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    From Filbert's: Excalibur Revisited

    Filbert on the Clearing Course

    The next Level the Preclear takes up is the Clearing Course (CC) What happened on this was back on September 3, 1965, L. Ron Hubbard picked 42 people to research these materials since he insisted that he was Clear and didn't have a Reactive Mind. His had just all blown apart one day and he couldn't find the significance of it. Of course, he had a stuck needle, had trouble getting in and out of bed, and so forth, but he didn't want to talk about any of these things. Anyway, he simply issued these materials to 42 people which was not really a broad mix of society. They were not really scientific people. They started researching out the content of the Reactive Mind. So, his remarks that he rose above the Bank and never agreed to have a Bank, that are listed in a number of his works and in the bulletin "Keeping Scientology Working", are completely fraudulent.

    The Bank that they discovered, were plotting out, and working off in writing up their plots, was quite wrong. At the time I made four suggestions to one of the key researchers and those four suggestions were adopted. Other factors were going on at the time. I simply withdrew from the project, because the plot they were drawing was so incorrect. The End-words were remarkably correct, but the rest of it was not. It was close enough to produce some positive case gain. So, that was the CC that was developed at St. Hill between September 3, 1965 and February 4, 1966.

    In doing a CC, you have to educate the hell out of your PC, and go over a lot of material with him. You would word clear a "GPM", again; a "Reliable Item" which is an Item out of a GPM that the PC is stuck in; a "Crossover" as a middle of a GPM where a person ceases to be for the original Goal and starts to be against it. You need to word clear "Implant" and the best way to clear that is: as a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a Being with artificial purposes or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him. You need to clear an "Implant GPM". Another definition of Implant is as an electronic means of overwhelming a Thetan with a significance. A third definition of an Implant is an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought and intentional installation of fixed ideas contra-survival to the Thetan. So, then you clear an "Implant GPM" as an implanted Goals-Problems-Mass. A definition of that is an electronic means of overwhelming a Thetan with a significance using the mechanics of the actual pattern of living to entrap a Thetan to enforce obedience to behavior patterns. Go over that real good so that your Preclear really understands it.

    Then, you go over "Implant Goals", and that is an implanted Goal that the Thetan himself has not decided upon, but which has been induced in him by overwhelming force or persuasion.

    Then, you clear that an incident is an experience related by same subject, location, perception, people; it takes place in a short or finite period of time, such as minutes, hours, or days Mental image pictures are of such experiences. So, you define that incidents are on a Time-track, then you can refer the PC to those pages 80 - 81 in Dianetics Today to where they would understand what timeless charge is, overwhelming charge, in other words, the primary Reactive Mind. Then, you would indicate that on the CC they will be erasing, not only incidental charge, but the timeless charge that resulted from that and the that GPMs float timelessly, these implanted ones.

    The next thing you need to do is clear up enough technical philosophy on them to where they will understand what they are dealing with. You clear up this philosophy with them, indicate that the Auditor must realize that communication is essentially directed or received energy and is inhibited by the willingness or the unwillingness of the Preclear to take responsibility for energy or forms of energy and where responsibility is low, perception is low and it is found on processing that a PC is in poor condition in direct ratio to the degree that he has accepted and agrees and complies with the MEST universe, and is in good and active condition in direct ratio to the degree that he can break his flow of agreement and establish his own flows and thus create his own universe. Also, that ones appreciation of the MEST universe is almost uniformly the energy which ones places on the MEST universe, in other words, his illusions and when he loses his hopes and dreams (his illusions) that is because he has lost his ability to emanate energy back at the MEST universe, and has become dependent upon the energy that the MEST universe thrusts at him.

    You should clear up that time is summed up as had, have and will have; that Goals in the MEST universe are summed uniformly under the heading "will have" and that one engages in action in order "to have", that the entire problem of the future is the problem of Goals; that the entire problem of Goals is the problem of possession and that the entire problem of possession is the problem of time, and that time is impossible without the possession of objects.

    You should make it very clear that ones own personal universe is made up of matter, energy and space and that the physical universe is made up of matter, energy and space and that these two universes are entirely distinct; and it could be said that the principal confusion and aberration of the individual stems from him having confused these two universes with each other and where these two universes have crossed in the mind of the individual, we find a confusion of control and ownership for the reason that the two universes do not behave alike.

    Then, you need to go over that if a person is low on the Tone Scale and still exhibits responsibility, then his energy, that was active initially, must of been enormous for any segment of responsibility to still exist when he is low on the Tone Scale.

    In studying the subject of Scientology™ and working on the Bank, one is studying the lowest common denominators or agreement which bring about an acceptance of the MEST universe and prohibits the creation of ones own universe, which ability alone makes the possibility of perception of the MEST universe which is itself agreed upon illusion. In other words, if you can't perceive your own universe, then you are not going to be able to perceive the MEST universe. Originally, in a person's own universe, he used the mechanism of energy creation to make objects, while in the MEST universe, this ability has been reduced to the use of energy solely for recording data about the MEST universe, so that one can agree with that data. In so doing, lies death, not only for the body periodically, but death for the Thetan, in that a Thetan can die. No adventure in the MEST universe can exceed the adventure of making orderly anatomy from the chaos of co-mingled matter, energy, space and time which comprise planets, galaxies and island universes of this black beyond which waits to devour the universe self-constructed of any Thetan or group of Thetans. That the road to knowledge led through the anatomy of space and energy masses called the MEST universe and yet data does not lie in the MEST universe. That the track to knowledge has two directions, it is possible to take a better path, the essence of true knowledge is the essence of existing, so that one can create beingness and data to know, Possibly all other data is junior to this and one should have the knowledge of the composition of the MEST universe as a fox might have use of the knowledge of a trap. It is cruelty to make a theta clear without at the same time educating an individual so as to permit him to avoid these pitfalls which has brought him to where he is found: in a physical, animal, MEST body, on a planet named Earth, in this solar system, galaxy 13.

