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    I think that the 3rd invader might date from around ten million years ago , but I'm quite uncertain of the dates I've got on this Anyway the third invader ran out of steam and stopped expanding, but remained a single cohesive solid empire with considerable strength So when the 4th invader came in around 1 and 2 million years, the 3rd was too well established for them to do anything more than take a few minor worlds for strategic basis and then move out towards the fringes where 3rd was weaker

    They came in this direction and took many worlds off the edges of the 3rd's sphere of control and also off of the edges of Marcab and Espinol (on the opposite side of Earth) And then they extended further, ripping off weakly held planets along the boundary between Marcab and Espinol and basically filling in the gaps between various empires What I get is that their sector capitol in this area is around the star Arcturas, and that they hold about ten thousand worlds , and that these are the little green guys (from Penalty Universe "To Defend Is Native State" - admin) They ground to a halt and haven't expanded in a long long time Their only interest is to poke around and learn stuff and keep an eye on the other empires

    Sometime in the last hundred thousand years,, the 5th invader came down through the horsehead and tried to establish itself in this spiral arm Again, they found the area around the horsehead tigtly controled by 3rd invader and followed the path of destruction carved by 4th invader, which lead them into this area But of course 4th holds most of the good second rate worlds that could be captured from the older empires, so 5th was facing a very difficult task of coming into areas that were already tightly held and defended

    Rather than try to fight one of the big empires, the 5th invader decided to overjump Espinol and carve out an empire on the far side, where the existing empires were small and weak because they had not been toughened up by all these invasions sweeping out of the horsehead So their primary effort is a few hundred lightyears further down the spiral arm in the direction of Cassiopia But the invader force works by dragging its newly captured recruits up into the magic universe for implanting and then bringing them back down And to do that they need access to the horsehead So they have to maintain a corridor through here back towards Orion and this is one of the desolate areas where they can grab stuff and buid bases to protect their convoys and so forth

    The 5th invader uses insect bodies They would be interested in keeping a base here, but of course Espinol doesn't like that idea The 5th is relatively new and probably only controls about a thousand planets or so, most of them on the far side of Espinol

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    Speculations On Arcturas

    I wrote this section first and that got me digging further, resulting in the above I'm including it as written for background data What got me going on all this, actually, was a post by Robert Ducarme a few weeks ago He had rounded up some data off of the net about Arcturas and posted it to ACT I felt his post was too long to repeate here, but basically it contained the scientific data that Arcturas is realatively nearby in the constellation Bootis and that there is a lot of channeled stuff about Arcturas being the home of the little green guys and that these guys are wnderful, ethical, higher beings far superior to the grey saucer guys

    Note that this was not Robert's writings or opinions, but simply some very interesting stuff that he found on the net Reading the post turned on a headach and a slight feaver (which blew fairly easily - this is just an indicator that something kicked and I pushed through it - I was glad of the chance to take a look) This goes back to my early experiences in 1968 I was in keyed out OT state for a number of months early in that year I want to emphasize, that nothing, no outside influence, could crash that state until I made a wrong postulate I would bump into tons of "restimulative" stuff and just sail through it,until I screwed up and did something I considered to be an overt (and which happened to be "on policy", which is one of the reasons I don't like policy)

    But the second I shifted over to effect and could be hit (because I left an open line for that with my overt), it was Arcturas that went into fantastic restimulation I got heavy visions of having a body, right now, on the 4th planet circling the sun Arcturas, being held in pawn, and receiving an implant, right then and there in PT The next thing you know, I was almost dying, running an incredibly high feaver, and every god damn thing you could imagine was going into restimulation I had clear visions of Incident 2 (or some similar mass implant) and all sorts of stuff And note that I had not previously been restimulated by material on entities, I had spotted some and they did not give any trouble But this dam Arcturian implant included pictures of Incident 2 and tons of other stuff intended to key somebody in heavily

    Note that there was NO liability to the Acension experience itself that I had had about 3 months before As long as I could hold the state, I was fine But those bastard were waiting like a spider to zap me the second I slipped up (ok, I've got some bypassed charge - they are probably nice guys and we can all forgive and forget) And I'm pretty dam sure that the body type, both theirs and the one of mine that they held in pawn, was the little green alien type And they are not from Arcturas That is just their local headquarters and operating base in this area They are the 4th invader force coming in from the magic universe And these guys are much like the Elmer Gantry, or Hellatrobus They are using sweetness and light religious implants and putting out shore stories about having higher purposes and making others good, but they are implanters devoted to making everybody weak and obedient They want you to be highly moral and have no power whatsoever

    They are, of course, an opterm to 5th invader force (the insect guys) The 5th simply wants power and loyal soldiers They implant too Both 4th and 5th are from the Magic Universe (coming in via the Dark Horse in Orion), but from rival empires and there who hate each other And of course Marcab (the humanoid guys) also implants, but they are trying to make everybody conform As does Espinol (the little greys) who implants to get slaves and good workers In truth, these are all nasty groups, but they hate each other more than they hate us, so we are kind of in a nich where they are afraid to operate too openly because each group would zap all the others

