems will fail if you remember this"

    "Your heart stops beating if you remember Mars"

    "Do not look at these commands"

    "There is nothing to remember"

    "You have respiratory failure if you remember"

    "You are ours"

    "Kill them in their sleep"

    "Give a floating strike to .... in their sleep"

    "Give a Dim Mak strike to the .... in their sleep"

    "You remember nothing that we said"

    "You remain ours"

    "Do not resist us"

    "Do as we say"

    "Resistance is futile"

    "Don't think for yourself"

    "We are your friends"

    "Don't remember Wernicke's"

    ".... and .... are your enemy"

    "Your mind is a blank"

    "You remember nothing of this"

    "Don't pray"

    "Don't practice psychic stuff"

    "Put off psychic practice"

    "Don't believe in yourself"

    Commands to a split personality alter:

    "Remember this"

    "Never forget your mission"

    "You have perfect memory"

    "You have photographic memory"

    "You have eidectic memory"

    "Tell only us"

    "Your debriefing is only to us"

    "Watch him"

    "Watch ...."

    "Trust no one"

    "You have no friends but us"

    "We love you"

    "At our command, feel pain"

    "At our command, you will forget"

    "At our command, you will kill yourself"

    "At our command, you will kill others"

    "At our command, you will come to us"

    "At our command, you will activate"

    "At our command, you will deactivate"

    "You don't see us"

    "You don't hear us"

    "You obey us"

    "You remember nothing of this"

    "Die in your sleep at our command"

    "Activate the REM cycle termination program when programmed"

    "Execute the sleep termination when triggered"

    "Stay here"

    "Die if these commands are removed"

    "Die if you inactivate these commands"

    "Die if you cancel this program"

    Anchoring is the name that NLP (neuro-linguistic programing) has given to the Mind Control technique of classical conditioning.
    Basically you are adding bias and emotion to a situation, which then Influences the person’s perception.
    By changing the way that a person perceives a situation, it is much easier to modify their behavior.
    When anchoring is used correctly, it becomes very easy to unconsciously control other people… This is one powerful technique indeed!
    A Little Background To Classical Conditioning
    If you’ve ever had a psychology class, you may remember Pavlov’s dog when discussing classical conditioning.
    To put simply classical conditioning is when your brain pairs things together that happen at the same time.
    For example the sound of opening a can of soda will probably make you also imagine a carbonated and cold drink.
    Picking up the remote control will probably remind you of watching television.
    Even unrelated things can be paired together in your brain.
    For example, you may have had a romantic relationship in the past, and your lover always smelled like garlic. The thought of your lover brings back memories of desire and passion. Because of classical conditioning the smell of garlic may also bring you feelings of desire and passion. By itself garlic has nothing to do with desire and passion, but your brain has paired all of these things together.
    Garlic Smell â€"> Previous Lover â€">Desire and Passion
    Garlic Smell â€"> Desire and Passion
    The famous Pavlov rang a bell before feeding a dog. After the dog had been conditioned or "anchored" the dog salivated when he rang the bell.
    Ring Bell â€"> Get Food â€"> Salivate
    Ring Bell â€"> Salivate
    The Significance Of Pairing Unrelated Things
    Anchoring takes advantage of the learning process of pairing.
    To use the technique of anchoring you observe your subject in order to find out things that they have feelings about (an activity, a relationship, etc.)
    Once you have identified a topic that elicits a response, you can then pair a new stimulus to the topic.
    For example, John really likes video games. When he talks about video games his eyes light up and he talks about video games passionately.
    Video Games â€"> Excitement & Enthusiasm
    So now during your conversation with John you are going to anchor another thing (squinting your eyes) to video games. So now every time that you mention video games you carefully squint your eyes. When John mentions video games, you also squint your eyes. With enough repetition John will eventually pair you squinting your eyes with the idea of video games.
    You Squinting Eyes â€"> Video Games
    Once John has made this pairing you will now have the ability to trigger the excitement and enthusiasm.
    You Squinting Eyes â€"> Video Games â€"> Excitement & Enthusiasm
    You Squinting Eyes â€"> Excitement & Enthusiasm
    Lets pretend that you want John to like your friend Jane. So while talking to John you squint your eyes and begin describing Jane to him. Unconsciously John will feel excitement and enthusiasm and his perception of Jane will have this bias. Now when you introduce the two, John is much more likely to have the emotions of excitement and enthusiasm for Jane.
    Pretty crazy huh?
    The Steps to Anchoring Any Emotional Response
    1. Find something a person has an emotional response about (hate, fear, love, disgust, embarassment, etc.).
    2. Attach a trigger (squinting eyes, flaring nostrils, grab your ear, etc.) to the thing by using repetition.
    3. Use the trigger to elicit the emotional response.