    Having covered this philosophy with them, you should go over the anatomy of the R6 Bank that they are going to run out. You show them that there are 50 GPMs and 5 GPMs to a series, and demonstrate a "Repeater Technique*"; and go over an example GPM where there is a terminal on the left and an opposition terminal on the right, there is a left side and a right side, there is a crossover, and that implanted GPMs have 9 lines or 18 Items. If the first Goal was "to catch catfish", "catch" would be the Root-word and the End-word would be "catfish".
    Example GPM On "Catfish"

    Left SideOpposition Terminal
    Right Side

    1.To Catch Catfish
    (Root wood (End-word)To Not Catch Catfish
    5.To Buy CatfishTo Sell Catfish
    (9 lines, 18 Items)

    *Repeater Technique: Spotting repetitively until As-is-ness. Clearing Course Events and Line Plot of Implanted GPMS

    Date(s) received are either: 2,112,987,634,415 years ago, or about 75 million years ago (74,947,612 plus or minus 312 years) or both. The date is not crucial, as there were many implanted dates placed on the Implant in the Implant.

    The incident starts with a light, center and to the right, video screen to the left. Then, "There is nothing more lowly or vile or undeserving to
    exist as you". Then, about 10 more sentences of invalidation, closing with "Therefore we will educate you so you will never harm again..."

    Fear sensation.

    Rush toward central light (6-8 seconds), 3" in diameter, 18" tall, with ones space occupancy about 3/4" in a bubble down the light one goes.

    Awareness of hundreds before and behind. Not wanting to go or be there.
    Slamming sensation from light energy down to lower room.

    The incident and Clearing Course is summarized as follows,

    Opening light
    1st GPM
    Light ahead and on one (50 ERG lights)
    2nd GPM, etc. through 5th GPM (A)
    Flood of pictures (11/second) for 8-10 seconds (B)
    Then, Objects (squares, cubes, triangles, circles, rectangles, U's, arrows) coming at high velocity for 5 seconds (C)
    Then, Aesthetic Waves for 4 seconds (D)
    Then, a light ahead (flash), but not on one. THIS IS A SERIES
    Then 2nd series of 6th through 10th GPMS followed by ABCD, flood of pictures through aesthetic waves and so forth for 10 series of 5 GPMS each for 50 GPMS total.

    Each GPM has 18 lines as follows. The only difference in the 50 is that each one has a different End-word. The verbs and adjectives are identical in each GPM. There is a zap as each Item is passed thru and ones goes left to right down it, to line 4 right, then line 5 right, then line 5 left, then line 5 right, then line 6 right, then line 6 left, then left to right to the end as indicated by the numbered arrows.

    The 1st GPM is printed verbatim:

    Buttons can be used to release charge such as: "On the Goal has anything been resisted, invalidated, challenged?".

    The End-words in the Bank for the 50 GPMS are (order is exact):

    1st series:Affinity, Communication, Reality, Understanding, Beingness.
    2nd series:Doingness, Havingness, Experience, Knowingness, Control.
    3rd series:Responsibility, Thetans, Minds, Bodies, Identities.
    4th seriesSex, Groups, Mankind, Life forms, Physical Universe.
    5th seriesSpirits, Gods, Universes/Non-Physical, Departures, Clear Analytical Minds
    6th seriesReactive Minds, Goals, Problems, Mass, Matter
    7th seriesEnergy, Space, Time(s), Pictures, Lifetimes
    8th seriesGames, Harm, Survival, Beauty, Sanity
    9th seriesDecency, Truth, Awareness, Individuality, Co-Existence
    10th seriesMagic, Confusion, Stable Data/Certainties, Death, Love

    A person runs as much of this as is necessary until the whole Bank unmocks for them. They generally don't have to run all the Items. I have never seen a Preclear go beyond running the 26th GPM line 1A which is "To create prevent reactive minds".

    The majority of the Scientology™ churches activities is acting out line 5B of "clear analytical minds" which is the 25th GPM, the destroying counter clear analytical minds.

    So, after that whole Bank erases you have a real Clear on your hands. They have attained the state of freedom from the inability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the 1st dynamics and they have attained the ability to be at cause over mental matter, energy, space and time on the 1st dynamic.

    They exist at this point, they have an awareness level of existence. It has been so long since they have been living without this damn R6 Bank around. What you do next is send them out into the environment and get them back into communication with people and the physical universe. That is basically all that OT 1 is. So, you issue them those materials. They can do it in 1/2 an hour or more.

    Jeff. Filbert.

    Pmometheus Reports (Advanced Auditing)
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