    I think that whenever a space battle is lost, the winner gets to capture all the thetans from the enemy's dead and they will then implant them to be on the other side Sometimes the mechanism includes the mechanism of bodies in pawn Sometimes it includes being dragged back up to the magic universe and run through the incident 1 again (with all sorts of glorious bullshit about saving the universe etc) The invader forces build up their numbers in this manner (when they first came in, they do not have huge planetary populations to support their forces) , and they might refer to this as harvesting souls Each group uses whatever tech and whatever advantages it can get, and kicks us in the teeth

    I think I have at least half a dozen bodies held in pawn, have been implanted at least a dozen times to be on various sides, and have been dragged up to the magic universe and pushed down through incident 1 at least 3 or 4 times , all inside of the last ten or twenty thousand years, which is very very recent track And every dam one of these things tells you how glorious and wonderful it all is and that the particular team is on God's side and how they are going to fix everythng up and all the other guys are bad guys And of course its all just bullshit And eventually you get so many conflicting implants that you don't remember which side you supposed to be on now and they dump you down here to get you out of the way

    Let me assure you right now that the solution does not lie with any group It is only within each of us as individuals It is you who must pick up and choose what to support and what to reject Never take it as a generality Even if it is me, always take each datum on its own merits rather just accepting something because I say it Help individuals rather than some some abstract which migh kick individuals in the teeth If we each of us become a source for freedom, we will make it

    More background data, from the notes I was making in between the writeup on Arcturas in section above and finally getting the whole thing in context Note that at this point I had a lots of charge kicking around, was getting headaches and seeing flashes of light and so forth, all of which died down and blew on getting the stuff in previous sections Now this all seems innocous and unimportand, maybe just sci fi or an active imagination and yet, untill I got enough of it to fall into place, it was really kicking my teeth in It might still all be half wrong, but it was just good enough to cool down the restimulation

    Bear people - direction of Ursa Major - in towards center of this spiral arm

    Andromedia (near Pegasus) The Andromedia galaxy is way far away, but there is a group referred to as Andromedian's in that direction (near by) who deal in implants, are rumoured to have fled here from Andromedia galaxy in the far distant past They are settled in territory that is theoretically claimed by Markab There is another empire in direction of Cygnus, down the spiral arm from us in the opposite direction from the horsehead
    There is yet another small empire in the direction of Crux

    Cat Woman (representation of Penalty Universe with the goal "To Join")

    The cat people are in the direction of Antares (Scorpio) towards galactic center This is the only race in the area which is a member of the old Galactic Empire alliance from the war against Arslycus and support bases for atacking Arslycus from the rear The old Galactic Confederacy (tiny) that was here did mass implanting, as noticed on OT3 and made a bit of a wasteland Similar mass implanting was done recently in a small empire out towards Draco, in a fringe area between the 4th invader and Espinol zones of control Anoter older desolate area where empire used mass implanting is up towards Leo

    Espinol is in the direction of the little dipper , but really stretches across much of the northern sky since we are in the fringes of its claimed territory In other words, nearby stars in the direction of other empires belong to Espinol, with the other empires being on the far side But Espinol and Markab may overlap significantly because Espinol (the greys) prefer bright suns Howerver it is the Marcab eho started using this planet as a prison and who set up and controls the between lives machinery here
    The humanoid body type might be more frail and less adaptive than the later forms The greys might be a bit less sensative but prefer abrighter stars The 3rd invader (robots) might use any star comfortably, but suffer from having less sensation and duller bodies, and they might favor high energy stars just because it is more energy that can be used The 4th and 5th invaders are probably extremely adaptive, being later designs, but would be slightly less adaptive than the 3rd invader robots, because of wanting to have more feeling and sensations

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    Embeded astrology maps (in the mind-body construct) > 

    For myself, I can find multile incident of being sent here by various groups I don't know how accurate this is, much of it could be dub in, and note that there is plenty of implanting so that implanted false pictures and dates would be common The oldest of my incidents seems to have the most recent Earth calender date That is an incident of landing with a squadron of the 5th invader in the Himalayas around 1000 AD, but it is over ten thousand years ago And I think I was the strategy officer who was assigned to the mission to pick out a good location for building a base We got smashed and ended up on the Earth line

    But after that I find Markab implanting me and using me as an agent against the cult of the snake on Mars, which was habitable in earlier cycles, and the dates are more like 500 BC but about 5 or 7 thousand years ago But later I seem to be sent by Espinol to infiltrate Marcab and then Marcab gets me again and sends me into Egypt, and it is again 500 Bc and somewhere in all this mess the 4th invader is also using me for a little while

    And all this is mixed in with ordinary lifetimes on Earth and bouncing off and escaping occasionally and then getting caught and implanted and shipped back for one side or the other, and the dates on the Earth calender are jumping around in the 500 BC to 1000 AD range for many thousands of years And finally the calender runs forward in a fairly clean manner from around thousand to around 1900 and then we start recycling the 20th (and a bit of 21st) centuries for about 500 years, bringing things up to PT

        Domain invader force symbol

    My guess is as follows:

    The 5th invader came into the area, looking for a good system to use as part of their protected corridor back to the horsehead nebula in Orion This looked like a good system, unoccupied except for a low tech civilization on Earth (and possibly Mars at that time), and there was a nice asteroid belt as well, which Elron points out is a good staging area for space fleets because you don't have to lift out of gravity well So a battle fleet moves into the asteroid belt and a squadron is sent down to Earth to put a base in the Himalayas And the place was already a mess, with Marcab, Espinol, and 4th invader all staying hidden and watching to see what the 5th invader would do And on top of this there is the existing between lives machinery setup by Marcab to try and handle the cult of the snake, plus an old history of of mass implanting, and who knows what other wierdities

    So 5th invader made a mistake in landing openly and got their asses blown off But this made a problem for Marcab because high powered 5th invader officers and so forth immediately started tearing into the between lives screens and trying to fight their way out of the place It all turned into major chaos and so Marcab used the prison planet machinery to pull a major time reset, throwing the entire area back to about 500 BC to give them a chance to stabilize things and to throw the new 5th invader captives into heavy confusion Bt the 5th invader had recent exposure to magic universe and trained their officers in limited OT techiques (but intentionally blocked making anything like a real OT because that would be too dangerous - they are heavily implanted to avoid certain ideas which might start them on the road to really figuring things out - and keeping things secret and confidential is part of the implant)

    So next these guys are walking around in Greece and Egypt and India and so forth half remembering something and not quite properly under control And the very implants that Marcab is using to try to handle these guys are at odds with the 5th invader implants to keep thir people under control and the brainwashing begins unraveling And soon people are teaching people things or learning by immitation and its not just a few troublemakers running around but lots of people of various backgrounds beginning to wake up And maybe it hits extremes with gods on mt Olympus and all sorts of wild stuff, and Marcab continuallyt resetting time and trying to handle and bash everybody back into line and get the whole thing back under control And finally it does settle down to some degree and they live with loose ends such as Jesus walking around working miracles baceuse it might get worse again if they do another time reset through that time period, and instead they handle things like that by perverting his teachings, mixing Hellatrobian junk into the church he left behind, and derailing most of the serious efforts to go free

       Teegeack, Saras, Terra 3 etc
    Earth used to be a wildlife area for as long as the planet exist (note, that this is the copy of original games-planet earth on this tropical planet) People across the galaxy traveled to Earth in their holiday to explore nature There were lots of jungles, dinosaurs and other life found there The galactic name of earth used to be and still is Teegeeack (name come from the cry of one of the more common types of dinosaurs - "teegeak!")* Teegeeack is located on the top rim of sector 9, galaxy 1
    Sol system:  7 physical planets and 5 spiritual planets

    * - but also Saras (see the full list below)

    Mercury or Opatanar - 36 million miles from Sun, 3000 miles diameter
    Venus or Pemuntar - 67 million miles from Sun, 7,599 miles diameter
    Earth (Teegeeack) or Saras, 93 million miles from Sun, 3000 miles diameter
    Mars or Masar, 141,500,000 miles from Sun, 4,200 miles diameter
    Jupiter or Yontar, 483,400,000 miles from Sun, 88,700 miles diameter
    Uranus or Lonoponor, 1,782,700,000 miles from Sun, 31,566 miles diameter
    Neptune or Jinoar, 2,794,300,000 miles from Sun, 31,566 miles diameter
    Pluto or Okipikimanaras, 3,666,100,000 miles from Sun, 1,864 miles diameter
    NI or Montonanas, 570,000,000,000 miles from Sun, solid matter, 7,000 miles diameter
    NII or Suvurutarcar, 830,000,000.000 miles from Sun, 18,000 miles diameter, hydrogen, ammomia
    NIII or Bikalamanar, 1,600,000,000,000 miles from Sun, 46,000 miles diameter, hydrogen, ammonia

    Teegeeack location is generally described as A6 DYX 4,679,124,871 E0B_ 

    Maldak* & Chiron

    * - also spelled as Maldek

    Maldak is one of the two missing planets of Solar system that imploded to become the now existing asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars

    Maldak, Star Gate 5 was blown apart and pieces of it were made to create the artificial orbit of Wormwood, which along with the planet Nibiru now makes an unnatural axis alignment with Earth into the Phantom Earth system The other missing planet is Star Gate 11, Chiron, which was also destroyed and pieces of it were used to create several black hole moons, the Budhara Clarion and Matraya moons These two moons create another misalignment which connects Earth to the Wesedak black hole system

    The galactic confederacy is located inside sector 0, which purpose is to check all 25 sectors if they obey to the laws set forth in this galaxy In sector 9 there were 76 inhabited planets owned by the old galactic confederation Some of these planets are already found by earth technology 7 of those 76 planets are owned by the marcabians in various systems, which are all controlled by the Marcabian Grand Council, located on the home planet of Marcab (around star Mizar, inside the Big Dipper, sector 9 The Marcab star is not related to this) Marcabians ussed to be called the 5th invader forece (different info than that of Ken in previous sections - admin) Those 7 planets are police controlled and you will find lots of mind control there

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