    'We are one' hypnosis
    By B Robertson
    BSTs who say "We are one"

    In LTA, not all of the BSTs were made by the taken-over Church of Scientology. Xenu "shared" some of the data with other cults and religions and mystery groups.

    When the "One-World" police state was formed, circa 1992 LTA, there was also a general "uniting" of religious and mystery groups and, of course, Xenu and his implanter org underlings had a lot to say, and a lot to monitor, on them. One of these "ideas" was to achieve the long-sought state of "One with God" or "We are all one." And thus, some "processing" was done by other groups to achieve this state. If you start auditing a BST (or group of BSTs), and the answers on PrPr 4 & PrPr 5 are robotically "We are one" or "We are one forever" and don't change as you continue the process, and no charge is coming off, it is because you have
    hit a group of BSTs who BELIEVED THEY WERE ALL ONE BEFORE THEY GOT THE BLACK STATIC "TECH." In other words, they were in an "Earlier Practice" which taught them carefully and analytically to believe that "All are one" or "We are all one."

    So what you are dealing with is a CLUSTER made of "We are one" BELIEVERS who got their false data in an earlier practice. And each went into that earlier practice to handle some personal problem, doubt, or worry, and thus committed a continuous overt on himself (on Flow Zero - self to self).

    This made them very resistive as they had already convinced themselves that the E.P. of the BST "process" was right and what they wanted on a "self-determined basis."

    Handling C/S

    There are two methods to handle
    1st METHOD:

    1) Go directly to PrPr6 and run it to its EP. (Probably you will notice the EPs of PrPr4 and PrPr5 also happening during the running of PrPr6, but don't stop running it until the "Reviv" happens.) The REVIV will be the breaking of the CLUSTER-MAKING MUTUAL INCIDENT where they all were made into ONE. Don't expect it to come off fast, however, as they were usually DRUGGED before the mutual-incident. Thus it will come off in "pieces," slowly, over several sets of commands until all are in PT. (One such incident actually run was a group of 77 robed, candle carrying, religious people who drank a goblet of drugged wine and then marched into a large wheel, or drum, and were strapped down in rows on the inside circumference. Then it was spun (rotated) faster and faster until the liquids and flesh of their bodies was pushed out through the "webbed-grill like" circumference of the wheel. They were all chanting "We are one" as they died. The flesh juice was collected and any Pre-I plugs or pieces "Hoovered" out for later use. The bones were desiccated (dried out to dust) afterwards in a container and stamped out as "coins" (with the metal of the crushed desiccation container) to be used to influence other religious groups to believe "We are one." The earliest beginning of the mutual-incident in this case was the drinking of the drugged wine. After this came off all 77, they were in PT - but still believed individually that they were "all one."
    2) RUN THEIR EARLIER PRACTICE. Find out what it was called - (it may be called "We are One") and Prepcheck it. During this - (and on the PrPr6) - some will blow off. When the Prepcheck goes flat - buttons just F/N, and no more attention on the Earlier Practice - you will find probably a few are left. These are the ones who believed "We are One" BEFORE they got into the earlier practice.

    3) RUN AS A CONTINUOUS OVERT with "What are you trying to Prevent"? to F/N VGIs (Usually the item will be something like "I was trying to prevent myself from being me" or something like that.

    4) DO BLOW - CAN'T BLOW STEPS. Roll BLOW A, B, C and CAN'T BLOW A, B, C (as given on TB # 13) over and over to FTA. This will handle anything left around. (They can also spot their LTA Body, MOCOs still in "COINS" and free them on Can't Blow B).

    2nd METHOD:

    1) When the Robotic answers come on PrPr4 or on PrPr5 and you know it's this kind of BST cluster, take the robotic wording (Ex: "We are one") and use it in PrPr2.

    a. "What condition have you encountered in ___("We are one")__ ?

    b. "How have you handled it?"

    This will run through the same Cluster-Making Incident and blow off the Earlier Practice; so you keep running it until the earlier practice (attention on it) blows to Clean F/N + VGIs on all of them.

    2) Then run PrPr1, in this fashion, to finish off the ones who "believed" before they got into the Earlier Practice.

    a. What overt have you committed on yourself?

    b. What problems were you trying to solve?

    c. What haven't you said to yourself?

    d. What problem were you trying to solve?

    (Remember, you are auditing a group, or more than one, so let them each get to their own EP. The commands will all F/N as you call them, when everyone has EPed)

    3) Run BLOW and CAN'T BLOW Steps per TB # 13 to FTA. (Also they can spot their LTA, Body MOCOs in the "COINS" on the Can't Blow "B" step and free them)

    As a comment on LTA BST "processes," I can only say: "Aren't you glad we have the actual BRIDGE this time around?"

    Hope I’ve made this clear enough. Good Luck
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